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    Gxdjpxdxb schoolboy sexting

    Album: Habits & Contradictions Go buy his album on Itunes for http://itunes.
    This is my first video i've uploaded! The song is called " Sexting " by the artist Schoolboy Q off of his album.
    Sexting Lyrics: Calling all the girls with the heels, preferably the ones with the ass / Tell me girl are those titties real? Sorry, but a nigga had to...

    Gxdjpxdxb schoolboy sexting - expedition fast

    Me and you, bring a friend to be a witness. Bitch I left the turf and I still be strapped. But a nigga do got swag eh. Me and you you one time for the bitches eh.

    Gimme blowjob be my apprentice. No, I don't live in the hills, but a nigga do got swag. Scratching on my balls probably caught me limping. Yeah, I'm tryna hit, don't flake on me. Girl, do you know what type of flow I'm on? Put in all in hit it till she sounds. Now get your pretty ass in the car. This page is accessible to. But anyway you see this new style I found? Me and you, bring a friend to be a witness. Sorry, but a nigga had to ask. Take ya to the crib unfasten your gown. One at a time yeah I fucks em senseless.

    Schoolboy Q -Sexting Lyric Video