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    Threads blocking adult content

    threads blocking adult content

    HI Guy do you know how to block adult content in kodi? especially in iptvstalker which is connected to nfps server and addon in kodi.
    I have been told that on VLive i.e. normal non-Blackberry Internet browsing, parental blocking can be enabled & enforced by Vodacom.
    We need to block some content with explicit adult content, in web Gateway 7.x the rule must be blocked based on the element name, string or...

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    My device is rooted and I don't need them messing things up for me while I pull dinner from the oven. Had to go and look at hardcore porn instead. Seems ok for me although I do get the odd glich where I'm unable to connect to forum but suspect that this is taptalk related. Home Forums Groups Content Community Support Log in Register Search Cancel Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. You may not post new threads. Samsung Galaxy Tab A.... I'd say to put a Pin or password on your device. threads blocking adult content

    Re: Web Filtering just not working. Earlier this year I was at a function where there were a lot of kids. That way you don't have the problem of a static host file. The cookie contains preferences, which also contain information about "Safe Mode". I've released a new, much improved version. Go to original post. The threads blocking adult content functionality relies on whether the external web-server can be reached. There are a LOT of ways to get porn on the phone. You can't hide them from it forever. MyGaming - PC and Console Gaming, Hardware, and Gaming Lifestyle Discussions. BB code is On.

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    • I did some searching on appworld and it does not appear anyone has developed an app for that, either because its pretty pointless or its not possible because of the way it works. So just focus and keep aiming.
    • Threads blocking adult content

    How to Block Mature/Adult Content on YouTube

    Threads blocking adult content travel fast

    It may not display this or other websites correctly. BB code is On. To start viewing messages,. HTML code is Off. I had the webpage for an evangelical church in my area blocked as well as various restaurants.

    threads blocking adult content