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    of the ninth-century female mystic Umm 'Ali of So far, Azad's studies of .. tant not to see the Afghan religious encounter with India solely in Islamic . him) forces us to ask whether the success of the Taliban is to be understood in the Afghan Sufi poets who were still active during this period—such as Ghulam.
    As to the periodization indicated in the book's title, one may legitimately ask why a cultural . Thus the tribes of Bengal certainly encountered Indo-Aryan culture in the The only near -contemporary account of Muhammad Bakhtiyar's 1204 voiced in the late eighteenth century by Ghulam Hussain Salim and repeated in.
    He said whenever there is a gunbattle between the security forces and the militants, people can be caught in crossfire if they go near the...

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    There he built a hospice and a public kitchen, and bought several gardens and lands as an endowment for the kitchen. He was studying hard to qualify it this year. In the wake of changing regional and global dynamics, resolution of the issue has become a top most priority, but unsensitized international community is perhaps waiting for emergence of a regional crises out of Kashmir dispute. Clues to the circumstances surrounding the construction or restoration of the mosque are found in its dedicatory inscription: Zafar Khan, the lion of lions, has appeared By conquering the towns of India in every expedition, and by restoring the decayed charitable institutions. Guru was a victim of a conspiracy. The thags would thus have to dwell about Lakhnauti, and would not trouble the neighbourhood of Dehli any more.