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초음파 맥주 거품기 비어라떼 리뷰: 혼술을 업그레이드하다

초음파 맥주 거품기 비어라떼 리뷰: 혼술을 업그레이드하다

Wow! It’s chicken! Beer is perfect for chicken. But while the chicken is eating, the beer quickly melts. (Ultrasonic beer foamer,
AYA Beer Latte review) First, open the canned beer. Install the outlet towards
the inlet of the can. After aligning the direction, press firmly. Just pour about 70% of the glass. Press and hold the top button for at least
3 seconds until the indicator lights red. In this state, creamy bubbles come out. The gyro sensor is mounted so
that it only works when tilted. When the light turns green,
it makes bubbles with ultrasonic. It stimulates the beer particles
to enrich the flavor and taste. It also acts as a shield to
prevent evaporation into the air. [(Up) Compared to the normal bubble
VS (bottom) cream bubble off look] [(Up) Normal Bubble VS (Bottom)
Cream Bubble, 6 Minutes After Pour] This product can be used not only for
canned beer but also for bottled beer. Turn the outlet towards the
unlocking direction to disconnect it. Canned beer bottom section
(Diameter 54mm to 55mm compatible) Bottom part for bottle beer
(All bottles compatible) But I don’t drink bottled one very often,
so why did I buy this…… When joining, proceed in the
reverse order of separation. Push down and the installation is complete. Whether it’s canned or bottled,
you can enjoy the creamy bubble. If you don’t fit it well when you
put it in canned beer, it’s leaking. Beer shouldn’t leak, so make sure it fits. It weighs 121 grams when it is
equipped with canned beer part. When equipped with bottled beer
part, the weight is 116g. Powered by two AAA batteries.
(Battery sold separately)

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