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1 How has the landscape changed for charity fundraising?

1 How has the landscape changed for charity fundraising?

It’s certainly true to say that charities are
struggling to recruit, on mass, the same kind of supporters that they have
traditionally relied upon, which are the low-value, probably also low engagement,
regular donors. So by ‘low-value’ I mean they’re giving £3, £5 a month, long term,
and the rationale for recruiting them on that level –
although obviously you would recruit a higher level gift if you could – but that
people would essentially set up their direct debit and then leave it in place
unless any compelling reason came up for them to cancel it. But you’d
probably have to behave pretty badly in order to get them to cancel their
direct debit. With the change in the way people are consuming media, the change in
the way people are demanding more transparency from the businesses
that they buy from, likewise they’re demanding more from
the charities they support. So transparency is more important than ever
and people are demanding more. They are – I think this is possibly a generational thing.
There’s been a lot of talk about the demise of those recruited,
en masse, high volume, low value, low engagement supporters, who would give
because you asked and didn’t really demand anything more from the
relationship than that.

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