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10 Luxury Bags That Are Elegant & Worth Buying!

10 Luxury Bags That Are Elegant & Worth Buying!

Which designer handbags do
I find the most elegant? You are going to find out in this video, so make sure to watch until the end
because I’m actually going to tell you exactly how to prioritize your
designer handbag purchase. Don’t miss that part. Welcome back to
my channel, my dear elegant ladies. This video has been highly requested.
I have done a video called, These Designer Bags Are Not Classy.
This video on the other hand, talks only about those designer
bags that I truly find elegant, that look sophisticated and that I
personally think a well-worth to spend on. In my online finishing school, we talk more in-depth about how to
strategize your financial game. But I think this video today will definitely
give you a good kind of insight to if you are, for instance, a beginner and you want to purchase
your first designer handbag, how to choose and where to start or if
you are somebody who already owns plenty of designer handbags then maybe this video
can give you some inspiration on what to purchase next. So I’m going to jump straight
into number one and on number one, I am not going to put
nobody else than Hermes. As I mentioned in previous videos, Hermes does run the title as kind of
the most exclusive brand for handbags. And that’s truly because they have earned
it since they are very selective in terms of how many bags per year they sell
to each customer and how easy or let’s say, how hard it actually
is to get a bag from Hermes. And we’re talking now Birkin or Kelly. I wanted to put Hermes
Kelly as my number one pick. This doesn’t actually mean this
is my personal pick. Again, this list is not on a priority order, but I still think that Hermes is worth
mentioning in the beginning because they keep the throne of being exclusive.
And let’s put it this way, I could put Birkin in two but I actually
decided to go for Kelly because Kelly has a more lady like
appearance than the Birkin bag. The Birkin bag is also as good as an
investment as a Kelly and the reason for that is is because both are
equal investment pieces. If you ever have somebody who say,
I want to buy you a bag as a gift, always ask for a Kelly or a Birkin
because they really have the best resale value on the bag market. They are
also elegant. they’re timeless. Yes. In some people’s eyes, they feel that perhaps both Kelly and
Birkin has been overly done because you do actually see a lot of people with
these bags and not always is the person actually either affluent or
elegant. A lot of the times, people are just purchasing the bag just
because of the status of it just because you can and because it kind of
gives you a milestone in life. I afforded a Birkin or Kelly and
look, I have made it this far. But regardless of your
intention with this purchase, all I can say is that it is an investment
piece and that’s really how you have to see it. Some people like to stash their money in
their wardrobe while other people like to stash it elsewhere, so depends who you are. Moving on to number two and we continue
with Hermes and now I’m talking about Constance. Constance is a very
kind of everyday type of bag. It has this really nice leather strap
that you can wear as a crossover bag and I would say that instead of wearing your
Kelly or your Hermes to run errands with, which of course can also do
but for your everyday errands, I think a bag like Constance
would make so much more sense. It’s also a little bit smaller, practical and not as heavy as
it’s sister Kelly and Birkin. The only thing I don’t really
like about Constance is the big H. You have this big H also on the belts of
Hermes and I personally don’t like them so much. I think that there are nicer
buckles that you can do. But hey, this is how Hermes have
chosen to design the bag. But I will actually touch upon Constance
a little bit later down in this video. But all I can say is that this is
definitely a really nice classic timeless piece and it looks very minimal,
which is what makes it look elegant. Number three and we are still with
Hermes but this is going to be the last Hermes bag on this list. I’m
talking about the Kelly Pochette, which is so elegant, so classic
and also quite hard to get, well also depends what color and leather. Now the Pochette is perfect for evening
activities because you use it as a clutch. You also have it in various sizes and
you can literally have in any form of colors or leather. So this is
a really good collector’s item. It’s also very good investment piece.
It also has quite a good resale value. You have other clutch bags made by Hermes, but I personally think that
Kelly Pochette is probably, the more popular one and
also has good resale value. Moving on to number four and now we’re
talking about Louis Vuitton Capuchine bag I really like this bag, I must say, and the reason for that is I think it’s
really cute. It’s really affordable. It’s part of Louis Vuitton’s classic bag
models now and it really comes out in different colors and materials, depending
on season. Let’s put it this way, however, we can clearly see that this bag is somehow
Kelly inspired and I actually don’t mind it somehow. I don’t think
it’s a knock off of a Kelly. I just think that Louis Vuitton did
their kind of own version of that type of bag and they did a little variation to it, which I think works absolutely fine. And actually, it can even go better for somebody
who is a little bit younger, not saying young as a teenager, well a teenager could also
wear the Capuchine bag. But I feel sometimes that the Kelly
bag can look a little bit old fashion, depending which Kelly bag you get. I just think that this bag is a little
bit less kind of strictly lady-like while it keeps its elegance.
It’s really classic. It’s really simple and I like the
fact that it’s quite structured. This bag does not come in kind of
soft leather or strong leather. This just comes as a structured
model, which I personally like. But let me tell you one thing that I don’t
like so much for this bag and that is again logo. I’m not a
big fan of big logos, even though I do have designer
handbags with big logos. But it’s not my top choice when
I purchase handbags. However, I do have a love for the Capuchine and
even though it has a bit of a bigger logo there. Somehow when you wear this bag, this logo at least is
not really in your face, which I think kind of excuses this bag.
I have two of these and I love both, so I will definitely consider
myself buying more of Capuchine, simply because I just think that it’s
fun to have this bag in different colors. And always kind of see in each season, what type of design are they going to
come up with next when it comes to this bag. This is a playful bag, so definitely it’s fun to play
around with the way it looks. I actually have a free cheat sheet called,
How To Look Expensive cheat sheet. It’s absolutely free of charge
and you get it by visiting. where I give you loads of free tips
and tricks on how to look expensive, regardless of your budget.
Make sure to visit I’m actually going to stay a little bit
on the Hermes Kelly topic since I spoke about it in reference to
the Louis Vuitton Capuchine. I do want to put on number five on
my list, the Fendi Peekaboo bag. Now, the thing about this bag is that
if we actually compare it to let’s say, the Capuchine or the Kelly bag,
we can again see it resembles. But it doesn’t mean that it’s
another knock off, absolutely not. Probably the design has got a
little bit inspired to some level, but I still think that they
did their own variation to it. And if I said that the Capuchine was
a younger version of the Kelly bag, I definitely think that the Peekaboo is
the youngest version and also probably the most casual version of them all. The Peekaboo comes in more softer leather, is definitely an everyday bag that you
can just throw on your shoulder and kind of run errands with. It’s not really
a bag that you can wear for a dinner, let’s say in the evening, which you can actually do
with both Kelly and Capuchine if you pick the smaller sizes. Because
those are little bit more formal. The Peekaboo, it’s more
casual. It’s more like, let me just throw all my stuff in that
bag and kind of stay chic on the go. But what I really like
about this bag because here, we definitely don’t have any
logos whatsoever. And I do really, really like the buckle, even though
that definitely feels a little bit Kelly inspired. I really, really do like this bag. I think it’s really cute and
really a perfect everyday bag, so definitely worth investing in. Moving on to number six and I have
put the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag. Now the Sac De Jour bag has definitely
been around the block. And yes, a lot of influencers have this bag.
You can sometimes feel like, a lot of plain girls out there are
wearing this bag. But you know what? I am going to defend this bag because
this is definitely not a bag that has been overly done in my opinion.
And the reason for that is, it’s structured in a very simple way. There’s a very tiny logo on the
bag that you can barely see. The bag comes in a very classic
shape. It’s very structured. You have it in loads of different colors. You also have it in like alligator imitation
and this bag is a really good purchase. Number one because it’s probably one of
the less expensive on my entire list. Number two, this bag does
not really age. I have one. I know it is so durable and it
really last you for a very long time. So it’s definitely worth the money
you spend on it. Number three, this bag is perfect if you
are running errands with. If you have the bigger size,
it is good as an everyday bag, you can bring it to work, to school,
wherever. But if you have the smaller one, you can use the crossover strap to
run errands with or you can detach the crossover strap and take it
out for dinner in the evening. Like this bag is so versatile and I do recommend
it as a beginner handbag, definitely. If you’re somebody who thinks that this
is definitely not an elegant bag, then let me tell you, I think
you are absolutely wrong. Because compared to many other bags, this bag is so subtle and so discreet
that you really cannot classify it as not being elegant. As you
probably noticed ladies, there is a trend in terms
of what bags I’m presenting. Everything that looks subtle, minimal,
elegant, sophisticated, sharp, sleek, that is kind of the type of style
that I have when it comes to bags. I don’t really like clutter so much.
I really don’t like the big logo thing. I don’t like crazy things.
I think everything should be neat, simple, minimal,
classic and timeless. Because really that is worth to spend
all those thousands that we spend on designer handbags. And anyway, as
I’m going to present number seven, which is a classic Celine bag, you will pretty much understand exactly
what it is that I mean. And I mean, look at the classic Celine bag. It is so minimal but so chic and Celine
is a very respected brand. Definitely, this bag is not super expensive
so you also can afford it, even if you are somebody who has a
bit of a lower budget. But okay, so I’m going to be cheap either. I must say, this bag is very much
similar to Hermes Constance, which is I’m telling you, designers are definitely getting
inspired by each other. But again, this is a perfect everyday bag.
You can use it as a crossover bag, giving you loads of flexibility when
you are running errands or need your hands free. Yet again, this bag comes in
many different colors and variations. I mean, you have it in such cute pastel colors
as baby blue and you have it in beige, you have it. And you know, you
have it even in like lizard skin, you have it in in alligator skin. So you can really wear this
bag in many different ways. You don’t necessarily need to only
pick the most subtle and the most plain design if that is not your style. But I personally adore this type of style. I think this looks very chic and the
buckle is just so extremely beautiful, and the best thing, there is no logo. Number eight and we’re talking Alaia
and Alaia is one of my favorite brands. I do have a favorite bag from Alaia, which you probably have seen so much of
because this is probably the bag that I use the most. And I even included
it in my What’s In My Bag video. You can watch that video after this video. But Alaia is truly a really amazing brand. If you want to buy a really nice tote bag, they always have many different
designs, colors and variations. Maybe not as much colors and variations
as maybe some of the other brands that I’ve mentioned, but you can
definitely find the perfect white bag, the perfect pink bag, kind of
more those kind of subtle colors, like a bit more pastel summery colors. One of the things that I liked the
most about my Alaia bag is that it’s so durable and to be quite honest with you,
I have been traveling with it so much. It’s my go to bag to take with me into
the aircraft and no matter how much I kick it, shove it under my seats in
front of me and all those things, it has never ever lost its shape, ruin the appearance or anything. Not saying now that all the Alaia bags
can be treated this way, I do not know. I haven’t tested them all, but one thing I can do tell you is that
Alaia bags are perfect for either everyday or if you are maybe going to the beach, maybe running errands or you’re
traveling like me. Honestly, this bag is so versatile and you
can also get them in different sizes. Just go and have a look at Alaia bags in general
and you will spot some really nice gems. And what’s really nice about Alaia is
that not every other joe out there wears Alaia, which makes
you feel like, okay, this bag has not been overly
done and it’s a cute bag, and it’s a very useful bag. So I am going to kind of get my
return on investment on this bag. And those things really matter
when you purchase items. How much are you going
to be wearing this bag? It Is definitely a question you have
to ask yourself before you fork out thousands and thousands on a designer
handbag. Moving on to number nine, let’s talk about the
Bottega Veneta Marie bag. It’s a bag that is definitely classified
as an everyday bag and this perfect because it has a shoulder strap and you
can see a lot of things will fit into this bag. This is really how you have to think
when you’re buying an everyday bag. Am I going to get my iPad or
laptop or school books with me? Those things that I really need to drag
with me whenever I go to work or to school. But this bag definitely ticks those boxes
and what I really like about Bottega Veneta overall is that it’s
a very nice and subtle brand. You never have any logos.
You have of course, their signature. What do you call it? They
have like this woven texture. Gosh ladies, I don’t know how to
pronounce it. So this woven bags, let’s call it that way.
You know what I mean. That is the traditional signature for
Bottega Veneta’s leather goods and it’s beautiful. I think it’s so chic and you also have a
lot of high society woman who just love Bottega Veneta as their everyday bags. You have them actually in
all kinds of variations. But I did want to put the Marie on this
list because I really think that it’s a new bag that deserves a little bit of
attention and I did want to put Bottega Veneta on my list. Now coming to number 10 and don’t forget
to watch until the end of this video ladies, because I’m actually going to recommend
which of these bags I think is the best to buy as your first or maybe
next designer purchase. Okay. But talking about number 10, I am
going to put Bottega Veneta again. And the reason for that is, I didn’t only want to put a bunch
of everyday bags on this list. I did want to have a bit of variation
so that I added a few evening bags too. And as an elegant evening bag, especially if you are going
to a very dressed up event, let’s say you go into a gala or
there’s a long dress as a dress code, so you need a clutch. And who else to go and buy clutch
from if not Bottega Veneta? Their collections are extremely
elegant, very subtle and very chic. You have them in various sizes, so depending on if you’re
a petite or a tall woman, remember if you saw my previous video,
you probably know what I’m talking about. If not, make sure to
watch that one afterwards. You can have it a bit smaller size,
you can have a bit longer, depends and you have so many
beautiful color variations. What I really like about this clutch is
that it’s made out of silk and I’m a big silky lover. I love the fabric silk. There is nothing that screams
more elegance than silk. So having that as part of
your handbag is very unusual. You don’t really have many silk bags
out there, maybe only as a clutch. So for this reason, I really wanted to put this bag on my number 10
and that kind of summarize a whole list. We have done from 1 until 10.
I must say though, this is not the only
elegant handbags out there. There are so many elegant handbags
that of course, I didn’t include. But I did want to give you a bit of a
sample and with my specific mindset in mind Because as I’ve said, all these
handbags, they have a running theme, being sober, being discreet,
being subtle, being minimal, being classic and being timeless.
If you really want to have a full, elegant wardrobe, then this is really
how you have to structure your mindset. Now, I am going to
answer you the question, which of these handbags would I recommend
a beginner or somebody who would like to purchase your next handbag?
Which one should you go for? Ideally, you should go for an Hermes Kelly or
Birkin because of the resale value. But at the same time, let’s be
realistic and they are very expensive, unless you have your partner
who will buy it for you. But if I’m going to recommend you a bag, I definitely think you should just go
for the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag. And that is because it’s one of the
cheapest on this list. And also, it’s one of the most versatile on this
list, you are not going to go wrong. If you are somebody who yet cannot
afford a bag that cost $1,500-$2,000 but because that’s actually how much the
cheapest bags on this list costs. If you’re not there yet ladies,
there are ways to go around this, and I will do another video about this. So make sure you have subscribed
and make sure you watch now, These Designer Handbags Are Not Classy
and I will see you in that video.

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