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10 Luxury Items You DON’T Need!

10 Luxury Items You DON’T Need!

Ladies, don’t waste your money on these items. I’m serious, you have to watch this video because I’m going to share with you
the items that I really think are a waste of money. And if you watch until the end,
you will know the number one item that most girls go and buy immediately
that I think is a total waste of money. So make sure your watch until the end. My dear elegant ladies, welcome back and
also, a big welcome to my elegant newcomers! This channel is about
transformation, about elegance and about navigating successfully with the upper class. If you want to start your transformation today,
visit my online finishing school Before I jump into these luxury items,
I just need to explain one really important thing and you really have to
understand that I talk about high society, the upper class and it’s
literally a big group of affluent people. But in this whole big general pond of
rich people, you have all kinds of different communities and it’s really a
personal choice what community within this community you want to be associated with. My students, I tell them it’s about your goals
at the end of the day. What do you want to get out of this journey? So you have to kind of strategize that way
but I teach more of a general approach. I take a few things from let’s say,
the old money, the nouveau riche, secret millionaire and billionaires and
I kind of just put it all together. However, if I had to choose,
I will probably choose a community that are not very flashy, that are more discrete and
more elegant, and have good values and act with manners, and sophistication. And that’s pretty much the high society that I refer to when I speak in these terms.
But you can, of course, choose differently. So for this reason, those things that I’m
going to mention now, they are really applicable if you want to be somebody
who is not acting very nouveau riche. And now perhaps you will understand
how I was thinking when putting together this list. So let’s start with number one and
number one is ready-to-wear fashion. If you don’t know what ready-to-wear fashion is, it’s basically those pieces that the designer
presents on the catwalk. You also have Haute couture but
Haute couture is a little bit different. That is more made to measure.
Majority of the times, if you’re buying designer items, you’re probably buying pieces that are
not coming from the catwalk but they are still high quality,
still expensive and so on. But the kind of runway pieces are more special
and often times more expensive. I would say, do not buy ready-to-wear fashion
because it is a bit of a waste of money. You can, of course, buy a few pieces
if you love something, if you know that you will be wearing this and definitely invest
in ready-to-wear. But oftentimes, it’s something very seasonal,
it’s something that is just a trend currently, maybe it’s going to last a few seasons
but not more than that. And spending a lot of money on the catwalk pieces,
it is a waste of money. A lot of kind of nouveau riche high society woman
might do that because it is of a statement but majority of upper-class women that I know,
they just find ready-to-wear fashion to be a waste. And it’s all about the mindset, it’s all about which community in the elite community you belong to, the old money, the secret millionaire and billionaires. They really tend to think in a way where, be thoughtful of how you spend your money,
even if you have loads of them. Whilst the nouveau riche, they’re more about
making a statement. So buying ready-to-wear sure it is a statement. The only exception I would make
are the fashionista women. They don’t necessarily need to be affluent
but oftentimes, they are if they’re gonna afford
ready-to-wear. They would buy them because they’re collecting, because it’s their job or it’s their hobby or did you see it as art. That is something that is totally different. I’m talking about women who are affluent or
women who are striving to level up. Don’t waste your money on ready-to-wear. Now number two on my list ladies,
let’s talk watches. I am personally not a big watch, jewelry type of person. I’m not even a big bag or a shoe lady either.
But one question that I do get asked a lot, what watch should you buy in the beginning when you are just kind of starting
your leveling up journey? And the truth is that is my opinion.
I don’t think a watch or jewelry is actually that important. Surely some will disagree and depending
on culture, you know it’s really up to you. In some cultures, let’s say India,
there you really make a statement with your jewelry. Whilst let’s say Northern Europe where I’m from, who cares about jewelry? Truly spend your money elsewhere. I would say do not buy like a Chanel watch,
Gucci watch, you know kind of like a mid-range type of watch. You have even lower-end watches like Swatch watch, for sure you have like a
Michael Kors watch. Those are like, no! Do not even go there. I would say, if you are not yet
of able to afford a watch that has a bit of a better statement to them,
then wait. Wait until you can maybe buy a Cartier watch, Rolex watch , Patek, whatever. I mean of course all these watches, they cost a lot of money. And kind of designer watches like
Chanel, Gucci, whatever, if you compare them to these more
established watch brands, then they just feel like a mid-range watch. And they don’t really have any resale value and it’s almost like buying jewelry
at Chanel or buying jewelry at Cartier. It’s the same thing.
You rather buy a watch from Cartier than you buy a watch from Chanel. So for that reason, do not waste your money. If you don’t yet afford any of these watches that I’m talking about, just wait. Patience is king. Plus, it’s not that urgent. I don’t think having a watch or having a bracelet or earrings,
I don’t think it’s an urgent thing to invest in. But it’s a personal choice. I am more of a minimalistic person. I don’t really like to wear loads
of things on myself. So maybe I’m also a bit biased
when I give this advice. But that’s just my two cents. As I’m talking about jewelry,
might as well continue this topic. On my number three,
I’m actually listing the Cartier Love Bracelet. I’m also wearing it when it. When it comes to Cartier Love Bracelet, obviously it has become a bit too mainstream. You can see it on everybody, you don’t even have to be affluent to wear it. I’ve had issues with my bracelet. The screws were coming off all the time
and you know, for the amount of money it cost, you feel, this shouldn’t even happen. But it does happen and a lot of people are complaining that there are issues with this bracelet. But if I can share my own thoughts on this bracelet, it kind of has a little bit of a meaning to it. So oftentimes, your boyfriend or your husband would buy you a love bracelet. That’s princess how it was in my case. So for this reason,
I think there’s nothing wrong with wearing a love bracelet. I think it’s a nice gift, it’s something that I
personally appreciate wearing because every time I look at my Cartier bracelet,
I always think about my partner. But I personally don’t think that you
should go and buy yourself a love bracelet just to have it as an accessory
and status of wealth. I think you can spend your money more wisely than that. Unless it has a special meaning to you, this bracelet. Don’t waste your money. Number four which is actually certain luxury cars
that are just not worth the money. A lot of people who are a bit nouveau riche,
the first thing they do is buying themselves a flashy car. Now this is usually more common with men.
But one thing that I’ve seen women do even worse and this is more than what can I say,
a little bit tacky woman if I can say so. The one who goes and gets like a pink
Porsche and it just look so incredibly cheesy. They kind of think that it’s signals wealth because the colour is custom-made or something like that. I would say definitely stay away from that. You don’t want to drive a cheesy car.
I’m personally not a big fan of luxury cars. I personally don’t like sports cars. I think they’re uncomfortable,
it’s really hard entering a sports car. They’re really low, I don’t like driving
that low on the ground, I like to be high up. A lot of people think that
in order to put on their status and be part of a society, they have to have a Lambo, Ferrari. Okay sure you can if that’s what you want. Like always purchase something you always dreamt of
and always wanted, why not? It fulfills you in one way or another. But also take into account like why am i buying this? I think we forget the whys sometimes
and of course, we want to kind of be associated and seen in a certain
way and I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s a normal thing
but I don’t think always that driving a Lamborghini is what’s going to
say that you have made it. I personally think it becomes too much. Again like with a pink car, it’s cheesy,
it’s too stereotypical. You want to be affluent
and you want to have the status of an affluent person. But you don’t want to go
cheese mode, right? You want to have a bit of class to you
and class is when you have status symbol that is never too much. And with cars, it can easily be too much. Some cars less than others,
it really depends where you, what your values are and also what community you’re part of. Ladies number five, let’s talk a bit of beauty. Let’s talk about luxury skincare brands and
I’m talking now specifically brands like La Mer, La Prairie, a cream from
these type of brands can cost like 200. Some can even cost like 400-500. But I personally think because I have used these creams, not really worth the money. A lot of times, these brands,
they actually have the exact same formula of the product like a cheaper brand has. You buy a formula from a skincare product
that is doing well on the market. It can be whatever price range,
it can be lower, it can be mid, it can be higher up and then you just
add your own marketing to it. So in the end with these brands,
you’re paying for marketing. We automatically think that the more price we pay,
the higher ingredients we will get, the higher technology and research
that will be behind these creams, let’s say or whatever it is that we’re buying. But actually, it’s not and that’s when
we’re fooling ourselves. So that’s why it’s really important to educate yourself on what type of ingredients are good. You have to kind of educate yourself with what are the filler ingredients like silicones or what are actual ingredients that are
there to actually make a difference. When I say looking expensive,
I don’t necessarily mean that you have to go and look nouveau-riche, no. When I say we want to look expensive, we want to look like a high-caliber woman. So that was how I was thinking when
I put together this cheat sheet, How to Look Expensive and it really caters to all budgets in mind. So you can go to and you can download this cheat sheet
and it is absolutely free of charge. I also have a Masterclass connected to this cheat sheet that you can just sign up for.
So visit So what I wanted to say what looking expensive
is that when people go travel, they think that they have to buy Louis Vuitton suitcases, If they want to be kind of elite travelers. You have of course a lot of affluent people
who have Louis Vuitton suitcases but I personally would
not buy a Louis Vuitton suitcases and I don’t think you should either. Number one, it’s a waste of money. Number two, if you have the one where there’s
a light leather, it oftentimes just get stained and looks horrible after a while. And number three, you are really exposing yourself for higher risk of getting
your luggage stolen. When I travel, I travel only with Rimowa luggage
because they are truly the best. They are so easy to roll, they are so durable. What’s really nice is that they’re discreet bags. So that’s why I would never buy a monogrammed
or like designer labeled luggage. And when your luggage is
being handled by other people, the last thing you want is to drag any
unnecessary attention. Number seven and let’s talk about my favorite Balenciaga Triple S shoe or any other current seasonal trendy shoe. Like right now, we have the Bottega Veneta one. I’m kind of being a little bit
sarcastic when I said my favorite Balenciaga Triple S shoes. I personally do not think it’s really
worth spending money on very seasonal footwear that are
super hyped, that everybody’s buying, wearing and raving about. Some of these shoes don’t even make sense to me which is why I’m kind of making fun of
this whole Balenciaga Triple S trend but actually, that trend has now
died and we barely see that show anymore. Thank God! Why waste that money for
something that you cannot wear anymore? This is not a sustainable fashion and
this is why I believe so much in classic fashion because it’s a more sustainable way
of consuming fashion and you can just wear it season after season.
You will never throw it away. Number eight, the fur coat. Now it’s probably obvious
why I am going to put fur on this list because actually fur is not very
fashionable anymore. Coming out in a full fur,
it’s very kind of show off, very nouveau riche. The Russians, they do it
and they will probably forever do it. I get it. Russia is cold but ladies you know,
what’s sustainable fashion with us being more conscious of how we treat our planet. Coming out in a full fur these days
really makes you look like an idiot. I’m sorry but you do. I have explained in previous videos
that I still use coats that have fur trimmings. Yes, that’s also bad but I’m not saying I’m perfect here.
I personally think it’s more extreme to wear full fur, compared to a little bit
of fur trimmings. That’s just how I reason but I’m not
trying to say that that’s okay. I draw my line with full fur.
It’s not very ethical to wear fur these days and thank God we’re moving now more to
a more ethical society. Number nine ladies and actually it’s a little bit
also kind of trendy, kind of from the runway, kind of seasonal, whatever but the
kind of Prada headbands or the thick clip accessory, some hairpiece that is
currently so much in fashion and everybody’s wearing it, everybody. Like when I went to Hotel Costes
during Paris Fashion Week, oh my god, all the kind of
fashion victims sitting there with their Prada headbands.
It just looked ridiculous. These items, they don’t even stay for very long.
They literally stay for a few months then they’re overdone and the reason why they
stay so short time is because they are so affordable, so accessible. That the flame burns very strong, very big, very fast and died very quick. So of course, with the type of fashion like the Balenciaga Triple S shoes it was a little bit more expensive so the flame burned a little bit
longer whilst the Prada headband okay, it was 2019 and that’s it. Do not waste your money on these things and especially don’t go and buy one now.
You are not going to be seen as high-fashion, you will be seen as somebody
who is behind fashions. So spare your money. So we have arrived to number 10. I bet I will be getting some hate for saying this but ladies the Chanel Flap Bag,
it is so basic right now. I need to tell you this, so I used to have
a Chanel flap bag. I don’t even remember,
those were many years ago I owned one and I decided to sell it which I did because I just saw everybody was wearing it and I felt
nothing special when I wore it. So a few years passed and was standing in the
Chanel store and was thinking about buying the Chanel flap bag in beige,
actually. And I was so close of just like taking out my card and say, okay let me
get it, it’s classic, it will always last, it will always be used and so on.
But then I just looked at it and I just felt so put off because everything
that I was just seeing in front of me were all these basic plain Janes and nothing wrong with being a basic plain Jane ladies. It’s not about that. I don’t want to be judgmental but
Chanel is a respected brand. When you start seeing
everybody wearing this bag, Chanel branding is starting to decline. You see and that’s kind of
what Hermes has been doing right. But you know also everybody these days
have a Hermes bag, so their brand is also a little bit
on the decline but not as much as Chanel. I just think that buying the Chanel flap bag
is probably one of the most basic luxury items you can buy right now. I don’t think it’s worth buying the flap bag
that everybody’s wearing and you’re paying like over five thousand for it when you can buy loads of other nice bags. There’s nothing wrong with buying a Chanel bag. I’m talking now the flap bag
because it’s just overly done. I think if you’re going to spend that much money
then buy yourself a more unique piece, something that not everybody’s
going to be running around with. I will continue buying Chanel.
I will just not buy the classic models, at least not for now. Maybe in the future or maybe if it’s
a very specific color. Just the black one, the beige one,
I think they’re overdone. All I want to say is that if you have this bag,
wear it, do whatever you want. But if you are thinking of buying it,
I would recommend buying another bag. Having said all these ladies, don’t be label obsessed,
don’t think that if you’re going to be part of the elite society, you have to do what
the nouveau riche does. Nothing wrong with doing a little bit of nouveau riche.
I do some nouveau riche things you know. It’s normal. After all, I don’t come from money.
But I think that it’s good to move away from the label obsession,
from everything has to be so bling-bling, so showy, so in-your-face like.
Let’s move away from that. That’s why I talk so much about elegance
on this channel because I went in with a mindset before. Like, yes show off, show them you’re rich.
It’s going to put you on the map. But it really doesn’t, it just makes you look so cheesy. So I want to pass on this message to you
and think about what you’re spending on and sometimes it’s just not worth spending on those luxury items because you are just going to end up looking cheesy, nouveau riche
and is that really what you want or do you want to be more elegant? Ladies have you watched my video,
These luxury bags are not classy? I’m actually not mentioning the
Chanel bag in there but I’m mentioning loads of other bags so watch that video now
and that will see you there!

  • Thank you for watching! Which luxury item do you think is not necessary to spend your money on? Also, to make smarter choices when it comes to purchasing bags, make sure to watch my video These Luxury Bags Are NOT Classy!

  • 1) runway ready to wear outfits
    2) midrange watches
    3) Cartier Love Bracelet
    4) luxury car (Ferrari)
    5) designer high end skin care
    6) designer luggage
    7) Balenciaga SSS or trendy designer shoes
    8) Fur coat (especially full fur)
    9) Prada headband/ thick clips
    10) Chanel flap bag (basic bish style)

  • I really really like your look on fashion. I am so classic-loving that trendy clothes don't really attract me, especially like you said, the ready-to-wear fashion: they're outrageously expensive. I only disagree about the full fur coat: I LOVE FUR. FAUX FUR has to be in my wardrobe again. ???. But, this was truly enjoyable

  • Really enjoyed watching these great tips! Absolutely agree too. You are one of my fav you tubers so please keep making these videos for those of us who love to watch you!

  • Basically don’t try to look rich. Have taste, appreciate quality, classic and elegant never go out of style, have a graceful feminine mindset, and don’t confuse expensive for quality.

  • Consevative classic style is the better choice. I have noticed fashion on the cat walk that to the best of my knowledge, would be suitable for an amateur if not a cheap masquerade party. The advice of Anna Bey is worth listening to and applying it.

  • Brands are on the decline because its no longer a luxury to afford expensive bags. Incomes are rising and material goods are no longer status symbols. Health, real estate, time freedom, etc. are the new status symbols

  • Hi Anna! I am certainly not an elegant person but I am glad that I discovered your YouTube channel. I love all your videos, and I love most specially your accent! You sound so affluent and classy.!!!!!!

  • I am one of those who asked about a watch because is mandatory by FAA and in many other precision jobs. Not everyone is allowed to carry or see a phone on federal buildings, courts, hospitals related jobs also in nature requires a watch.

  • Really! How can you be in the presence of the elite with a Target handbag an some basic clothes? First you say look expensive now your telling us to be basic lady make up you mind. I use to really respect what you said now your just conflicting. Ugh!

  • Saying "everyone" has a Chanel or a Hermes bag makes you sound stupid and rather uninformed. There is many more people that cant even afford to buy any luxury item than those who have any Chanel or Hermes bag. Also, you have made a very stong statement saying Chanel and Hermes brand is declining. Where did you get that information from? Your personal survey or is it a verified fact? Cause I hope they wont find you a claim for saying that sort of info about their brands. In fact, Chanel prices rose again this year for all classic bags. So no, you are not a basic plain Jane because in 3 years you can actually make money of your classic bag or a Birkin.

  • This info is useful for those with an already established financial foundation. But for millennials, probably more important to save money and move out of your parents’ houses before engaging on a level-up journey.

  • Be classy, polite and considerate at all times. Don't feel the need to belong to a group you are not comfortable with. What is important is that you invest in good relationships. Value hard work, buy things you like that makes you happy (cheap or not) and don't try to impress others. Truth be told, they don't care so you should not.

  • For watches, I go for durability and classic design so I always buy either a Tissot or Rado. They're simple and utilitarian.

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