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10 Things Elegant Ladies Should Wear BUT DON’T

10 Things Elegant Ladies Should Wear BUT DON’T

Welcome back to my channel,
my dear elegant ladies! Today ladies, I am going to talk to you about those
things that elegant ladies should be wearing, but they don’t. And the
simple reason for this is ladies, if we take a look into reality
into the modern world today, then there’s a lot of etiquette
rules that are with us from the past. But actually, the modern world and the modern society
are breaking them more and more, then reality doesn’t look like that. It’s not really how elegant
ladies behave and dress. So let me start immediately
with number one. Elegant ladies should definitely be
wearing spanx if they are on the larger side, but we actually noticed
that a lot of elegant ladies, they skipped the spanx.
In my elite finishing school, I do tell my students that
spanx is so important. If you have something that needs
to be tucked in, use spanx, tuck it in. Because otherwise, how are you going to achieve that elegance
silhouette if everything is a little bit all over the place, right?
It makes total logical sense. The only problem with spanx is that
it’s ridiculously uncomfortable. I have a little bit of spanx
as well. I’m not going to lie. There are some times moments where I feel
incredibly bloated and I need to tuck my stomach in, especially,
if I’m going to go out at night. But Oh my God, to live through a whole night
wearing those horrible spanx, who likes it? It can also sometimes
ruin the whole experience. So it happens that you know what,
I’ll just take one for the team. I’ll just tuck in my stomach the entire
night rather than having to wear those horrible spanx. So that’s kind of
the first example. What I mean, elegant ladies should be doing this,
but if we really look into reality, a lot of people break the rules.
Now going to number two, and I did get a remark once when
I went to finishing school about this. So this is the rule ladies. A lady, an elegant lady should
never have bare legs. She should always be wearing
hosiery. So for instance, if you are going to have bare legs,
you have to wear nude hosiery. Now, one thing is for sure that
when it comes to business etiquette, then yes. For business, you have to do it because business is
business. It’s corporate environment. There are rules that should be followed
there because of certain dress code. But in our everyday life, when
we go out at night and so on, should we really be wearing
those nude stockings, especially if it’s warm outside?
Now, we’re in a modern world ladies, most women, they would only
wear nude hosiery if it’s cold, if it’s too cold, not to wear bare legs.
But majority of women, unless they’re, let’s say over 60 years old will not
wear hosiery because bare legs is nice. It’s beautiful. It’s a bit too strict to wear
hosiery in my personal opinion. So what I meant with finishing school is
that we actually had in our dress code at finishing school that we
could never wear bare legs. We always had to wear
hosiery. And let me tell you, we were talking about July month and
it was 35 degrees in Switzerland during this time. So I remember, I came to class once and I didn’t have
any hosiery and I was wearing a dress. So the teacher told me off and I remember
clearly because she told me no naked bottoms on your seat that is not hygienic
and it’s not pleasant for the other students. Okay, I get it. I understand,
it makes logical sense. But you know, ultimately majority of ladies break this
rule and it’s just the kind of society we’re in today. Maybe it’s a little
bit different from culture to culture, but in the culture where I’m from
in Europe and I think even the US, that’s usually the standard
practice people are bare legged. Let’s move on to number three and we
are going to talk a lot about jewelry in today’s video. There is this really common etiquette
rule that you should only wear diamonds in the evening. But if you really
look at high society women, you will actually see that nobody’s
really following that rule. If you have a beautiful diamond bracelet, then you are not only
going to wear it at night, you will also wear it sometimes
during day time or other occasions. It’s not really that strict and it don’t
necessarily think that if you ‘re wearing diamonds before 6:00 PM, you’re necessarily somebody who
is dressed in appropriately. No, of course, I would say coming all blinged
up for breakfast or lunch or salon might not necessarily say that you
have the best taste, in my opinion. Because it’s maybe a little bit
too much for that time of the day. But I think definitely having diamonds
in general doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that you are
not a lady. In our modern world, elegant ladies do amend the rules and if
we continue to number four and stay on the jewelry path, because this one actually goes a little
bit hand in hand with the previous one. There is this saying that for daytime, elegant ladies should be wearing pearls
and in the evening they can wear their diamonds. So this is again where reality
doesn’t look like this today. The women of today who are perhaps under
the age of 50 tend not to wear pearls at all. Of course, you can wear and you have some women
who do wear pearls and that works absolutely fine on them. But it’s very, very hard in today’s world to pull
off pearls without looking old and old-fashioned. I have pearls and I just
never end up wearing them. I feel extremely old-fashioned
when I wear them, which is a shame because I really
like the appearance of pearls. But I just cannot get
myself down to wear it. Maybe will change in the future, but I know for sure that that’s maybe
also another reason to why people break the diamond rule. Maybe pearls will
get back into fashion, but after all, it is such a classic and
timeless piece. However, I know that right now is not really the
high time for pearls and people are just not really wearing it
right now. By the way, some of these things that I’m
mentioning in today’s video, I have definitely listed
them in my free cheat sheet, How To Look Expensive on any budget. It’s a free cheat sheet for those who
want to save themselves both time and headache. And I have listed a lot of other
information in that cheatsheet that I’m actually not mentioning in this
video. So make sure you visit to download your free cheat sheet. Ladies, we have arrived to number five.
And there is a saying that if it’s cold, let’s say it’s after October, November month and it’s
already cold where you live, then you should not be wearing sandals. You have to only wear high
heels with closed toe. Open toe is for summer.
Okay, to some degree, I actually do agree with
this because it makes sense. You are going to be very cold and you
might feel a little bit awkward because if it’s almost snowing where you live and
you are arriving in the pair of sandals, open toes, not necessarily the
appropriate footwear. And ladies, I’m just referring now to high heels
because who would arrive at flat sandals in winter? But somehow with heels, we tend to think that it’s
more, okay. I don’t know why. Maybe because we go out at night and we
dress up and I don’t know. But I guess, what I’m trying to say is that elegant
ladies do cheat with this. I’ve seen, I’ve seen it over and over again and
this I’m really referring to at night. I haven’t really seen many people cheat
with this during the day because during the day would definitely look
much more awkward. But at night, because you are showing me be a little
bit more skin and having more of a nicer dress, you can get away
by wearing a sandal. This is definitely something that
I tend not to do. If I’m doing it, it’s really an exception and maybe, I didn’t have the right shoes to match
that particular outfit. Who knows? But it’s something I definitely avoid. But I just want to put it out there
that this does happen and if you have to break the rules, sometimes
you have to break the rule. It’s not the end of the world. The point of elegant transformation is
that you don’t start adopting bad habits and start going down into a negative
spiral that is not going to serve you. Number six, and this is very
much part of our modern society. So elegant ladies shouldn’t
be wearing sneakers at all. It’s kind of this impression. I don’t know why people have this
vision that elegant ladies have to be extremely rigid in a certain way and God
forbid that they would wear a pair of sneakers. I mean, okay, I really think that that’s
a little bit exaggerated. I am here teaching you elegance.
I am all about elegance, but what elegance is
turning into extremism? That’s when I start wondering, why do people have to go to such dramatic
extents? This is the case, ladies, again, in our modern society today, it is a sneaker society. I’m not saying that that’s my favorite
society and I’m not really pro all that because I think, people have definitely become way too
casual than we should necessarily be. But on the other hand, sneakers serves a purpose and everybody
deserves to be comfortable with their feet, especially if you
have to walk long distances. Who wants to go sightseeing all day
in a pair of uncomfortable pointy ballerina shoes? You will end up
bleeding from the blisters on your feet. I mean, that’s so unfair, right? It’s
really unfair being a woman then. Because men, they can walk around the sneakers all
day long and nobody’s judging them. But of course, I do think that there are
sneakers and then there are sneakers. There are sneakers that are much more
dressed up than others. For instance, I wouldn’t say that,
“Oh yes, elegant ladies, they definitely run around town
wearing Nike all day long.” No, we don’t want to go that
low as wearing Nike’s. We want to maybe have a nice pair of
leather clean sneaker that is kind of a hybrid between a sneaker
and the leather shoe. I love my Louis Vuitton
leather sneakers. As a result, I walk and use them a lot. I use
them definitely for sightseeing, so no blisters, thank God. And what I’m trying to say is that it’s
okay to wear sneakers if you style them properly. If maybe the rest of your outfit is much
more dressed up rather than wearing a massive Balenciaga hoody and
some sweatpants or whatever people wear these days. But it’s okay to be comfortable. Just make sure the rest of you
is somehow elevated and elegant, and just chic, just makes
you look not too scruffy. I guess that’s what I’m
trying to say. Number seven, there is also this dress
rule that an elegant lady, she doesn’t remove her
hat at the dinner table. So this is a very old-fashioned
rule because back in the days, women used to wear very
sophisticated hats. Hats that are more of a design purpose
rather than to keep their head warm. But some people misunderstand
that rule and think that, “Well maybe, I should be wearing my Maison
Michel outdoor hat when I’m sitting, having dinner inside a restaurant, just because I came with that hat and it
was my accessory with my outerwear.” No ladies. Let’s say if
we listen to that rule, they should be wearing their
hat at the dinner table. But actually, women take off their hats
today because the hats that we are wearing, they’re more, like I said,
to match our outerwear. Perhaps even the hat that
we would use on the beach, we wouldn’t necessarily sit
down and have food with it. Well maybe some do actually, but I think it’s a common sense
thing to remove your hat, especially if it’s on the larger
side when you’re sitting and eating. Definitely if you have a kind
of fascinator type of hat, then yes, you would keep it on.
You wouldn’t take it off. But I’m certainly not going to
eat with my Maison Michel hat at any point. That hat is made
to take off when I’m eating food. One more. No, okay, two more or
three. Number eight, the watch. So there’s also this rule that, elegant ladies should not be wearing her
watch at night because it’s rude to be watching your time or she
should be wearing only her jewelry like bracelets and things. But again, elegant ladies
don’t follow this rule. Majority of the times, a lot of women are
wearing their watches at nighttime and it’s not necessarily because
they lack skills and manners. It’s really because watches have become
more of a fashion accessory today and more also a statement piece than what it
was back in the days. Back in the days, it was truly to check
your time, so of course, maybe an elegant lady wouldn’t
be wearing a watch at all. But today things have
changed. Life has evolved. There are new trends and
new ways of living life. So you will be seeing women
wearing watches and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The only time I would
say do not wear a watch, however, is if you’re going to very dressed up
event and you’re wearing a long dress, a gown, type of cocktail
party attire. Then yes, unless it’s like jewelry design watches. Those are an exception. I’m
talking now about regular watches. So number nine, and let’s talk about the cliche that we
keep talking about over and over again. An elegant lady should never be showing
any form of cleavage or should she? Okay. Now you’re like, but Anna is
now talking against herself. First things first, I still stick to my guns. I do believe that an elegant lady should
not be showing any cleavage because there’s just too much cleavage
in this world today. I’m sorry, but wherever we look, there’s
flesh, flesh, body parts. You know, I can’t take any more body parts,
just give me a break. Cover up. No, but this is the thing, ladies, there is an exception that I do
want to talk about. Number one, you can actually show a little
bit of cleavage. It’s fine. You don’t have to be covered up
to here to be an elegant lady. You can definitely show a little
bit of cleavage in an elegant way. What we don’t want to see is like the
kind of the sagging moments where we feel like we’re just staring into a person’s
bossom rather than into the person’s eyes. Ultimately, we want to see the
person, we don’t want to see flesh. You know, that’s the whole purpose
of this kind of cliche mantra. But there is an exception also and there
are certain women who are extremely conservative as their natural element
and they’re almost a little bit too proper, too strict, too tense. If I can describe this correctly and
somehow those women would actually benefit from showing a little
bit of cleavage. Ladies, I teach about balance here because
that is the winning formula. We don’t like too much of anything. If you go too much into the
world of being conservative, then okay can definitely work.
So I’m not saying it’s bad. But what I’m saying is that it can often
time benefits you to just add a little bit of the opposite to your existing
ensemble to just balance things up a bit. Now what happens then is that
opportunities might arise up for you. You might discover new energy in
yourself that you didn’t think you had. You might even transform yourself to
somebody that you should become or you would benefit of becoming. So there are benefits to when somebody
should be spicing themselves up a notch and not just be little miss proper. And the God forbid if she
shows a tiny bit of skin. It’s okay, it’s fine to show a little bit of
skin if it’s done with good taste, not too much, and not having to
put everything on display here. That’s not what we want. Number 10 ladies,
and we have reached the last point. The last point is elegant ladies
should be dressed for their age. But actually, if you
look at today’s society, you will really see that people actually
oftentimes dress the opposite for their age and it’s absolutely fine. So a common thing that I’ve noticed is
that a lot of the times, younger people, they like to dress themselves
a little bit older, maybe because they want to be taken
more seriously. And a lot of the times, older people, maybe older women like to dress themselves
a little bit more younger so that they don’t have to reveal
their age too much. And I really think that in these
situations, it’s absolutely fine, as long as you make you
work for yourself. Again, when it really doesn’t work is when it’s
done in bad taste. When for instance, older women are running
around with like mini dresses, like mini bodycon dresses and they really look like old teenagers. And that just looks a
bit too much, you know? Or if you have a really young
girl who looks like a grandma, that’s also not really in benefit for her. So it’s really about your own balance, what works for you and your goals,
and your preferences and so on. The point that I’m trying
to make, that it’s fine. And if you need to balance something
out for some reason then that is your choice and you have the
right to that choice. So you shouldn’t be listening
to those things. But again, just do everything with good
taste and don’t go all in. That’s all I’m trying to say. Ladies, don’t forget to get your
free cheat sheet at. And of course, I hope you have watched my best
performing video on this channel. 10 Things Elegant Ladies Never Wear. If you still haven’t heard me
talk about those yoga pants, then now is the time. Ladies,
I will see you in that video.

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