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(10) Vanessa & Charity 16th October 2017 Part 1

Running out on me again? I’ve..uhm..I’ve gotta get to work. Mmmm, sad face! See ya next time then, yeah? VANESSA: Charity, there won’t be… CHARITY: (interrupting) Yeah there will! Why are you always here? Well, I could ask you the same thing, couldn’t I? Only I expect I know the answer. PADDY: Yesterday you were worried that she was gonna tell everyone you’d kissed her. VANESSA: I know and I went to talk to her. PADDY: It looks like you did a lot more than talk. VANESSA (sighing) Oh, she’s definitely gonna tell everyone now, in’t she? PADDY: She might not. VANESSA: Of course she will! PADDY: Well, you’re just gonna have to deal with it then, aren’t ya? It won’t be as bad as you think, I’m sure. My dad can’t find out. Nobody can! VANESSA: Oh please, Paddy, can you talk to her? PADDY: No! No, no, no, no, no! I..I’ve seen where talking can get ya and I don’t wanna be the next one doing the walk of shame tomorrow. VANESSA: (sighing) I’m desperate and you’re my only hope! PADDY: I suppose so. VANESSA: (sighs with relief) PADDY: Stop it! CHARITY: What can I get ya, Paddy? PADDY: I haven’t come to drink, I’ve come to chat. CHARITY: Well Marlon’s busy, so it’ll have to wait. PADDY: Not with Marlon, with you. Can we just nip in the back? CHARITY: No, this isn’t self service. What d’ya want, Paddy? It’s about what happened between you and (whispering) Vanessa. She’s very upset. CHARITY: Upset?! What’s she got to be upset about, I was brilliant! She wasn’t complaining anyway. PADDY: Ugh ugh ugh! I really don’t wanna know any details. I…I just need, you know… to make sure, you know… Vanessa would prefer it if you didn’t tell anybody…or an..anyone, because nothing like this has ever happened to her before. Well, it’s not that big a deal, it’s just sex. With a…with a…with a..with a woman! CHARITY: Yeah, it’s just the same. PADDY: No, it’s not! CHARITY: Well, it is to me. PADDY: Well, you’re not like other people. CHARITY: Oh! CHARITY: Is that an insult? PADDY: No, far from it. I admire your attitude. PADDY: You’re not uptight. You don’t care who you sleep with. CHARITY: There’s definitely an insult in there. PADDY: All I’m saying, ALL I’m saying is, you need to try and see things from Vanessa’s point of view. Well, I don’t need to do anything. ‘Cause she’s a stuck up cow who gets other people to fight her battles for her. And d’ya know what, you ain’t doing a good job, Paddy! Well, did ya speak to her? VANESSA: And? PADDY: I think the plan might have backfired a little bit. VANESSA: (sighing) I don’t believe this! How have you managed to make this worse? PADDY: I don’t know, because it’s Charity. I tried my best. VANESSA: Paddy, what am I supposed to do now? PADDY: Try not to worry about it. Yes, I think your dad might be a bit upset, but I think he’ll get used to the idea. VANESSA: Uh, there’s nothing to get used to, it’s never happening again! DAZ: Hey! You alright? Only uh… DAZ: you looked pretty out of it last time I saw ya. VANESSA: Uhh, I’m fine! VANESSA: Look, are you busy later? DAZ: Why? VANESSA: Thought maybe we could go for a drink. What, are you still drunk from the other day, are ya? VANESSA: Well, d’ya want to or don’t ya? DAZ: Yeah, alright then, yeah. Right, brilliant. Alright. Laters!

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