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#173 Wooden L Shape Corner Sofa Set Design | Modern yet Classy Furniture Manufacturer @Aarsun Woods

#173 Wooden L Shape Corner Sofa Set Design | Modern yet Classy Furniture Manufacturer @Aarsun Woods

Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun
Today I have a L-Shape Sofa for You In most of the living rooms, this L-shape concept
is quite liked concept and so far I haven’t shown you anything like this. And this thing can be incorporated in any
of our designs. The challenge within L-shape sofa is that
it is mostly customized according to the space requirement. Now the wall that you have, it is made according
to that only. Now this particular wall can be lengthier
or this wall can be lengthier, accordingly this set up is customized. So mostly people get L shaped sofas customized
on the location itself. So they are made on-site
Now this L-Shape unit comes in 3 parts. here is one part, the middle part is separate
and this is the third part. Size can be according to your requirements. And its a very easy set up. very easily it can be assembled. it has got spaces on both sides. And they fit into each other. And L shape sofa can be created as according
to the size you have provided us. How do we customize this unit? Now when you have a living room, where you
have approach from the front or a window here, then you are left with normally 2 walls; 2 adjacent
walls, where you can keep a sofa you can give us dimension of the sofa and the wall and
accordingly we will design this for you. This is teak wood with antique gold polish.
and a table along with the unit. It is a standard 4 x 2 table. The beautiful carved top would require glass
to be put on top. Now any of our designs that you see online
or on YouTube, we can get that design for you in the polish color of your choice the
fabric color of your choice in L-Shape and that too in the size that you require. you need to tell us the length of one side
and the length of other side accordingly we will design the unit for you. 100% customized unit as per your requirement. color fabric design your choice and as per
the requirements that you have. For any questions you can always contact us
and we will give you the details. Hope you like this. Thank You.

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