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2 Anti-Gay Guys: Gays Want Marriage to Gain Access to Children

2 Anti-Gay Guys: Gays Want Marriage to Gain Access to Children

i right we’ve had former navy chaplain
Gordon clients but on the show many times he has a new program called the pray in
Jesus name program I have to tell you I am riveted by the
show I love watching it it is the most awkward slow-moving program I’ve ever
seen and I cannot peel myself away from it
yesterday I watched like 20 or 30 minutes at this incredible nonsense he interviewed will
perkins who’s a longtime anti-gay activist in Colorado the key
moment I’m just gonna play this for you with a little over a minute it’s so awkward I just am amazed that
this type of awkwardness can even exist on television on your on internet video the key moment is the POS where the
chaplain finds it interesting that when two men have sex there is no baby check this out you told
me once that I’m it homosexuality is not normal and and what would happen if they tried
to make a normal well homosexuality is an aberration that is a a deviation from the fact and the deviation in this case if if homosexuality were the norm we wouldn’t have this problem we’re
discussing now because there would be no human race so
if homosexuality were normalized people
would not have children because when a man meets with another
man he doesn’t get pregnant yeah trade a homosexual these do not the does not reproduce it recruits interesting so the only way they can the propagate their own kind as to
recruit the children have heterosexuals correct and that’s why they’re so
interested in marriage for the access to children now if if homosexuals get married earth they earn those rights
legally then they would be able to adopt the
children of heterosexuals and therefore that include increases their ability to
recruit that is acting right so you think that’s why they’re
interested in marriage I think there’s about a generation that’s the main reason yes I just am so
curious as to why the interview moves along so slowly and you know I kinda feel bad for the
chaplain cuz I think he can tell this interview was going nowhere and while we you know lou is that we
vehemently disagree with just about everything the chaplain stands for he’s always been really nice to us and
often a lot of these right-wingers I talked about it before are really really nice personally as
long as you don’t fit into one of the categories where they think you’re going
to hell or whatever the case may be I have every reason to think that the
chaplain is a nice guy lb it incredibly misguided and I kinda
feel bad for getting stuck in this horrible interview yeah I i do agree with you i
don’t think he’s a malicious evil person I have but they’re certainly very very entertaining to watch we should
have them back on to talk about whether these interviews move at this pace deliberately here her what’s going on
let’s take a break a lot coming up including uproar over Lewis is Halloween costume
from the bonus show so we will present it to you the audience and much more stay with us
big Tuesday show Election Day 2013

  • I'm not going to listen to 2 straight guys tell me what "gays" want, just like I'm not going to listen to a white guy tell me what's it like to be black lol

  • Then that's a little one sided. The only thing that ANYBODY wants to be treated the same under the law. Whether they are gay, straight, black, white, man, woman, or even hermaphrodite. All these people want is equal treatment and protection under the law. And the constitutional arguments are there. Just read the entire first section of Amendment 14, Full Faith and Credit clause (article 4), and listen to the arguments that were used in the SC case that got section 3 of DOMA struck down.

  • lol, the population conundrum never works in bashing homosexuality. We have nearly 7 billion people on the planet. If 10 percent of them choose not to have children, we as a species will not die out. In fact homosexuality is beneficial as it slows down overall population growth. The population argument will never hold any weight!

  • If I had a pink unicorn on the moon that will punish everybody I disagree with I'd be quite relaxed and nice as well even when arguing, I think these people are really just content with the clinically insane idea that "the gays" will burn in a sea of fire for all eternity.

  • The interview reminds of watching one the Jon Stewart's correspondents interviews. It seemed more like comedy sketch than reality.

  • Isnt that why a lot of guys become priests? To gain access to children? Of course, the priests aren't really interested in recruiting the kids to homosexuality, they're usually more interested in filling them with communion wine and going to town on their rectums.

  • There's a petition on the White House website to have legalizing gay marriage as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It has to reach 100,000 signatures before December 6th dead line in order for it to reach the president's desk. There's a slim chance it might succeed, but it's still worth a shot. If anyone wants to sign it, the link is on my you tube channel under the name "28th Amendment Petition". Be sure to share it with anyone who will sign it in a heart beat. Thank you!

  • Homosexuality isn't a choice. Homosexuality is caused during development in the womb. There's no such thing as trying to make heterosexuals heterosexual. It's not possible. If you're gay, it's because there was a hormonal issue in the womb

  • I'm usually not one to rip on looks, but this dude looks ridiculous, it's like his face is dripping down to the bottom of his head, leaving nothing but forehead for miles.

  • Its not "misguided" to persecute people it's nasty – people like this chaplain make vulnerable peoples lives a living missery

  • If you look at the gross over population of the world, I don't think there's any danger of depopulation by homosexual marriage. The real problem is women having unwanted pregnancies and being blocked by conservatives from getting abortions.

  • I'm gay…I was never recruited. Also, gay people are gay–not sterile. Many gays still reproduce, so fear not! Even if everyone on earth was gay, the human race would not die out. I feel dumber for even having to type this.

  • Actually gays are not sterile. In fact closeted gays reproduce just fine.

    So when you are anti gay and try to force them underground or into a closet by making it socially unacceptable, you are encouraging them to take your women and reproduce.

    Anti-gay bigots, the biggest proponent of gay reproduction.

  • I didn't realize that the "normalized" homosexuals of the world have a nefarious plan to completely replace the heterosexuals of the world and then there'd be "no more human race." You learn something stupid every day.

  • Good gaaaawd…that is the biggest bunch of bollocks I've ever heard…I think my mouth was gaping open…recruiting children….wow…

  • Why pander to these sick misguided ignorant people? They obviously know nothing about homosexuality. Fortunately the one guy is so old he probably won't be around much longer.

  • lol typical anti gay dipshits. they only complain about man on man sex. all of the anti gay idiots that i know LOVE lesbian porn. they are true fucktards.

  • It's hard to believe that people like this still exist in the world, I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near those two, they are the deviants.

  • Hmmm.. Interesting.They recruit too?I wonder if they have recruitment centers and the like..or is it door to door ,or through advertising. ?Curious

  • "not a vicious, evil person"? have you not been paying attention? what's the difference between this chaplain and rev. phelps? phelps has an angry look on his face and sound in his voice. the chaplain smiles during his hate speech and drone blessings. you are both falling for the "love of jesus" routine.

  • They are all repressed homosexuals themselves, why else would anyone care to sit there and just talk about how deviant someone's sexual life is.

  • It finally becomes clear to me. These homophobic types are simply afraid of the idea that gay people will steal all the little boys they want to have sex with.

  • Recruit? That sounds more like the military. If homosexuals recruit then there must be a "choice" in the matter. I was born gay and I never decided to be gay, so no one recruited me. The good chaplaon and his guest are just so, what's the word, stupid. Sorry, that interview was just pathetic.

  • Oh, I see David. That Will Perkins guy must be a Star Trek fan, as those gosh-darn homosexuals are taking the Borg approach,…."you will be assimilated".

  • The older guy is a "long time anti gay activist "??? Really ?.Hes made it his life's work to crucify gay people?Any sane person has to ask .."why".Why and how us somebody so obsessed with others lifestyles that he can't move forward in his life without trying to destroy theirs.That guy and his kind are so out there that they are too far gone .Its insanity.

  • @winterlandboy – yeah, as Stephen fry puts it, dedicating your life to attacking gay rights is as nonsensical as dedicating your life to banning red colored telephones. It makes no fathomable sense to attack a group of people who mean and do you no harm. So 'harm' has to be invented, as is the case with phony confusion of homosexuality with pedophilia and sodomy. (Which are also both things that heterosexuals do too.)

  • There was a case recently with a heterosexual couple who were having children just so the husband could rape the infants/toddlers. Scapegoating homosexuals for child abuse shows how unserious the person is about caring for children – if he was serious he'd not be scapegoating a sexual minority for behavior that is completely unrelated to that minority group. Child abuse is child abuse period.

  • Oh David, the chaplain a nice guy? Well – using that logic I am sure you can say that members of the KKK, Aryan Nation, Nazi SS and Al Queda are also nice guys, and I am sure some of them are. The religious are masters at recruitment and indoctrination so it easy to see why they apply their reality to homosexuality. They will never understand that it is not a club one joins.

  • David, One must admit in today's world a supersensivity in regard to children is normal and admirable. Children have become commodities with the rampant pedophilia. Although many gay men of his age group lived deep on the down low I think it's time he got his head out of the sand. As an open gay man who raised two children who are now grown his ugly ugly view of gay people is quite insulting. Thank you for showing their are still dinosaurs roaming the earth. Love Rickie

  • My friends and i have this game we play where when we hear someone say something incredibly stupid like this we try to top it with something even more ignorant. We call it "Rhetoric Topping". I can never quite manage to top the stupid that comes out of that guys mouth. It's a lot of fun to play while watching Ted Cruz.

  • And if being a priest (celibate) was the norm the human race would die out! So I guess no one should be priests then 🙂 Their logic is bulletproof 🙂

  • I applaud you sir for pigeonholing 1.2 billion people into the role of pedophile for the actions some corrupt clergymen.

  • Ok,now that I've finished laughing hysterically,& cleaned up the coffee I spat out…why,(if the reason gay men exist is solely to 'recruit' children),would we go through a marriage ceremony in order to fascilitate this?! And someone please show me the evidence that gay men are more likely to be paedophiles,& I don't mean some right wing christian funded report! If you're going to be sexually attracted to children then your gender/sexuality isn't the issue.

  • "Some corrupt clergymen?"

    You mean the widespread rape and sexual torture of children over decades covered up by Catholic leadership?

    Any self-respecting Christian should have severed all ties to that fucking organisation when the extent of the abuse became public.

    You can still follow the teachings of Christ and believe in God without being associated with an institution that has destroyed the lives of thousands of people they were supposed to be protecting.

  • As an ex-Catholic, I do not defend the acts of rape and obscenity that occur in the Catholic church as being morally right. I opposed your initial comment because, having been a Catholic, I saw many people who were uplifted by the Church and the public works that they performed through their local church. I therefore hate the idea of you inferring that to be a pedophile you merely have to be Catholic. Pedophilia is opposed by most membership and not a common occurrence in Catholic households.

  • That conversation was so disconnected from anything human, it is almost like they are speaking of aliens from another planet…sad, yet hilarious!

  • Sure it's not a normal Catholic practice, but it is normal to hide the crimes and let them continue elsewhere because they felt "embarrassed" to expose them and believed that the criminal behaviors of the rapists were "forgiven" from confession.
    Giving people false hopes aside.

  • If homosexuality were normalized.. then people would stop having children……. ARE THEY FUCKING RETARDED??!??!
    "Oh honey, gay people are more accepted and can get married now, guess we should stop having kids"

  • Why do they always use the term "mate". Humans don't "mate" animals "mate". I almost prefer Pat Robertson's famous "having the sex" than "mate". At least "having the sex" implies that gay people are humans.

  • For this idiot to have a point everyone on earth would have to turn gay.

    The children of heterosexuals aren't automatically heterosexual–they don't need to be "recruited" they're born.

  • lmao…. navy chaplain needs to be let go. He is insane. Nice? So the F what, he's a harm to the public due to his massive ignorance.

  • I think a couple of gays want to have access to children is far more better than giving those priest an access to children. LMAO

  • You can tell: the bald dude is into shemales — ha ha!
    I mean, one doesn't have to partake in gay sex if one doesn't want to. But a lot of homophobes are repressing their own gay feelings.

  • According to Right-Wing Watch, Klingenschmitt filed multiple takedowns to their YouTube channel and is currently down.

  • I'd love for these two to spend a few yrs in a prison …then we'll see them "reproduce"…these two r so ignorant it's amazing …they r not nice people… they r monsters…just because they don't have blood dripping from their hands doesn't mean they don't have the same effect in the world…they r evil

  • Obese women with a macho attitudes and faggety metro rainbow unicorn feminine males spreading aids…. What a wonderful world we've become!

  • "When a man mates with another man, he doesn't get pregnant." Wow. The world is amazing. I'm learning more and more everyday. Thank you internet.

  • These guys have to find their stupid button, they've obviously left it turned on and forgotten where it is. There's no logical reason that gay people can't legally marry, there's no logical reason why they can't have a child, there is no logical reason that religion should be against gays in any way shape or form, and there's certainly no logical reason to believe anything that religion states, but yet the masses flock to it without question.

  • If the man on the left of the conversation was in a crowded room and I was asked to pick out the only gay person in the room – I'd be pointing at him – he screams "queen."

  • Fact is how many homosexual priests are caught within the church and shoved off to the side without no action done to them?  Fact is majority are child molesters including straight ones.  Hmmm I think you better re think.

  • The Chaplain seems a bit confused as to what he's talking about. I don't think he quite understands what the interviewer is saying. But look on the bright side folks, the old man will be dead soon anyway.

  • A moron would you need to have a baby is sperm and an egg sperm can be inserted in a woman for her to have a baby don't necessarily need adoption you morons Bill shut up and think

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