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2016 Fall Fundraiser Volunteers

2016 Fall Fundraiser Volunteers

$18,000 $18,000 dollars to raise in the next 14 minutes. 14 minutes now before the fundraiser ends. Don’t let it end without you having your say, and supporting WBUR. Thank you. My button on the remote for my radio — I wore it out on the WBUR — number three. So I knew I was listening a lot. When I came to Boston, WBUR helped me, like, get settled here, and learn the landscape. So I listen to everything — I just play the app all day, pretty much. I love listening to it, all the time, yeah. People care about WBUR and want to help chip in in whatever way they can. Well, we both listen all the time and we thought it was about time that we help out, and answer the phone. Absolutely. I love WBUR, and a chance to come here and check out the radio station and take some phone calls, seemed like a really, really great way to contribute. It’s just fun coming in. You get to meet really interesting people. We teach at Ballroom in Boston. People who call up are always so nice. So far so good. I had a lady gave a $500 contribution a little while ago. That’s pretty major. Yes. There’s pizza, there’s books, people are on the phone. It’s good. We’ll do a little salsa. [SALSA MUSIC] [PHONES RING]
Oh! The phone! $6,000 to go. And they come back year after year. People have made friends this way. We’re hoping one day, there’s a marriage proposal in the volunteer room. That would be amazing. This has been our totem: It’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do. That’s amazing. This is a team! You guys are awesome. Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!

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