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2016 RIT United Way  Campaign – RIT Beneficiary Adam Leblanc and Cha Ron Sattler-Leblanc

2016 RIT United Way Campaign – RIT Beneficiary Adam Leblanc and Cha Ron Sattler-Leblanc

>>Cha Ron: Adam is a student
at Barker Road Middle School and is a very independent guy. And, you know, he sees things, and he definitely wants to be a part of that. Adam has autism, and so he gets some extra support
sometimes. Our family is a part of Autism Up, which is supported by the United Way. We work with Starbridge and TIES, that is hosted through Starbridge which is also a United Way agency United Way has been a part of our lives. We always like to think that we’re
gonna be independent through our lives, and in fact, what we’re really learning,
is that it’s not about just being independent,
it’s about being interdependent and discovering ways that we
can help each other, and I think Rochester is a big
United Way town, and I think for all of us,
we can think about different people in our communities
and probably even people in our own homes,
where we’ve received support
through the United Way. I use the phrase “conspiracy
of care” a lot. I think we do a lot of that at
RIT in taking care of our students, and you know, I think so many of the ways
we use communities to make life better for all of us, is a conspiracy of care. What I love about the United Way and I love about TIES, it’s a great example of how
we leverage communities to help each other out. And what’s really neat about
the TIES program, is it matches kids who want
to volunteer up with kids who just want to have fun. It’s not just about the money, it’s about providing places for people to volunteer and make an impact. The United Way is just a great vehicle to support that in a lot of different capacities, and ours is just one little story.

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