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2016 United Way of Central Ohio Campaign Video

2016 United Way of Central Ohio Campaign Video

In a single moment everything and change.
It may be a moment when you’re at your lowest. A moment when you know things
aren’t right, something has to be done or it may be a moment when you realize that
you’re not alone that there are people who care. A moment can be so powerful so
profound that it transforms you forever. Some moments can change a day. Some
moments can change a life. Some moments can change an entire community. I had got
laid off my job so my income level went down to the point where you know
eviction process was probably going to start at any given moment. My mom she
told me that we can come and stay there and I didn’t want to be a burden on her.
I had to stay here for the school system for my daughter. When I caught 211 that gave me the number to stable families and I talked to someone and
Gracie she really took the time to care about what I was going through, really
caring about me and my daughter. She also took time to redo my resume and I have
been trying to get a job at Grant hospital for 14 years. I never
really even imagine Grant was gonna call me back I love my job, I look forward to getting
up every morning, going to my job and I put in the best that I can do. It’s very
physical, but it’s very rewarding. I never felt this, like I have stability, like I
don’t worry about rent right now. I just pay it and
keep it moving. I am comfortable and in this moment I am so grateful. Often the
slide into poverty starts with a moment. For more than 400,000 people in
Central Ohio who struggled just to meet their basic needs. These moments are all
too common. That affects all of us whether we see it or not. I was a housing
specialist for the YMCA before I get those sick. I had radiation and chemo I
was out of the hospital and I was one start to eat again so and I didn’t have
anything. I always went to Clintonville resource in it and they help me through
a lot. There’s not just clothes and food They will help you get through and
show you the steps to take, to better yourself or do it get something taken
care of. I decide to go ahead and ask if I could volunteer over there and that’s
what I do. I was down you know slope now I’m up the slope and ever. Thanks to the
community night way to push me back up For too many families regaining
stability becomes an uphill battle with multiple roblox. When children are born
into poverty the road can be even longer statistically, they’re more likely to
live in poverty for the rest of their lives. We have one mission at United Way
of Central Ohio. Reduce poverty but it starts with you. YOU. Right now, in this
moment. When thousands of us unite towards that goal what seems impossible
suddenly isn’t. By reducing poverty, we create hope, opportunity and a better
future for all of Central Ohio. I grew up in the South Linden area it was a rough
neighborhood. It was just me stalling, wasting time just in the streets, just
trying to try to make a living for my son but it wasn’t earn a living. It really
didn’t hit me into a couple years ago he brought some math homework home.I
can’t help him so I knew that was the moment I had to get my act together
and go back to school and further my education. Came here for the GED and they
offer a variety of programs one was food handling, a certification course so I’m
certified in the safety of food. Nothing with a job economic empowerment class. It
actually did help me everything just like a domino effect everything just
happened and I’m here. I’m a full-time kitchen staff I’m well-rounded in the
kitchen. My grandma she ran a catering business and she loved to cook so I feel
she just sent me. I’ve had that moment but I’m not there where I want to be. I want
to attend the culinary arts school I want to get more in depth with with the
cooking and that’s what I want to show my son .I can’t say thank you enough.
There’s never been a moment like this in Central Ohio. Everywhere you go and
neighborhoods all across the community amazing things are happening every day.
Central Ohio is changing and so is United Way. We’ve reimagined the way we
work and invest in the community so that we’re solely focused on one mission,
reducing poverty. We do this by developing coordinated pathways that
move people out of poverty. We find gaps and services and then fill those gaps in
order to give people a real chance to build better lives. When you give to
United Way of Central Ohio you create thousands of moments of hope and
inspiration. We have the power to reduce poverty but we need everyone to come
together around this moment. Our community needs you to get involved. We
need you to make your moment. The time is now. Make your moment and help
families that are struggling to overcome poverty’s barriers. Make your moment to
ensure all neighborhoods in Central Ohio thrive.Make Columbus a city with
opportunities for everyone. This is the moment to give, volunteer or do both. This
is the moment to be part of something bigger. This is your moment.

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