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2018 Maryland Charity Campaign Video

2018 Maryland Charity Campaign Video

(gentle music) – It is an honor to chair the
2018 Maryland Charity Campaign with Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford. Last year, our state’s
incredible employees and retirees raised more
than three million dollars, which is just one of the many reasons I am proud to be the
governor of this great state. This year I ask that you continue to give a little and help a lot. Please donate today to
make a lasting impact on our community tomorrow. Thank you. I want to take this opportunity to thank Maryland’s employees and retirees who have dedicated
their professional lives to serving others. Today I want to encourage you to pay it forward in your personal lives through the 2018 Maryland
Charity Campaign. We can all give a little to
help a lot through the campaign, from providing opportunities
for kids to be kids, to assisting those impacted by the heroin and opioid epidemic. We can all contribute to
changing Maryland for the better. With 800 pre-screened
charities to choose from, you have the option to find the cause that is close to your
heart and your community. I encourage you to join Governor Hogan and me and donate today. Please visit
to get started. Your contributions truly make a difference in the lives of our fellow Marylanders. Ellington and I are vice chairs of the Maryland Charity Campaign. A strength of the
Maryland Charity Campaign is that it’s about collective generosity. Just like Maryland’s
employees and retirees who work together everyday
to improve our state and the world around us, the Maryland Charity
Campaign gives each of us the chance to give a
little and help a lot. Our charities will tell
you how your contributions have a great effect on our communities all throughout Maryland
and through our country. (the following are photos and statements submitted by charities participating in the Campaign) Across Maryland all of us have benefited from a charity at some point in our lives. Whether it’s something as essential as clean water, fresh air, safe housing, a quality education, or life-saving health treatments, or something as enriching
as enjoying a museum, a theater, a park, or a public space, everyday our citizens
are helped by nonprofits that depend on us to sustain their work. Today I ask you to stand with me and support causes you care about through the 2018 Maryland
Charity Campaign. The campaign gives all
of us an opportunity to make a meaningful
contribution to our communities. If we all give a little,
I know we will help a lot. The campaign runs from
October 9th to December 18th. Please visit today, and thank you for your
generosity and your support. If you contributed to
the campaign last year, I want to take a moment
and sincerely thank you for your generosity. Together we raised more
than three million dollars, and that impact cannot be overstated. However, our communities still have needs, and our charities have
a lot of work to do. Contribute to the campaign. Just visit [Sam Abed and Ellington Churchill]
Give little, help a lot.

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