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2018 United Way Durham Region Campaign Video

2018 United Way Durham Region Campaign Video

Growing up, I just felt
this hatred for myself. There wasn’t a lot of
Indigenous families. I saw myself
as an outsider, and it was just
hard to, you know, get up every day to,
you know, get ready, because I didn’t want
people to see my face. I dropped
out of school, and I sort of
stopped planning for the future, because
I didn’t think I had one, and I felt like,
like nobody was there for me when
I needed them. At that point I just
thought I was alone. -Mike:
I used to be
into drugs. I’d sleep where I could, and
I pushed a shopping cart around, and I used to
pick up scrap metal, and I’d walk miles
and miles every day. Got to a point where,
just getting older, couldn’t walk around,
couldn’t push carts. And I just didn’t
want it no more, I wanted a change. -Nuhaa’s Mom:
I left Syria
because it’s not safe. I came here
to Canada. It’s very difficult
for me and for my kids. Nuhaa feels
very isolated. When she came home,
it’s every time crying, it’s very
difficult. -Samantha:
Coming from Uganda to Canada was hard to adjust to the culture. I didn’t
know anyone, my English
was not good, but United Way really
helped me in a way where there was different
programs available for me, like literacy program,
homework clubs, youth programs. -Rose:
I finally found a program
that I connected with, and I felt like
I belong there. It was definitely a place
where I felt at home. I got to know myself,
and to feel confident. -Mike:
I found the
meeting place, and I found
people just like me. Bit by bit I
started to change. Twenty years later, I’ve got a little place I call my own. -Asare:
I had the opportunity to
get involved with United Way, trying to address
homelessness and developing, and spreading
that local love. That pretty much brings me
in front of you here today. If it’s one person’s life
who’s transformed as a result of the hard earned dollars
that individuals have donated, that’s worth
it to me. -Nuhaa’s Mom:
After involving
Nuhaa in this program, she feels
very confident. -Nuhaa:
I learned
a lot of stuff, like being kind,
respecting other people, and I’m more
open minded. -Samantha:
I want to give back
in a way where I can help kids,
the way I was helped. It can change someone’s life, just by showing up. -Theresa:
To see that your
life is shining, that encourages me to realize the benefit of generosity, giving next year is
gonna be even easier. -Rose:
United Way has
given me a future. It’s just the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

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