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2018 VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Leadership Award: The Gaglardi family

2018 VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Leadership Award: The Gaglardi family

– Phil and Jenny grew up very poor and have worked hard. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen him without a smile. Didn’t matter how bad things went, he had that big grin on his face and always was encouraging,
very bombastic. – Aunt Jenny spent herself tirelessly. Many times when she had
very little for herself but she just gave of herself. They went through all
the ups and downs in life with an optimism that
almost anything is possible with determination and a faith in God. – I think they just believed
that they had a purpose and a role to fulfill. They were wanting to
give back and contribute and make it better and they didn’t care if
they got the recognition or the acclaim. They were happy to have helped. – My mother and father
were very, very successful in what they were able to achieve. Both had dedicated their lives selflessly to the service of others. There’s nothing I could ever do that would ever come close
to being as prominent in that area as my mother and father were. – My father is the epitome of the man who is happy to be in the background. – Bob been an extraordinarily
successful person in business. His gratitude for that success is as humbly expressed as I’ve ever had the joy of witnessing. – He’s kind, he’s caring, he’s ethical, moral, righteous and
above all, very generous. – The core of that
family is his conviction that family is really at the heart of what makes a person tick, that values trump most things, that your word means everything. – I think my father has
continued the tradition that he was raised on and I think he has taught his children and now his grandchildren to walk the good walk. – The Gaglardis have been
selected for this award because the gift that they made to benefit the surgery rejuvenation that we’re undertaking
at VGH and UBC hospital is gonna be truly transformative. – There was certainly a motivation there to help in spearheading
the surgical center that it would be something that would serve all British Columbians. – Our operating rooms need
to be state of the art, they need to be the standard of care. The gift from the Gaglardi family has been the catalyst to
help us reach that goal. – When you have amazing service and wonderful people help you in a very difficult time, I think you really
recognize the significance of this facility. – A community leader understands that they have assets that can be shared that benefit the wider
good, the greater good, whether it’s their time, their talent, their treasure or some
combination of those things. – Our tax dollars cannot
cover all the costs of the capital equipment and
the construction we need. We need philanthropists to come forward just like the Gaglardis are doing so that we can provide the care that we need to provide to the
people of British Columbia. – I think he was ready to make a gift back to the people of British Columbia who from his perspective
have been good to his family. And he did this in the name of his parents who themselves were very early pioneers in defining what community
leadership means. – It was easy to see why
this was named for them and in memoriam for them
and their commitment to their community, their
province and to others. – The motivation is simply something that you want to do something that your parents will be proud of.

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