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233rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop – July 19, 2018

These subtitles are auto-generated
and have not been reviewed or edited. oh we do want to start that over again
we don’t have any sound here These subtitles are auto-generated
and have not been reviewed or edited. from the beginning of time humans have
always looked towards the sky for inspiration and guidance there has been
a fascination with birds stars gods goddesses and other entities which
seemed to exist above us and for many humans a strong yearning to travel into
space man has dreamt of flight since observing space and now it is time to
become the space traveler the future of space travel requires us to understand
from where we came to see where we are going
several thousand years ago philosophers mozi and Lou bond from China were
looking to the wind for flight they invented kites using silk and bamboo
allowing for the later development of communication measuring distances
testing the wind and lifting men the invention of the kite brought with it
the desire to fly the first known attempts at flight were typically by
leaping off towers known as tower jumping people in China India and Europe
first attempted flight this way in 1670 Francesco Ilana de Tarson published a
book that showed some interesting concepts the concept of copper foil in a
sphere with a vacuum would produce a vacuum airship this is still not
possible with today’s materials Francesco is recognized as the father of
aeronautics melding science and mathematics into aerial navigation the Chinese are believed to have
developed the first hot-air device the Chinese lantern using hot air from a
candle can take flight and was first used for signaling the hot-air balloon
achieved the first human lift and advanced to what we know of as the
Zeppelin the first attempts at flight in a heavier-than-air flying machine were
made by more than just the Wright brothers most attempts failed however
they were the stepping stones for what was to come later
the oldest airport College Park is still in operation today
airplanes evolved rapidly through the century from propeller to helicopter to
jet aircraft and most of that technology is used today during the Second World
War Germany developed rockets that could go a limited distance the basic rocket
technology used then is still used today the space race started with the Soviet
Union and the USA in 1957 and led to many developments for the next step the
moon spacecraft assigned as Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to have landed
on the moon the space shuttle operated at tremendous cost burning the fuel
proved to be wasteful and dangerous technology the International Space
Station ISS is a habitable artificial satellite that was assembled in
low-earth orbit in 1998 with the use of the space shuttle the ISS can often be
seen with the naked eye from Earth space X as a private aerospace producer and
space transportation services company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with
the goal of reducing space transportation costs in enabling the
colonization of Mars SpaceX reuses the first stage of their
primary rocket falcon 9 by vertical propulsive landings although up to
present time it still uses the rocket fuel burning technology mehron kesh has
always said the time for burning fuels is over but
did we need to start with that technology in the first place
ancient cultures have suggested the use of an alternative means of
transportation with reference to possible plasma technology you can go to
New York from Brussels within two to five minutes most of this five minutes
is actually landing and getting up Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran
in 1958 as the son of an x-ray engineer he was introduced to the world of
radiation and nuclear science at a very young age in 1981 he graduated from
Queen Mary the University of London as a nuclear engineer specialized in reactor
technology system control at that time he developed a number of theoretical
ideas related to more simple nuclear concepts and their applications in 2002
he decided to finish the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology this
included the creation and control of gravity and energy by the use of nuclear
materials in a clean and safe hydrogen reactor mehran keshe introduced the
concept of double magnetic fields to explain the magnetic and gravitational
field of Earth unknown by the existing scientific community he wrote a number
of scientific papers in 2004 and sent them for peer review such as the
creation of black holes when one of the persons performing the peer review used
his information in public he decided to draw back his papers and to concentrate
further on building prototypes since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of
dynamic reactors have been built some specifically designed to create hovering
effects similar to effects seen with magnetic levitation basic hovering
effects have been achieved 2007 brought the first flight test with radioactive
material in which the patents describe the process of the field interaction
the main patent gravitational and energy system described the initial fundamental
aspects of the plasma and uses this was followed by the Supplemental patent
micro plasma reactors where further uses and advancements were described mr. Kesh
found himself in Iran in 2008 and was provided all the resources needed to
create the first lift of a plasma reactor managed by the Iranian
government these special rotating gas reactors were used to control the plasma
to bring a deeper understanding mr. Kesh released the first book in 2009 the
universal order of creation of matters which contained many new concepts
released to the public this included the PMT IC plasma magnetic
fields initial fundamental plasma and plasma dye lucien technology used for
space reactors the plasma technology was further developed and it manifested in
weight fluctuation and a controlled environment 2010 introduced a new state
of matter called Gans an acronym for gas in nano solid-state the Gans produces
fields to be used in the operation of the spaceship advanced flight tests were
performed in Iran with the guidance of mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems
mr. Kesh tells us you can’t bring all the doctors with you in space medical
research advanced in 2010 and is still being explored daily all around the
world the Keshe foundation has provided knowledge for dealing with many medical
conditions in space a great example of plasma technology used for peaceful
process is the capturing of the USA drone over Iran in December 2011 this
drone was touted as one of the most advanced drones of its day and was
caught by Iran using plasma to disrupt the communications plasma absorbs fields
and the drone uses radio fields for piloting a natural aspect of the plasma
a barrier of fields book to the structure of the light was
released in 2011 this book brought forward the understanding of the
structure of light as a cylindrical plasma where the light is in possession
of all magnetic field strengths book three the origin of the universe was
published later in 2011 mr. Kesh explained the further operation and
interaction of different strengths of the same fields which then leads to the
creation of the universe these three books bring forward a much deeper
understanding of the plasma science that is applied worldwide by knowledge
seekers and scientists in spaceship research and development there were two
conferences to release the space technology to government’s in 2012 the
first International presentation in April Keshe Foundation invited
representatives of every country to the first presentation of the plasma
technology the second International presentation in September Keshe
Foundation invited the nations of the world through their ambassadors and
their leaders to attend a gathering at the Keshe foundation center in an of
Belgium space travel requires peace the implementation of the plasma technology
brings greater responsibility in 2013 mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace
treaty signing of the peace treaty is a confirmation from yourself to your soul
to act correctly in a peaceful manner in 2014
knowledge seekers came together from around the world to learn from mr. Kesh
and many different experiments with reactors were performed including
improving the previously developed reactors to fit with the new knowledge
introduction of nano coated reactors multi core Gans systems the spaceship
Institute lab experiments were streamed live on the internet for all to see SSI
lab tests with reactors showed strong magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla
and showed significant weight fluctuations in December an experiment
was performed using reactors built by knowledge seekers from around the world
Italy Germany and Canada were involved in field
communication tests the tests showed that fields can interact with each other
no matter the distance or time resulting in instant communication in 2015
developments for space continued with different aspects of the plasma
technology such as in health energy and decontamination in October of 2015 mr.
Kesh taught a popular week-long course called The Blueprint teachings about how
to build the maghreb power units people from all over the world participated
with building their own maghreb units and teaching others with the demand of
the Keshe foundation products from all over the world a new Research Center and
manufacturing opened in Arizona USA many developments of the technology happened
in different parts of the world and cash foundation USA is no exception
John and the team started performing experiments using different sensing
tools these tools allowed the team to visualize the maghreb field and to show
others their interactions with reactor formations showing positive results
partaking in the knowledge together is easier and more joyful than ever the fun
has just begun says MT cash mr. Kesh publicly teaches the space technology
through the weekly knowledge seekers workshops plasma enthusiasts from around
the world participate in gathering the knowledge and putting the puzzle
together in the space race all people irrespective of race national
religion are invited to participate in the exchange of knowledge thus assisting
humanity to live within the ethos of the universe it is recognized that
international cooperation and peace is a prerequisite for mankind to journey into
deep space individuals and nations are invited to come together in the spirit
of collaboration and unity to enable peaceful application and the use of
plasma technology for space travel food agriculture energy transportation health
and more we’re excited to release the Keshe foundation spaceship into humanity welcome everyone to the 230 third
knowledge seekers workshop for a Thursday July 19th 2018
I’m your host Rick Kremlin today as usual we’ll be joined with mr. Kesh mr.
Maron kesh of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute who will give us
today’s news and what’s happened through the last week or so and the teaching for
today and I believe we’re ready to dive into today’s workshop so mr. Kesh are
you ready to go yes good morning would they – as usual whenever whenever you’re
listening to these knowledge seekers program as usual every Thursday morning
I was looking at some things we started about four o’clock five o’clock in the
morning European time and gradually over years we brought it to nine o’clock and
now we are still here and we still point through this very strong one of the
interesting point is I know many of you are asking what is happening we’re still
testing in China this we will not release anything else we’ve been told we
can’t over the government’s and whatever data whatever we achieve is the property
of the Chinese people and Chinese government we’ve been told to strictly
not to disclose anything so in that way we stay the same we are still testing
thank you very much for all your support thank you very much for everything that
you have done and you’re supporting us around the world I say what we call
critical time we are testing in every aspects we are learning it’s a new
system he’s teaching us a lot is telling us a lot and in the process we are
learning a lot it’s observation and on the way to gathering the data for what
we call direct bypass it’s not something it’s going to happen overnight we are
learning is a new baby it’s going to is justice and truth failures and successes
and as we go we learn we hopefully will persuade the Chinese power
when to release the information once they want to do it we respected the
Iranian government you have to understand the system by knowledge
seekers but we still under status of the Chinese national law and we have to say
them in respect to the other things we have a another announcement to make
couple of announcements to make I’m looking to see if our money’s online
cannot send you what you see Armond Rick just looking yet here’s an appeal if he
appears give me a shout we will see what happens there I’m gonna hand I have
something a special today’s Caroline’s birthday happy birthday Caroline for
being there and for all your work for the foundation she is we don’t say
Howard she’s gonna be but she’s just about what I call good enough to be a
grandma but to be still waiting I will see what comes thank you very much for
helping in our lives and being around us for past years and happy birthday
Caroline another hand we have we’re waiting for a news from almond in Mexico
he’s supposed to come on then you tell us what’s happening if he appears other
hand we have no more news as some people are asking us what’s happening with our
appeal with in court in Belgium we have launched the appeal and thank you very
much for their Belgium and pleasure we propose and affidavits it’ll be used it
has been used by the court by their lawyers for the court and once the date
of 6 of August passes we release the documents for you to provide all the
codes you have to wait because there’s a time on it
we have to wait till the six I Mystics of August
means the thing of submitting the final appeal come true we have consulted our
international lawyers presence of the police in
never in the world is criminal act by the police the last time has happened
it’s been in Assayas during the Hitler’s time Saddam Hussein
as I said during the Chilean President so he should be looked at by the
International or why the police are in there and this is one of the biggest
bleeds into our artwork and other things which shows there’s been a other
activities behind it we’ve been advised not to go any further
but mr. del agua was put officers in the court has committed the biggest criminal
act in the constitution of European law and that has to be answered and
Constitution requires a lot of things and if anything by passes by court or
overlooked it shows us deeper than that and would take it directly into European
Court of Justice and this is what we are waiting for
the rest’s or other a lot of things going on but we have to say sorry I
tanked a word the Belgium and their people have done that we received your
affidavits sworn affidavit registered affidavit which means the court has to
look into and we have we’ve been told the officers will be arrested in a due
course because this has not happened since the Second World War and this is
the one of the biggest criminal justice cannot be touched by the police or just
read by the police is separate entity and presence of the police in the course
and the pictures of the officers have been released this is a biggest criminal
act and it has to be answered by the European community and European decision
making how again a government police in what we call 21st century turns up in
the course intimidation ask for passport inside the court we thought there was a
freedom but apparently it’s not so we stand by till the 6 August and we
release it to you please take it across and you’ll be it has to be known how
things operate in this special country and then they make scientists criminals
for their own benefit so now we come to another part of the
teaching and what we have to do there is a lot of concern there’s a lot of fun
regarding this what we taught a mere teaching it’s another face if you
remember I mentioned this before when we change from the nun according to
accounts material and we change the gas reactors just another one
it all has happened in a very simple way and they did some people got upset we’ve
made the gas reactors now we’ve got it against on the rest and I’m going to a
non dimensional real reactors what we call the plasma reactors and how you
identify a new state of matter has become a some sort of learning curve but
a challenging learning curve and this will we have to address it today and we
have to see what you’re doing I see Armen has turned up can we bring
you me let’s see if is there imagine are you there can you really can you hear me do you want to unmute yourself or shall
we on mute you either I can try thank you hello armoured are
you there yeah yes would you like to go on your open channel and tell us what’s
happening this is your computer problem we’ll just fixing it if you give me a
minute or two I will set it up okay I don’t take whatever you need just
coming please let me know do you want to put yourself on a silence that we don’t
hear it you want to mute your microphone Armiger understanding of the new materials like
h2 h3 and hydrogen and this can cause us a lot of a lot of problems if we do not
understand it there is some indications we show some magnets and I’ve seen not
people from Arizona they are turning up and are doing things and there are
fixing things and they’re trying to find out more it’s one of the indications we
said that you know that your hydrogen or deuterium or 3t is tritium is by use of
a magnet and we seen separation of the tritium to hydrogen or deuterium using
the magnets understanding it and when you put a magnet next to them they they
show effects and one of the reasons that we see these magnetic fields with these
materials is very simple and that is because what is happening is you’re
producing these what we call ganses of ch3 in an environment when you have what
you call it you have a zinc and iron in the in the mixture with a copper and so
what is happening is they go back this is a confirmation of part of the
teaching of the health teachings which I explained years ago and now we come back
to it if you remember what we said in the red blood cells of the body of the
man in our blood every every blood cell has a taxi destination it means when a
blood goes to the heart is specifically for a single specific cell in a given
position in the body of the man because it has specific characteristics specific
strengths very fine billions of them with a slight difference fits into that
when it goes in a transfer of energy with this
hydrogen deuterium and tritium we see it this is the first time scientifically we
can show this and what’s happening because of the creation of the condition
of the zinc layer with the copper we created the a body called magnetic field
pressure of body call carbon but under a hand with the presence of the iron being
there even though is under the body called the zinc layer or nickel layer is
that it has a gravitational magnetic field force because it’s a matter state
so it interacts as we showed last time as we explained last time now each one
has different kind of hydrogen level which they can produce in respect to the
environment they’re in and this is not what we see and this is what we seen
with what we call the hydrogen the deuterium and the treaty so these
hydrogen’s these elements of hydrogen are created due to the presence of the
composite of the iron so each one has a connection with iron so they
gravitational magnetic field of each one of these what we call plasmatic isotopes
of the Gans of hydrogen I have and carry an iron connection so what it means
that’s why when you bring a magnet to them they attract them react so if you
put another system and let’s say you use let’s say any other argument let’s say
aluminium with a zinc cover and then you sit with a copper here then you’ll
attract and create an element of whatever that is in the composite of the
strength of the hydrogen which is Arminian connected so
you have our minim links hydrogen and this is very important especially for
the future development of what we do when we see an element is magnetic field
destination a strength connection it is what it has to be it is what is got to
be it is what is the benefit that we take the knowledge to the next step so
if we have a magnetic or we have a magnet for aluminium in the future which
we have developed it can be done then when we see a hydrogen developed in
conjunction with anything else which our minim has connection to it then does the
strength of our mini connection of hydrogen in respect to the presence of
the copper so is not the iminium of itself when you look at this hydrogen
deuterium here when the science develops more furthermore you see it has
characteristics of copper and zinc so this hydrogen deuterium tritium is what
is got what we call in chemistry affinity towards and produce through
magnetic field balance of the composite of this what this means this explains a
lot of things in the world of science now those who are in the blood and in
DNA and RNA which will come up later on you understand we can link every
material to his position of origin in a strength of his capacity as plasmatic
magnetic field so when it comes to cancers we have to find the RNA or DNA
of the plasma of the blood which carry this identity and then reversing cancer
becomes very easy because there you do not allow or you can extract this
specific strength without touching anything else the development of the
knowledge science in plasma technology is now start taking shape and we have to
understand this in the future then we can connect exactly what is in magnetic
field strength has been come out of what is connected to the copper which becomes
a muscle tissue when it becomes a muscle tissue of the heart has a specific
combination of understanding is just magnetic field strength and then we can
connect it to is it connected to the hydrogen of the body call it protein or
is it connected to what we call the oxygen of it because each one has
different capacity different in strength the first time when we produced mass
produced deuterium in Ghana I explained to the scientists which were there this
is what the future element stands and now now that we are more educated we can
explain more and more so what is interesting when you get a detail you or
three-term or you make a CH 3 and you create a separation of it and you see it
reacts to magnet is because in its constitution gravitational magnetic
field is MA has a connection and is the hydrogen which is connected to iron so
it carries the behavior of it and this is important for most of you to
understand who go into the medical application you go into the farming
application you go into production of specific isotopes which you then convert
into matter of state as I said we have just started past five years was just
trying to more or less understand the knowledge of a man extended a little
better of what he has understood were thousands of years now we are going into
the real structure of the work of the universe because in the depth of the
universe these magnetic gravitational fields are important for us to
understand which star which pose and where we go how we interact with
which one of these will affect which cell of our body in which dimensions in
the universe that we don’t get cancers and whatever else and maybe danger our
lives or we come into a new position to convert I hope this brings the open
chapter opens in your data for all of you and we see what happens
Armand are you ready before I carry on with teaching hello are we there yes we
are do you want to take over do you want me
to stop sharing yes please okay so I don’t want to interrupt you
no no carry on it’s your use is something you’ve done so much work so we
leave it to you I can always carry on I stop sharing and can somebody stop
sharing Flint can you sorry Rick can you take me off sharing please sure and my
take on John would you take away it’s yours you want to share a screen or your
camera are you there I am trying to open the
camera is not allowing me we might have to do something here just you can go
ahead try it again yeah good now I’m on try it again yep you’re there we have control over
everything it is connected your camera again okay yeah there hello good good
morning good morning everyone this is the Keshe foundation Mexico tea people
have put a lot of effort in it I’m gonna leave it to you and I go silent it’s
yours we just over here but you know this is we accomplished actually the
construction so we can say officially that this is today is an opening day I’m
sorry can we get you to speak a little closer to the microphone it’s a bit of
this how about not better thank you okay all
I’m saying that you know we just finished the construction and finally so
we can start to teach from KF Mexico so angel is heading this organization so he
can take over from this point on okay we have a lot of people that are very
excited with with with a with the teachings well over here it’s it’s it’s
midnight and we’re a little out of town and our
most important I guess we’re gonna have here today are or out of town but we’re
gonna have we have a lot of we have very good a very excited group that wants to
participate and wants to learn about cash and I think we think we’re
gonna do very good over here we’re finishing the first level of our offices
and the t-shi rooms I would like to show them around ok ok so he would have the first
teaching room over here that’s our main entrance over there ok ok ok everybody
can see yes we can see you okay
so we’re very happy to show you our okay this’ll be our receiving room this is
our main entrance okay there’s our logo here so this is our main interest this
is a watchdog this is a receiving room it’s gonna be the control where all the
workers should come and check in over that that way and offices are upstairs
we’re still working on that so right here we have the first teaching room
there’s some pieces if you want but we’re a little far away and then
krypton’s and you tilt the camera down a little bit okay okay yeah and just
moving a little slower so the picture has a chance to catch up otherwise it
gets really blurry when you move it quickly okay okay we can have like some
40 people here and this room next door it’s gonna be uh
where the P she’s on hand will be the lab is right next door okay so that’s the star mandalorian Wow
yeah and this is our lamp right here right next we already started on our
first nanocoatings and our first patient here
with Arman so that’s what we have here but we have very advanced second floor
we have offices for 14 executives and that’s what we have we have almost 7,000
square foot here at Kri Mexico so I hope you know it’s going to be start to move
all the knowledge seekers into the corner yeah you got 7,000 square meter
of behind these walls are the factories to get set up okay
so congratulations are what I know you put a lot of effort into it and all of
you there being in there 12 o’clock at night I know you wanted to announce the
opening I think that’s a gift to Carolina for her birthday today that’s a
big it is wonderful to see the efforts of months of work going on it’s a it’s a
huge property and it’s a lot of work needs to be done just foundation means
setting it up as a manufacturing base in Mexico and there’s a lot of other plans
with armor you cannot sit quiet and peaceful so I’m sure we here this
property is owned by the foundation just and it’s part of the assets of the
Keshe foundation international organization so our major
congratulations a lot of work a lot of talent we are one step ahead definite as
a cash foundation we are one step ahead one of the various but now it’s a room
for all the Mexicans spanish-speaking and that they live in Mexico that we
start teaching and money literally production up there what we call other
products of Keshe foundation which they see fit for Mexico the beauty with this
where Armin has chosen we are just on the border with America so all the
making Keshe foundation people who want to teach or be taught it’s just a couple
of art drives from Los Angeles up with you am I correct Carver so is there
anything anyone say thank you very much all of you for all the work and it’s a
wonderful to see and it’s wonderful to hear all of you and especially saying 12
o’clock at night just to be with us to show I know you can bring people into
our o’clock at night maybe some some what you call it Latino dances but I
think it’s not the right time for it don’t you wake everybody up you can
bring my a jido thank you very much Hartmann and we hopefully in a teaching
we rely on you for the Spanish is speaking worldwide to use this teaching
Center as a main center of work time being especially that we see a lot of
work in Mexico there’s a lot to be done especially on the medical side and
health side as I promised I’ll be there very soon but there are other things
which is holding me back Armon knows about this very to our private life and
hopefully we’ll be there when you are officially opening it and running it but
as you say it’s officially open from today so
we white Mexican speaking our they call it Spanish speaking in Mexico or outside
this is your home for teaching as we always say all the assets of the Keshe
foundation belongs to all the humanity the door is open
teach learn in so many ways the knowledge Mukesh our nation has to be
knowledge of peace and I don’t know anybody better than
Darwin opening such a place oh it goes quite a long time it’s hard work you put
a lot into it and I think it’s a new turning point for South America any cash
foundation we opened the teaching center in Italy very soon in the coming months
where all the Italians can go directly to be taught we already have we a we
already have two premises for a couple of years but now we’re going into
production and the teachings will take shape the same as what we do in Mexico
it’s fantastic what do you achieved Armen they don’t see the other works I
see the video is up and you’ve done a lot and the whole team with you there
but thank you all thank you very much and I’m sure you’re going to be a very
busy place and a spanish-speaking cash foundations now you have a home to teach
you do not need to be there to teach you can ask us teachers to be live so much
teaching directly in there from the center so the knowledge can be a spread
and I know the Spanish team is very active now they have a home to work from
it’s the pardon equipped for that the code for that yeah I know
I see what you need one piece you need a piece of white board there that you can
teach life yeah but it’s there to be done it can be put in to actually be
equipped everywhere the same we try to get it out even for Conor they wouldn’t
ship it it was too big you know you have to buy it locally I’m sure you can get
it locally thank you very much ermagerd is there anything else you want to say
or you want to say it addressed in the Spanish because it’s your time not us
Spanish Spanish has to be yeah even white mine is yours
contentos and make it – tenemos million similar the sellers and Mexico Latin
America Esperanto para ser el congreso para estos a Tijuana Aventine sukira
Acosta real esta bonito a fabric ollie – manufacture in Mexico you understand
the soul understand believe the language thank you very much you need for all
your work and all the effort and I’m sure in next few months when you start
manufacturing from the place we’ll be there to see thank you very much for
joining the Keshe foundation family worldwide our John thank you very much
for all your work thank you as you’ve seen this is another arm of
the Keshe foundation which is taking shape or white we have no borders
and as we’ve seen now arizona-mexico Accra is in the process Italy now
Shenzhen in China is a beautiful teaching center in Shenzhen all the
Chinese these people that we are bringing one of them what we call most
beautiful places for you to be there to learn and to teach
it’s it’s one point four point five one thousand five hundred six hundred square
meter with a massive teaching about maybe 100 200 people with the
laboratories that he can do the testing they’re a place that you can meet not
necessarily just to just to exchange ideas and work it’s headed by Nathan you
all know him the Chinese and if you want to participate in development or they
want to be part of it you’re welcome Keshe foundation China I
said if you go on the website and I’m one you want you to high you want to
help down there is the same in Mexico nice these are homes we establish for
you and you have to take over you have to start running these research centers
research centers in Europe researchers in Africa in Asia now in
body call South America or Mexico we call it North America’s our government
goes to Brazil but more or less these are your homes we are start establishing
in slowly and these are permanent they’re to do things it’s if what you
want to do and you want to teach you want to research gradually we provide
all these things and this is their what we call the fifth turbulence and
certification our nation’s worldwide help us to complete and from now on your
Spanish speaking cash vanish and followers you want to teach you want to
is in your own language that you can communicate easy use it for the
advantage for bringing peace sharing knowledge not creating
problems that you have to solve it back on yourself
because the lack of understanding of technology hopefully are one is trying
to do the first what we call Mexican space system we’ll see how far he goes
he’s got all the support as we have done to the others but is the challenge for
all of us Africa now Mexico Arizona Arizona is under use for teaching
because it’s too much developing research on the space side and it’s on
the needs and a lot of support people who can support Arizona in teaching
using it as a center for US and Canada at the moment but is underused is
literally only used it’s just that what they do in what we
call in their laboratories on the space side and this these centers need to be
extended the same instructions on and they need to be developed by you we
can’t be there to do it all the time for because we don’t understand 90% of
anything concerning the culture the way you do things and that has to be
respected so we’ll leave it to the people who are
in charge understand the culture and the way it’s got to be done
it’s the same with Italy we have another research center in Europe which we keep
very very tight for its research advances edge development which will not
open it in public we have three research centers which are not open to public
which are run completely in the background and these researchers are
more or less becoming the backbone of the development of new technologies for
the foundation and we have to keep these people very safe we learned very much
from the Japanese experience we Tokyo and so we have become very wise we keep
our scientists we keep our what we call researchers knowledge seekers totally
safe and secure from the hand of these kind of what we call what we see not
happening in what we call it unacceptable positions and activities
what they do the Research Center in China will be
extended heavily will support it heavily as many of you know China is getting a
special attention from cash audition because of his position internationally
and we support the government with everything every knowledge wishes in the
hand of the foundation in so many ways Chinese community are strong enough for
themselves 200 the Italian community we see very strong management extremely
strong management with collaboration between Giovanni as either a European
operation of Education Foundation and Giuseppe as a head of the Keshe
foundation Italy we see him bouncing leaping works with them and coming up
mother attacked him especially armed people in the background are doing a lot
of work in all over the world with it we need these we have we are merging out of
their new technology and these centers has to be where people can go to a
research center I have promised I will open the research center in Teheran this
will be done in the coming time to bring Iran in line in scientifically with the
result of all not an isolation especially as the founder of the
foundation being an Iranian I promised this to the Iranian community and will
be done in a very short time I’ll travel to Tehran to confirm confirmation of the
development of the earring and generation center we find and said we
develop head ad is a gift to the Iranian nation no boycotts we do understand what
cause we’re a scientific organization and the beauty of the knowledge will be
so much that those who want to understand more will travel to any
center to learn to be able to do this is part of what we do we have no warriors
we don’t understand these things we are there to safeguard and to develop every
aspect of the spaceship development will be a gift to the Iranian nation as a
gift of the Chinese nation we respect it we hold it and we in so many ways
deliver knowledge nothing else but knowledge
science has I should have no borders and no barriers there is another development
which a lot of us should understand is the development of the new material
which we call as a neutral development neutral development will have a massive
implication under all of the work of the Keshe foundation and on the whole of the
work of the present scientific world what is neutral development allows us to
do is to be able to produce any material of our wish at the point of wish this is
what I was just explaining in a part of the teaching which you have to carry on
and it’s the extension to is a freedom of science and this is what you will see
and you will understand in so many ways that as you have produced these dock
these materials in your package you have to understand something very very simple
any combination as we thought before of these gives you a freedom of production
of the neutron a neutron the balance between the two from hydrogen to
deuterium you have a free Neutron here you have a free neutral but we
understand that the neutron itself on its own is the mother of creation of
basic not to make a structure of hydrogen and if you understood the
process if you understand the process it becomes very very apparent and very
simple that now if you look and you understand the process what happens if
the neutrons which have come from the same iron base for example gather
together you have the hydrogen to start with
now you can add the second Neutron to it you can see now you have to tell you
these are all in plasmatic condition these are not in matter state condition
so they can carry carry gravitational-magnetic with about
specific ways and for a specific use which man will understand in the short
time in the coming time so now you understand in a simple way you are in
control of creation of elements you put two of these together you get the
property of the next set of it you can add at the same time and neutron into
the system which itself will create another structure isil man still has a
lot to learn but if you understand to the creation of the simple Neutron
structure now we can use it in a condition we want to lead to any matter
in the space that we want to produce single element is the backbone of
everything single element is the reality of now as I said even in my books the
mother of life is nitrogen base Neutron that it can read to any material we
would like to use to produce to create but this Neutron in this shape if we
understand its gravitational magnetic field then in a space we can absorb that
field to produce what we need we don’t even need to produce the neutral now we
have created we understand the characteristic strength
gravitational-magnetic field of it we know this is the neutron we need for a
specific cell we need specific job but in our process allows us to be able to
create new materials now that we have found the way to the mother of creation
of matter state of the universe this is absolutely beautiful world scientists
will give their life to understand the simple way that all of you understand
and they cannot believe it is so easy neutron if his condition to specific
positions in the matter state becomes the endless energy source becomes
endless gravitational source become endless knowledge to what man might need
and what this is important for us this is absolutely beautiful gift to the
knowledge of understanding and new plasma technology we have spent years teaching and in a
way this is the jewel in the crown of the knowledge of the Keshe foundation not only being able to have the matter
of nitrogen the neutron itself but to be able to understand its gravitational
magnetic field the strength that allows man to produce any matter state in the
universe this allows us to be able to create new environments new condition
for structure new understanding of the creation and work of the universe this
is not a neutral which is just something in being there now this is a neutron
that can be emitting man wants when you have millions and millions of galaxies
which are sitting at hydrogen deuterium and tritium or you’ll lead to creation
of separation of them what they call neutral gravitational magnetic horse is
neutral now is billions of them in the cup if you know how to extract which one
because they’re all of the same strength you can lead to creation of any material
there is a system there is a way that some of the knowledge seekers took over
and they understood and they were happy to have but if it knowledge it develops
in the future for those of you who are in that direction you can extract
Neutron from space you can extract huge amount of neutron
from a space that you do not need to go once you have made the mother go back to
another part of your teachings go back to another part of what you developed
over time and that is very simple you remember the Nano plates you remember
the water copy made and you put materials around it now you can put
Neutron of elements around it and in your water you have as much neutral as
you like because neutral is a free state of energy in the universe you remember
your food cups you remember your art process this gives a total new freedom
to those who work in any part of the key to our nation’s development with
agriculture in medicine we the space beat energy beat anything you can
imagine those who go advanced in the side of the understanding of the
creation you can even find neutrons which strength in the direction of the
soul of the man and in time mother mature to understand the application and
implication somebody’s phone is open please so what
is important for us is to take the knowledge to the next step to the
moralist ultimate called ultimate point of the knowledge of the creation in the
universe and I have taught you and I’ve given you access to one of the most
precious things in the world of creation the mother nature that by this division
can lead to anything you like and by collection of its division can give you
anything in a collective matter unit understanding of the process of the
development of the neutral has been in the corners of the creation because now
is a package which you carry because it is the what you carry it is what you can
carry you don’t need to carry anything else if you understand it and this is
part of the development of the new space technology if those of you who are in
the energy business understand is can change the whole course of the energy
development overnight I’ve made more promise by November there will be no buy
cuts for Iran because nobody will need any oil to boycott anything or anyone
there will be no boycotts for no understanding of the knowledge of the
universe now you have the knowledge those of you who work in the energy
understand the application and implication of this process you can
change the whole course of all the material need of the man the dimension and the application of the
production of neutron is beyond understanding of compression of the man
unless he goes to space when you go into space it opens up every channel every
avenue of travel in the deeper space because then you have to find the
neutral strength of any universe which is a central line of what we call
principle matter because neutral come from that district then this in time
will allow math to travel from universes to each other because you have to
replicate the neutral energy structure of that universe and as you seen you
attract an extract carbon out of the atmosphere
now you attract and get attracted to the same way one the planet for what what
called the universes feel the string because not every neutron in the
universe is the same in every universe the fingerprint of universe sits in the
structure of his Neutron or what we call the smallest package holding of the
magnetic gravitational field elements of the universe and planet earth and in the
universe we are in it could be let’s say 10 K in the next universe is 10.1 K so
now that we know what we need to add to the neutron to be able to reach it we
just need to add point one to the 10 K and as it’s matching you can match into
the gravitational-magnetic field of it you can go from universes to universes
in no time and space these teachings I teach is to be put on the records that
when the man matures can go back to it and say is there this is what we got to
do neutron production understanding the magnetic gravitational field of the
neutron in in respect to the condition of the creation of its gravitational
magnetic field is the only way man can travel across universes and it’s the
only way that man can travel within the structure of this universe and this
structure is one of the easiest ways to travel beyond a speed of light where the
time does not exist where the space is relevant because as I’ve said in many
teachings has anybody have ever measured the speed of the magnetic field now has
anyone ever be able to measure the speed of the plasmatic magnetic field which is
totally free those who work in the line of the communication if you understand
how you can package it zero time communication will be in the hand of the
man in no time it is vital for us to be comfortable
with a new knowledge and you’ll take your years to just comprehend what I put
in here in few minutes to me is home I come from that culture I come from that
knowledge and in so many ways my teaching is complete as of today there
is not much more I can teach because I can guide you to understand but as I
made a promise when I came to teach you to take your equal this is the knowledge
of universe you have to understand your governments have to understand it those
who need this planet and then into a space have to understand the knowledge
which has been released today if you understand that knowledge of the
strength of the neutron which carries the soul of the mad presence by for me
is nothing to take because has to be one rule and that has
to be the rule of peace and from today we enforce it all those who play the game of power
have to understand there is no power to play it the power has to be peace and
the knowledge and understanding and in the coming time the Chinese’s faith
system has said to show this and it has to be that the knowledge becomes part of
it my team in China working very hard but they can’t see what is happening in
the background they’re just fixing and mending and fixing and many but I can
see how beautiful the system is setting yourself up I thanked him sincerely
especially the manor was heading it I have a lot of respect for him and he’s
committed to what I’m committed I came to bring knowledge and peace I
have brought the knowledge and threw it away enforce peace because this is the
only way man will get into the cycle of the universal community be able to
travel the space of the universe and to be able to expand its knowledge
what does this knowledge can do if you understand the interaction and now that
I’ve shown you the cup of neutron and understand what to do with it
do you need to have a need to eat do you have a need to need to produce materials
unless you need it do we need to damage all these environments around the world
to fit a few but everything goes to one point how do we use it as I said the
knowledge is so immense I can spend thousands of years here and you still
won’t each the top of the tip of the knowledge of the universe us the
universal teachers carried the knowledge of the Creator but we teach as much as
can be understood but there is one principle we teach enough that everybody
is equal from the base how you evolve the knowledge how you develop the
knowledge is your decision in a coming time in a very short time when is
knowledge what we placed that now you literally throw all your whatever you
done past five years and create neutrons Neutron comes as you need with their
food cups then you understand you can put cups next to each other and then you
have a neutron which is created by our minim and you have a neutral created by
iron and then you can create the world of creation
because now you have a field free to create what you want this is how you
produce iron and zinc in the universe you don’t wanna find it you carry that
Neutron and the balance difference Neutron gives you what is the iron so
you create in mass in tons what is mine as gold in the mines of this planet is
penis – what you can create in seconds the essence the knowledge of the neutron
technology is the essence of the creation of the creator now man has to
understand today this is a gift to Caroline and this is a gift to humanity but do not abuse it do not go to it that
you come to the point of no return understand what we produced as ganses
have to become the passage to creation of neutrons of that strength that
through it man can reach the level of the soul of the creator then you
understand when he said a made man in image of myself now you have the key if
you understand you mix cancers to get effects you means zinc oxide copper
oxide and now to the night Neutron of copper strength in conjunction with zinc
and then you have a cancer patient set them in the place of the cup I said I
teach you away that you can walk in and walk out and there with no cancer this
is the key I said last week a couple of weeks ago the present medical systems
dynamics are obsolete because neutrons are dynamic in their structure because
they are keyed in elements by the fields they carry and because the key and the
fields they carry itself is in dynamic condition
you don’t need motors when you created their hydrogen from the ganses of a zinc
of copper of iron and most probably nickel this neutral which is extracted
from it has to keep balanced with all the fill for field forces which created
it so stays dynamic in that process it can absorb energy as
it gives those of you who understand nuclear physics in the basis of the
foundation of the division and a neutral division and what we call radioactive
decay now understand the principle behind the nuclear decay why some
elements decay so fast in milliseconds and some decay over thousands of years
this is to do with the absorption energy structure which the neutron was created
out of imbalance fields of the universe then you understand very simply how it
was possible to even change the course in Fukushima now you understand what was
done four or five years ago how is that because now we understand the amount and
the level of the neutral which can be carried within the structure of any
element and how we can extract it that this transfer is energy that in that
division it has a cycle period of time in cycle of Manticore the seconds
minutes then now we understand why we have radioactive decay and certain
elements decay in such a scheme in time because in the neutral level they are
key to the environmental gravel gravitational plasmatic-magnetic field
of this planet which is balanced with them so according to what they can give
and what they can take a plasmatic condition gives them the duration that
exists in that time the conversion of neutron the conversion of the nuclear
atomic structure is exactly the same it’s just up to now the scientists never
understood that the division of the nuclear atomic structure comes from the
structure of the plasmatic magnetic fields which have created that neutron
at the time of this inception as a nuclear physicist understand this
this is a new horizon in the plasma technology now we can make every nuclear
material safe because we can create gravitational magnetic field the
strength of it that it matches to it and when it locks to it it has nothing to
give that in the reduction of in the strength if that was very condition
becomes radiation and dangerous there is not enough scientists on this planet
even to research what upset in past two sentences it take you millions of years
to unravel the secret of creation those who go with all sorts of understanding
of the matter State will have a huge problem with understanding of the plasma
and now with the introduction of the neutron technology it totally was
everything out of whatever has been taught but it takes your time it takes
you element of understanding what can you do with neutral energy a lot you can
transfer you can match you can create a condition of the magnetic gravitational
field that leads to the creation of life at any point anywhere in the universe so
if you understand the division of the cells of the body of the man according
to the nuclear decay this is why your body cells changes so many times you
need 28 days for your skin and the rest then you can create the completion of
the whole body of the man anywhere in the universe to match the environment of
the land this is what your body does as I said the soul is carried and then in
commercial of the soul to physicality it takes gravitational-magnetic field of
the position of their manifestation there is a lot to understand there is a
lot for us to teach but as of today my teaching is complete the biggest problem
for all knowledge seekers is how fast you can convert the energy of a neutron
which is then you decide is division – what elements leads to creation of new
cycle of knowledge as I said before nations spend billions to make neutron
bombs to be able to access neutral and with a few cents any of you now you’re
our Neutron physicist but now you have to understand their games and strengths
hand how to play you made nano material you had a problem you went to Kansas you
had a bigger problem now you understand you need to use the cancers to reach to
neutral and then you go to the mother creation I could not teach you any other
way there is no other way you can be told it’s just that you had to mature to the
point understand a lot of you who work on gap answers now you understand the
principle work the principal energy beyond the gases and why they’ve been
working in a way now you have the key now you understand how or why now
you can process it you can understand how to make things because in the
process of understanding that how you made as I said because you you to you is
real because you’ve done it how you made the cup of life now you can make the cup
of universe in understanding the process that is the cup of neutron which leads
to the cup of life so you deal with the master you can create any environment or
condition in the universe here on this planet before you reach it because you
understand the construction of the neutron the structure of the fields of
it it’s very much like you go to the Spanish school to learn Spanish and the
tradition therefore you go now man has to learn the environmental area which
goes to the defeats so when you go into space you’re well
rehearsed you well know what you’re doing and you have rehearsed enough you
do not need to wear any more skins and clothing and diving suits because what
you want to dive in you go in the condition of the creation of yourself in
it then it brings the knowledge of understanding the neutral what we call a
soul that you can match it to the
environmental level this takes men a long time to understand unless unless we
bring those who are the men of universe to teach the man of Planet of the peace
what means with this we in coming to the point that the universal community has
to come in touch with mankind and we started today because this knowledge
will take men thousands of years to complete but the teachers of the
universe those who will stand by across this universe are there to take money
now I’ll take your time to understand take you time to comprehend the strength
of the transfer of the neutron energy to any dimension the picture which has just
grew I explained you if you with a home in iam and the zinc and a copper now you
can do any combination this is how the structure of the cell of the body of the
man is created next to it because this cell creates this allows the other one
so the other cell takes according to what it is in respect to the other this
is how your kidney is created this is how the cycle of process of life over
billions of years has led to long energy what we call heart and restaurant the
teaching of time is teaching of understanding the work of the universe
I said Neutron in my book is the principle
now you understand why now you understand it’s not something new it’s
been embedded in the teachings from when he was Richard that in time man can
understand division of neutral is the key to existence of man in the universe
and you have no other way to do it this is the shortest cut that we could teach
man but we have to be seen he had to be understood it had to be in a way that is
acceptable and comfortable with all of you to understand the totality of it
this is what all my teachings were years comes to understanding of the totality
of the work of the creator understanding how much more we need to
understand that in the process of work we understand we know nothing yet but
not to become arrogant enough to be able to understand the totality of it this is what the teaching of today’s but
how far man needs to go and how far we need to do those of you who understand
this and understand another dimension to it
you have intercontinental missiles you know the ingredient all you need to
make the neutral level energy of it would it ever fly or you can deplete it
of its own assets empty shop if you are miss de Medici a lot of people will
understand the implication and application of this very very quickly
it’s not anymore that if we can make answers is now is what new tune of our
level you want that I can deliver to you that if it’s you you were selling
answers now we’ll see merchants of neutrons wait give you a few weeks on
the internet very very quickly will catch up because you will see the work
of it you see the effect of it cancer reversal should not be more than
seconds triggering coma patients into hole completion of recovery should not
be more than minutes but then you have the time of recovery and even that you
can extend and you can expect land pollution should be not a problem
if you analyze the neutral of the land you can change it we see these what they
call islands are plastic those who understand it in time can convert it to
nothing you need and you have to understand there is a very big gift to
mankind in the world of chemistry of the matter state nothing in the world of
chemistry can become chemistry or a matter of state as a molecule composite
molecule unless they share if you have an atom of hydrogen and atom of carbon
they need to share something you don’t need to go anywhere you just need to
find out the strength of the share there is no but this will change a lot but
those who understand and you need this knowledge when you go to space because
the sharing of the gravitational magnetic fields and composition and
introducing that sharing value allows you to make element composites matter
States anywhere in the universe you don’t go in to find how you can break up
the plastic CH bond you go and find out very little that is to share what is
shared as atomic bond it sits in the neutral which you carry and you can
adjust it magnet the same as you extracted Neutron you can exact the
share element which is usually in the field dimension or interactive so in so
many ways in depth of universe any material can be made because now he can
inject the same thing into the same fields and
create the bond you want understanding of the technology of the plasma was
stopped we had knowledge that now we can complete the teaching now we can show in
reality how much we can give how much we can put how much we can position how
much we need to extract how much do we need to put in and then if you
understand it and you go a step further you can go back to the dimension of the
soul of them can you buy understanding of the neutral
element strength extend the strength of the soul of the man to reach the extent
of the strength of the soul of the creator now we still work with dancers and with
magnets but those of the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers who can
understand the property of the neutron and will show it very soon will
understand that there is a new and fundamental knowledge to be understood
which all the knowledge we have comes from it creation production
transformation transportation all if understood becomes easy the space
reactors which carry the dimensions of the fields of the neutral have total
zero time and space because once you achieve the position of strength you are
in the position there is no time to reach you have already arrived and as
you arrived you have no time so cannot be in the space of time this in the
space of the fields that dictate the position in so many way it goes back to
one of the biggest questions for mankind does magnetic field has its own
dimension a field force or does it have its own time and its own space it does
not possess space because it’s the travel of the universe he has no time
because it’s at every point at the same time according to the strength yesterday
this is why we see connection with everything and everywhere else in the
universe this comes from the interaction of the fields of the what you call the
neutral what we call the principle helped of the we create life out of life we create
life out of the life of the universe in a very simple way is for us to
understand is for us to be able to be transferred to be able to convey and to
be able to understand to transfer the position of the elements in the universe
dependent on the transfer of the energy fields within the structure vineyard and
nothing else and if we understand this we understand
that the neutron itself carries all the elements of the universe within it so we
do not need to worry about how we’re going to get this or how we’re going to
create that because all we need is to be able to go into the structure of the
creation of the matter of the system what system is it planetary is it
universal is it heart of or is it going to be of any questions because there is a
question on livestream this is related to the zero time
communication the question is are the Akashic records what he mean Akashic
records are you familiar with the world Akashic records
no come here knowledge seeker enlighten me okay
according to the galactic historian the Akashic records are records of events
recorded in the crystals in the Earth’s crust everything what is happening is
recorded there and everything that is happening for one planet is recorded in
the Akashic record within the planet so every planet has its own a PASOK record
and the galactic historian is the person or the one who can access these records
but why did he have to stay in a neutral state can you repeat that the Galapagos
own who can or who have access to these records like if somebody wants to know about the past lives
the Galactic estudian can access that provided he remains in a neutral State
now the question is are the Akashic records the base of zero time
communication and therefore has opened today for everyone in the universe that’s the question is I guess maybe
maybe we can go to a realistic thing which most of us understand and we can
connect with and it’s a really simple thing and that is if the history of man
of life is transferred through the DNA and the RNA after man which means
through the soul of man and understanding of that later according to
what our ancestors went to and they evolved how my collagen ethic change and
we called RNA so one can understand that the planet doesn’t matter
earth doesn’t matter wherever and the dynamic system which has led to the
creation of this RNA and DNA that leads to the memory of the man of whatever of
what we’d were taught to eat what color of eyes to have on whatever then this
confirms it shows a planet has a soul and have a soul has a physical structure
we call it planet or a star or whatever and in that structure that he can repeat
and continuously evolve in that dimension it has a soul and he has a DNA
or RNA and in that process so the planet itself keeps the record of itself as
Amanda’s in that cycle of life doesn’t matter what language you give it and for
man to be able to understand what you call the DNA of our RNA of this planet
man has to have enough knowledge of his own to be able to understand his own DNA
and RNA first that if he is intellect enough he can go in the dimension of the
planet or the universe if you call what’s a cachet of record of this there
is an attache of knowledge of the universe the same way everything is
recorded I kept so is not something which is strange it’s just that we have
to extend our knowledge to understand it this planet keeps event of itself
because in amalgamation of his field forces if comes is like another cell
that it can be pity self so there is nothing is strange
doesn’t matter what name you give to it that yes there is a life in this planet
it is Pato is living true his life gives life to mankind two entities on his
service so what you already call it the RNA of the planet the soul of the planet
exists he has a heartbeat it controls himself and it makes
decision in how and where to position itself this planet is not just a little
piece of thing rotating around this universe or this galaxy or the solar
system it interacts in makes decision it has positions
it has understanding of what it needs to create life and he has decided that way
so it has a record of it and if you can get into record of it every noise voice
every evolution of his development is in it
Zoe is the RNA of the man and DNA of the man and if you think it’s any different
he must be very feeble so whatever name you give it the planet has a full cycle
of his own life his own soul is on up its own structure and doesn’t need a
master to get to it or somebody who might read it
anybody can read it now that we have explained the knowledge of what Islam is
here okay Thank You mr. Kesh there is another
question on the Q&A and zoom the question is if you have taught us
everything what are the purpose of book number three and the others and what
about the last book you said you are writing or going to write about the soul
thank you and much love in so many ways I wrote the books that people could read
because man is so physically has to have something to read and the book number
four five and six is more or less complete there in a USB stick the book
seven and eight or it’s about the magnetic field which we are teaching
Massa read and the book of the soul has become part of their what I call a
cumulative teaching of the past times so it’s getting put together because of
people in the background whore working whatever I teach about the soul
extracted in teachings to be accumulated into one compilation and then I add to
it and I be complete and that’s the time when I leave this planet I have no attachments totally detached
so when I complete my work I have given promised my Creator it’s like you go to office you work 9:00
to 5:00 we accept responsibilities as part of
the soul of the Creator and we have to accomplish because the totality of the
soul of the Creator is part of us misuk you know when I complete the book of the
soul as I said that’s only funeral our God my physicality has no damage yes
because there is a video about electron proton and neutron shared on the Q&A in
zoom I look at it and it shows a very nice visualization of do you like to see
it so that we can alter we can’t play that at all sorry the writing on
Creative Commons video it’s all our YouTube videos of copyright we can’t
play them on that broadcast unless we have permission if we get Amish from
y’all we could do that though okay it’s sorry to jump in so so roughly
heart jumped as soon as I heard that because I saw that video and it looks
like a lovely video but there’s many lovely videos that we can’t play
unfortunately unless we get permission the understanding the understanding of
the commotion and division of the neutron is taught in the books it’s what
the way it is and the way it has to be and we have totally accomplished so how
what animation is made alright that we can explain it and what carries our
knowledge to people to understand easier it’s no problem but as long as it
doesn’t create problem for us that we cannot as we seen it happening how
people use different positions for it not everybody is so free like us to give
everything free everything at the moment people till they play all my videos
everywhere else we don’t say anything but we play summons videos it’s very
important they gets paid so okay I believe all of hello
I believe the intention of the shared video is to verify if it is similar or
exactly the same to walk through that I don’t need to be similar exactly did
they say okay I guess I did yeah I don’t you compare the knowledge I teach and
it’s a freedom I know is right nobody’s wrong if the message brings somebody to
understand more from what they see but can we just draw it to present it so
that we don’t buy a little so I don’t need to I agree the one is already there
okay the creation of electron and proton from
Neutron is there is in the book so our way of teaching an opinion is there is
well explained so others we have a freedom to teach in opinion and
knowledge and nobody is wrong if it needs to any other question go ahead hello hello
John John from Arizona yes John from Arizona yes
you know it’s my thought that leave we in essence created the neutron in the
center ball in some of our reactors dynamic reactors that have been spinning
and if we have for example a three ball configuration and we had those neutrons
trapped in the center ball would we have to take the other balls take it out of
the other balls sir on is it active in in with the other
materials it is active you don’t need to take it out but you have to understand
how can utilize it we’ve had these neutrons in all the
systems from day one man nation of the dynamic systems but nobody has managed
harvested but harvested you have to understand your condition to the work of
the strength of the fields on this planet and this is what I was trying to
teach you today and if you understood that you can harvest anything and yeah
very sharp a teacher I know I’ve seen what you do and what you try to conclude
you have a very sharp eye for these things but sometimes you knew you miss
that you already had okay thank you that gives me some mind
some ideas yeah I keep on giving you ideas but whether you’re gonna fly we
try every day you want me to sell you a ticket please I want to come over visit
us and write us up we are all on the trial basis of your developing and it’s
part of the process of understanding the knowledge more there’s no difference any
other question we want to show your video which you sell me today jack
actually yeah it’s a pleasure to see because some people can learn a lot I’ll
put it up in the background why are you taking other questions let me find them
get it ready okay gonna miss it the only missed – its Pete universal counsel for
the Polish language I may ask the question I think it’s quite on the topic
of DNA and neutron that we are talking about and so this this somehow relates
to yesterday’s medical teaching and my question is if we can modify the seeds
of the plants so as we have a complex health genetic modification okay I
corrected it so if we if we talk about genetic modifications of seeds and we
can get rid of these modifications by soaking seeds in plasma water can we use
the new neutron based medical systems to correct changes at the pet to correct
things at the DNA level I think you were asleep you just woke up I just gave you
the answer in the teaching of course yes and I’m just testing my
understanding because I think you can make cans liquids of the neutrons this
is the beauty of this planet we don’t need once you establish genetic
defects what they call or a correction in the time of this race of itself
should become no problem mankind shall live thousands of years from our thousand we have taught everything but
it’s just to understand why a gene changes why you call it a defect isn’t
that condition if we take that person to another dimension will suit imperfect
poncy defect yet unison so it is us has to understand
what condition has been applied for the dimension which is in it okay thank you
very much here’s that video if you wanna watch it
yes please this carries a lot of knowledge if you understand it you lost your voice we have no words
John can you hear it okay know you’ll help you out
you’ll have to turn on your share audio okay here we go again so we’re here in
Arizona and we put a magnet from the toilet down about halfway John it’s
really loud it comes through twice as loud as you thank you okay start again
the third time lucky here in Arizona and we put a magnet on
the bottom of this h3 and we’re pulling the magnetic portion down towards the
bottom and we collect in this chart here the hydrogen which is kind of a more of
a yellowish color but it’s it’s a material that was not magnetical
it’s not just water it’s say you can see it’s kind of a yellow color it’s the
stuff that didn’t get pulled to the bottom and we’re doing another batch
over here with a magnet this is what we call a
very this is the magnetical portion of the of the h3 so this is very solid
magnetical this one is non-magnetic –all and this one were we’re separating let’s just take a look at this here
as you can see is more solid so one of the things that you’re not
just letting the material settle you know for you know a week or a month what
you have to do is keep it because we’re using a magnet on the bottom all the
material eventually will settle but what we do is we kind of stir it up we let
the majority of the material settle and then we take the hydrogen off the off
the top if we were pulling it from the sides we may not have that problem of
you know settling to the bottom if you will this is a limited way of doing it
but you gotta understand if you create another magnet you can get that yellow
off as well which is a hydrogen but you have to go back into the base of ch3 to
find out the magnetic field strength and this is what I said to you today that
I’ll teach that we understand like you what job all right thank you
and we have several other questions going on here and I’ve got a couple of
my own as well actually um see we have thought we had somebody else with their
hand up earlier I don’t see the hand up you did that up there’s a hand up now
was Miguel I think allow you to talk there Miguel and you mention you have you have a system that you wanted to
show what is the system but she says yeah question says can I show a star
formation system it’s Miguel from Mexico highly Takeshi testimony about running
systems for support for China’s test tell us about it maybe McAllen will see
it was Rakesh wants to yeah okay do you hear me yes yeah I was checking the
information that you are sharing in the patients from Asia Foundation and I saw
that we needed to have the system running signs the Sunday a.m. from
midnight to 2:00 all Monday to have the support we can I say something we ask
for the support in a way to you will understand the reason very soon
gradually as it comes up there is a common denominator in the knowledge that
you Carrie and if you go back to the
teachings and the presentation of the Christmas of 2014 and you saw how we
connected reactors together once the Chinese system matches up to what is
supposed to be the knowledge the information the the body call the energy
whether you want to call it because it was produced the same as you have
connected miss connected to miss planet you all will receive the knowledge this
is the reason with us we have problems in development you will see the problem
we didn’t ask you to open it at 12 o’clock midnight Central European Time
for Monday the projects still going on and once you reach the same as what we
did in Christmas of 2014 that we use the reactors in Canada in Germany and in
Italy to compare energy we do the same you will receive the same in so many
ways some of you might even see your system start changing noise some of you
my sister you see your system start moving some of you might see things
happening around the house you don’t understand these are the interactions
which we are setting up this is what the system in China is said to do we change
combination we burn motors we we have huge physical what we call it
construction no problem with the system but is not that because we transfer so
much energy that even our own systems cannot handle it the matter of state in
the plasma state interference audacity with each other we see it the team was
working till 3 o’clock last night I cannot before last night because it’s
virtually as I said to them you know you have a
you have engineers ramnish repairing and mending things we have people we just
richly mending spaceships because as we lock in we see things as we see dated my
my team only looks at what’s happening in the room but I look at totality
because I see where things come from and it’s done
so some of you might see strange scenes from your units oh we didn’t use that me
sir we are looking into it you will
understand very soon why we chose it we might stop the process of China for
sometimes because of the holidays by the way but in so many ways if you see
changes in your system and you see system moving or you see your system
responding in different way never done before actually one good morning good we
have to sleep and there is no time limit order the reason we ask you to turn it
on be with us is that to receive the knowledge yeah I want to I want to let
you know mr. Kesh that we have a experience in our dreams friends that I
have told me that in the dream must be able to to feel like if we are moving or
we are levitating it’s like if we are open opening another eye I don’t know
how to explain you but is like opening another kind of energy to take us to
another place most probably yes yeah I’m sure about it
I am very pretty sure about it so the a small video that I want to show you a
few years a few years ago maybe two or three years ago I made up
you that I call it the zero time transportation tube to to teletransport
the information but how I am learning a lot of things how Nikola Tesla was
working I am pretty sure that we can move matter to another place bleed the
magma systems and combining with a Tesla coil you can do anything you gotta
understand Tesla was genius always just not understood the work of magnetic
fields in the matter stood very well but sometime in the bloody part of his life
he could not connect and as always said if he could have the knowledge and
connection of understanding of from so mines of Germany and you could have put
these two guys together they would have resolved the pollak on
it the dynamic with magnetic fields and gravity so you cannot and test what
tried in many times to create matter he he let me see tried he understood the
control of matter they say he created the earthquake that
he could control it he could do this and that but he never understood that he had
to connect the two ends together he always looked at one way and miles looks
at the other way and just now tried to create matter it’s not I didn’t try he
tried he made many systems he could see it he understood the commercial but he
couldn’t understand that is looking is half of the equation this is this in a way well ice what I’ve
said in my cell on my talks people like us now come to open the past okay I have
a question for you what do you think about that maybe Tesla can give us or
the Tesla system and the magma system can give us tulip teletransportation or
King DeVos pollination technology you don’t need to combine it today
teletransportation doesn’t exist because it’s not a television or telegraphic
secondly if you understand you can put the whole body of the man from a to set
every cell of it in one Neutron and then understand that the neutron carries the
full spectrum of the strength of the universe
you can put man anywhere in the universe and we develop it or bring it back the
way should be in any party this is far beyond your understanding of maybe it is
not but if you comprehend that every cell of the man carries a neutron
through the structure of his physicality in the plasmatic field so it’s not
beyond understanding that you can put all of it in one neutral and transport
it anywhere according to the strength world so zero time transportation is
needed understanding okay another point that I want to tell
you in the video that I am trying to show you there are researcher
archaeologists that was doing as research in Bosnia and he was be able to
to prove with with some devices that the pyramids are giving are giving energy to
the universe but the the thing but this by this information they are doing
measures they if you are going close to the to the sky the energy is increasing
so they are thinking that the pyramids are receptors from the energy for
different points of the universe like they can give information to the
humanity and all the hydrogen in a plasmatic state is present in this in
the pilum in the pyramid yes
let’s we got it crosses his hand up here I think maybe you let class have a talk
here thank you if you want you know to see the video
yeah we don’t allow with us not to get cut
off because it’s not your property is not made by you so no I think this one
might be but I we have to review it Miguel and I don’t have time to go
through a formula I want to make sure you put your time
thank you for your time okay thank you see we got this class would you like to
go ahead here and I’m not question or comment hello Rick hello mr. Kesh hello
to all come of the community can you hear me yes we hear you class okay thank
you last week in the aquaculture section we
discussed different applications hydrogen the tearoom and tritium and I
make a very simple reactor without electricity on the wind wheel and I put
three hydrogens together and also a organic germanium and interesting is I
pulled on a glass ball empty glass ball and now more and more this glass box
fills up with water and I make a little video and if you want I can show this
how we can build a simple react with house without electricity and I get a
wonderful benefit also in the whole area and the landscape or in the section of
the agriculture is it made by you yes for me okay thank you can you give me that it can shoulder with you I think
you may have to promote you to a panelist here so I’ve done that and you
should be able to get your lined up here so can you share now you want to start
your video right cause do you want to start it there now maybe Clint will have
to stop the screen sharing first can you hear me class are you still there I can
hear you yes but they cannot show the video the video is open you don’t show
your you don’t have your video hooked up or it’s not showing it on the panelist
okay is it a recorded video file
please wait this is a recorded video file is recorded I make it with that
with the camera and load it up but I can you don’t mean live though you mean
you’re going to share video right yes the video okay so you get your video
ready to play first and then if you hit the green share button yes and if you
want to share the sound you have a box there for share computer sound and
optimized for fullscreen video clip if you want you don’t want to share your
desktop you just want to share the video so go back if you’re good already and
just share the video yeah okay go back fuck it it’s the only thing you see
another video yes I can see it there now okay I
started with you I’ll here make a little video that I can
show you this simple reactor you do the sound the backside three fills with
hydrogen this material and mistreat you here the back side is three and in the
front in the middle you can see this sorry with jhemini volcanic and at the
front this was an empty bowl and you can see here there is a little bit orton and
this ball was empty and all scientists free plasma and so this fields influence
the whole other field is more than 300 meters
diameter the whole garden area you can see on the part of this carbon steel and
studies field okay thank you so what you’re showing is that you’re
creating water in the body connection no is nothing open and now I will change
the ball and when seal it again and an empty ball and fix it on the wind wheel
and then I’ll look at the next week’s what doesn’t what does happen so yucky
reom and tritium yes in the back so should only feed the Germans in your
plant for sure yes well we see that in the soil and the plants the Romanian is
very less and so we build up and fill up of this in the in the soil yes it’s my
it has increased use yes and what we do is now in the end of September October
to test it and bring it in the lab and to look how the soil is changed the
germanium level is changed yes and all the soil such a man who is very less and
so we bring more more of this into plants and into soil and then the plants
and also in our very small this is organic germanium and organic
germanium there is a good word from dr. sa is a German a Japanese scientist and
he sees many benefit with this in the whole organic system also by cans and
all this stuff you bring many of oxygen in the in the organism in a very special
state and so you can make oxidation for some sales and other stuff okay thank
you that’s beautiful thank you very much you
always come with genius things but thank you okay and also a happy pastor to
Carolina for my soul thank you I don’t I state things thank you very much for the
wishes from Allah and Thank You mr. Kesh for the nice gift beautiful gift to
humanity for my birthday and that’s your hello Polly well maybe a couple of quick
questions here one from Lawrence and QA can the neutron be considered a lens to
the light of the Creator can you repeat yeah I might be a bit play so I just
okay can the neutron be considered a lens to the light of the Creator can be
considered it is but they have to know how a wide web because he can become
comes from the line okay another I said was a quick question
you could go on for hours I suppose I have one topic but we’ll leave it at
that for now and how can we neutralize nuclear
weapons with the Keshe foundation technology and that’s from Wald Amir I
know you did mention that earlier perhaps he can review that part of the
teaching or anything else wanted to add about that watch me is there anything else in
particular about how can we neutralize nuclear weapons with Keshe foundation
technology leave that up to the expertise okay it comes to mind that one
way we can help is by simply wishing for and making sure of world peace that’s a
natural way i as I said I mentioned this they are wishes will reach Hurley’s got
to reach and our technology will touch what he has to touch we will do a lot of
work in dimension of the science and technology transfer that make these things absolutely
we saw how what we called you the Cold War Russians made only for a pound and
Macon’s and then when they stop talking they had to pay to dismantle and he
became workspace into this country just put them there see if their rust and
Nick was gonna so the best way or East Way BCA is to develop the technologies
that these things become obsolete and then through becoming obsolete we find a
solution for them to be disposed of innovation I was planning to teach the
neutral technology in about two to five years time but what I see and what it is
now which is essentially taught at this point of time for the space technology
for work to be done there are many many ways to develop technologies that we
don’t need to worry about nuclear the advancement of technology always have
made the other things obsolete why do you worry about it what was the problem
we have to develop which is true this way that through it make it up sweet but
we don’t need to go on how to dismantle the trying to do this we seen it with
Americans are paying huge amount of money to the Russian to dismantle the
number of external nuclear weapons they had compared to the Americans and
brushes have vast amount if they would have wanted to use it one by one
opposition lawmakers would have been done roaster done and we don’t even know
how much more advanced weapon technology since Russia
they’re extremely advanced and our still as I said the rest would like to say
they are the best and they do everything but if you know the truth West has got a
long way to go to anything any direction especially for example in space the the
the knowledge of space development is if you take it step further and go back is
the Russian space agency knowledge into the depth of the space development is so
hugely ahead of Americans and in one way if you are you know in one of the
teachings I explained American Senate passed the 10 billion budget to pay to
the Russian space agency to learn how to land on the ground because I’m making
dropping domestic Gardens if they can find it and this is one of the
interesting things which I explained in one of the talks with what you call it
with NASA scientists at how landing on the moon is fake is that how come if we
lose a boat somewhere with all the GPS it takes one ship researchers to find it
how come that makers are always there within few minutes to pick it up mr.
Keshav you can adjust I am very sorry your microphone my microphone somewhere
else so yeah it was folded up so what I said is the Americans show this is
something I said to to the NASA scientists very simply we we we we lose
a ship we use a boat in the ocean takes hundreds of hours thousands of hours if
we can find it how many ships to come find it when the beacon is going
how did the Americans were there every time prop could pick the guy up most
probably a helicopter dropped it off and they were there to catch it this is the
amount and the extent we can start questioning the polar system
there’s too many discrepancies too many not matching the knowledge of present
time at that time we were so hot to understand it to do it to get there and
they keyed us up with the news and televisions but I asked a single
question we lose one boat we know we got the beacon and everything else and all
these sea ships everybody goes looking for it they can’t find it how did that
make sense knew where it is lands and it’s coming such as we don’t even know
what is one of that and they were there to pick it up and Americans can’t answer
me this is the if you said if the man has gone on the moon my dilemma with the
president science is we have GPS and we have GPS now how do the Americans knew
where it lands unless something dropped in there is a
huge question mark in Apollo programs America is discredited if you start
asking questions unless they can show us and that’s why they paid ten what I call
it a billion to the China to the Russians to learn how to land on the
land that it was easier to find any indices if you have such good technology
why do you pay to get another one which is harder than a hits you on the ground
so nuclear and these things have become obsolete with only to waste time waste
time and money on it because in the future the way I see there are two or
three ways to do it dismantle nuclear weapons in their silos
through transfer of the resources in them nuclear material now we know the
transfer of materials if you capture it and literally launch it into the open
space of the universe that in time will become irrelevant
because it doesn’t have the energy for it to be done unless I hit something or
let them bomb each other just one tree let’s see who’s gonna survive not many
and the worst people are the ones who have a bomb Shatner’s and they can be
hidden under you become a mole you never see the surface of this planet and then
you become the history that there are people in the center of the earth yeah
these are the people who made a nuclear bomb before they couldn’t get out there
in deep water to survive so do not waste your time on it just
develop the technology that brings so much amazement man does not even need to
think about weapons we we brought such a knowledge that man does not have to have
worries to conquer to have and very strange thing is in the coming time mr.
toponi you can’t do that that we have to we can do and any of us
has the knowledge to develop energies systems flight systems food systems to
satisfy our need in anywhere in any dimension in the universe don’t waste
your time thinking how we can stop nuclear with a new technology what I
thought today is already obsolete is already obsolete so leave the job to the
Masters we know how to deal with it and a lot of governments are not happy with
what it is but there is no choice there’s been money on the obsolete
technology does their problem but now the problem is that they have to destroy
it to get rid of it or there is no way they’re gonna use of
it there is no way any man with the right mind and the security system set
in nuclear deployment is so hard that not a president can press a button
anymore those days which they carry the suitcase on he pushed it and he went off
is gone it doesn’t exist because then their parameters put in by governments
that number of certain people certain clarification has to return certain
officers have to release code it’s very complicated it’s not as easy as was 50
years ago the guy runs with suitcase and the guy can push the button long but
long time word and it needs a lot of clarification and nobody is prepared to
fire one before that and many nations don’t even need it it was also in the
news today the tech leaders of the planet have signed a global pledge
against autonomous weapons and the engineers and scientists from the
technologic technologic industry so-called have got together and if a car
France with over 5,000 attendees and they signed a pledge to neither
participate in nor support the development manufacturer trade or use of
lethal autonomous weapons so that’s kind of encouraging yeah but the thing is I
think what goes back down to we have to and it’s something I’ve discussed with
some scientists in the past we have to make for engineers and scientist the
same of us as well call a peace treaty that we signed with the Keshe foundation
supporters the way the doctors and lawyers go under oath when they become
doctors or lawyers that they be loyal and opala blah blah whatever engineers
and the entrance to university have to sign that they will not do this what
you’re asking not after they come and develop and they
offer them so money they change their mind but they carry the engineers are
the people who design these lethal weapons so what about if we gather eat
as to the engineers at the entrance to university as part of them they sign to
it and they have toured with it the same the doctors who after graduation the
teacher doctors after graduation how to kill the scientists have to be role
engineers have be told before they get in don’t make it because this is what it
is i sat in front of a guy I call him a name he knows who he is that and I
explained to him he said I have to protect my nation so I make something if
they do they can be destroyed I said I explained you the zone you kill your
child your grandchild your family yourself have to pay for it were already
killed and the scientists are so brainwashed with nationalism that this
thing cannot stop and that are very very good at it
but the the eaters of one nation does not bring those prejudiced and severity
one over the other and in so many ways we need to understand this so so we have to
understand to how we can develop this thing we can develop the engineers to a
sign for peace at the entrance and that’s why it is our there Jeff SSI you
have to sign a world peace treaty before you come in so you stay with the ETS and
that’s how it should be not afterwards they try to place themselves ah we won’t
do it any scientist who has not released knowledge to them that they could be
controlled or is dead or some has been bought out or been scattered we seen it
in markets in our case very clearly yeah once you are not prepared to give you a
technology that they can make weapons other we do do what they like and they
start this reading you and they’re trying to destroy you and this cannot
happen if the knowledge from the beginning is said to be for peace
application it’ll be that way because it’s the vision of the head man who made
it and it will change he will change in time because whatever you can make now a
layman can do better a cached knowledge seeker in Africa who can make a neutral
system in the coming days coming weeks and can do a lot with it is more
advanced than the top American paid two or three million dollars scientists
making a nuclear atomic nutrient bombs because the guy could do only one how
many in Ramallah can make but this guy can make as many Neutron systems and
feed and eat by it when the guy we deny that knowledge because I have a piece of
paper he says I’m getting paid for of course that there was the next question
from Marc Maron who tried to who is trying to ask you what is the easiest
way to harvest the neutron energy from a star formation and available in humble
technical conditions for people with limited resources
that’s exactly wait it’s used that the knowledge has to spread
you have to start showing the application of it people have to start
showing the implication of it the way we done this is a you see because one of
the things that you go into a neutron direction comes non tangibility no
conformity it means you will not be able to hold it in a container so it comes on
the levels of the wish and understanding of the soul because you understand that
neutron which you have created the capture of or release of it itself is
the creator of what is capturing it so this is what I said in a couple of weeks
teaching before and dr. cross that my god now we now it’s obsolete you gotta
go to two non dimensional but if you understand what I thought today the
neutron which is making that containment itself is the container itself so
inevitably if you understand it it becomes non tangible not containable
this is the beauty of the creation if you understand the work of it and so
when we develop this even dynamic Neutron systems in time of progress if
you know how to switch it they they the containment of them itself is made of it
so they become non tangible system your plasma we see when when you look at some
space nuclear reactors when they go into the full blast position you see only
light you don’t see any containment in a pattern I tried to put it in there but
it was far fashionable people but in some lines of the pattern if you read
3-4 section of it and connected together it gives you that knowledge when I make
a neutral out of what the containment itself is made of can the containment
hold it to or it becomes part of it but don’t forget the containment has the
entanglement of the physicality where the free has not so when it misses
energy because part of it in part of the test in China we have this problem at
the moment and it’s it’s part of it I see it because the field piece it’s
beyond but this part of it’s a structure to be released and to be contained so
it’s you cannot contain it but if you understand it and you can utilize it in
the star formations in a proper way doesn’t take that much to create as much
energy but you have to know what you’re doing with it and then you have to
understand one of the biggest fundamental points of the whole teaching
today and if you missed it I repeat it even the soul of the man has the
strength in the level of the neutron which carries it so if you do that then
you understand the wish of the pilot there captain the man who makes it his
Parliament what does he wish to hug when the neutron is there as a pool in your
star formation and you wish water gives you water if you have it as a wish to be
or create a gravitational magnetic field to be sugar to be sugar ask class just a few minutes ago showed
us the cup why did he put that ball in the front what was his intention of to
see plasma to see water and what has the system given to him you have to look in
a background you have a neutron you have a body call it hydrogen deuterium and
tritium you knowledge seekers do a lot of things but you don’t understand it I
looked at it and I said the guy has wished water because he needs the water
for his garden and instead look is collecting water and then he puts
another Cup next time am I not created because
this time is not for sincerity of showing but this not have to show you
have to understand the operation of the solitaire if I read you some of the
texts I sent to Chinese Keshe Foundation developers in the essence to understand
the work of their also their own need understanding their function then they
understand what happens and why they’re important so if a neutron has the full
spectrum of the work of the universe your soul is part of it so how can you
change it to convey and to control it and this is the what you call us to
understand the next step of creation and how far we can go how far we can do so here star formation of water or bread while you mention water and we have
Frederick who would like to present her further experimentations with the
creation of water maybe that would be appropriate kept you I don’t Frederick
are you ready to go ahead with that yes I am hello everybody hello mr. Kesh hey
Fredrik hi I’m going to share my screen pool okay so remember last week I present to
do this experiment telling you I have done a big pad pad one meter square and
a smaller one with 50 centimeters by each side and I’ve rolled them up very
tight and I saw some water everywhere in the table then I hang it up to see if it
was leaking or not and there was no leak I am sure about it so I start to believe
I created some water so I told you this and you asked me to to put these in a
container so there’s no higher in it to be sure it’s not condensation so I put
it in a bag I seal at the bag and a few days after they were few a very few of
water in the cyllid bag that for me this experiment experimentation is not
Rebellion’s because I saw two or three days after maybe the bag was not
perfectly seated so maybe some hair get in it and I weighed it and my
methodology to weight was not correct so I’m not quite sure about it and I don’t
want to share something about the weights right now I will do the
experimentation again and be back to you but I start okay I started for me yes
mr. Kesh okay and I did another experiments which was really I had a
rigid result in expected so maybe it’s good to share its the experiment number
4 about the creation of water I use it back
of polypropylene it’s 230 millimeters the size of it and I’ve put several pads
in it different one there was you tools at an och tree and I closed the bucket
with the several pads in it day one the way it was 1,000 60 40 grams second day
I didn’t open it it second day the weight was lower it was only 1060 38
grams and they tree the weight was 1016 36 grams so it is not so heavy at the
third day that at the first day I open at the container and I saw that it was
weight there was very few water I’ll show you
so see this is a day one day three and day 2 this is the pads I have put in it
so I’m sure they are not leaking because there you see where they wear and there
were no water so I put the pads in the bucket I closed the bucket and when I
open a ditch three days after there was some water in it maybe it’s thirst the
condensation of the bucket because I I didn’t vacuum the higher in it you know
you see it’s not a lot it’s a very few but what is interesting in these
experiments is about the weight because we will believe it is there were more
weight if it’s creating water and there is less weight and there’s a few water
so what I want to do on the next step is to repeat these experiments but this
time I want to close the several tags in a plastic zip bag and
again and I don’t know if you have I guess you already know the answer but if
you have something to to help in these experiments mr. Keshe I’ve done many
experiments but come back to us when you have a conclusive and I’m sure all our
testing I’ll confirm the the process is not one way to make water there are many
many ways but the thing is many of you when you start doing these experiments
and these is you do it and then you repeat it and it doesn’t happen but you
say it happened before is because you just change the environment and a lot of
people don’t see it when you have a closed box and use collect water in it
then you open it and you do something cos it was written and you close it you
change the environment so this environment doesn’t go as long as you
can keep you sealed it reduces water when you tamper with it it changes so
many of us many of us do done these things we do experiment they happen to
be many many time and you see that it doesn’t work because last time it was in
that conditioned environment which was working so if you don’t see anything
doesn’t repeat itself don’t get this made it just means you have not what you
call it you have not or you have changed the environment slightly even if you do
the same mixture if you understand it then if you don’t get it wrong it this
may just come back and show us what you’ve done okay I will mr. Kesh thank
you very much indeed is there anything else most of the
questions rounded up here I was thinking of showing the some brief pictures of
the star formation reactors that have been in that are now running around the
world if you want to have that would be nice you get that lined up people made a
lot of effort to do it and get it done if you can’t see it and what I did is I
put together a Facebook we call it album and we’ll continue to add to that over
the next few days here okay this is the make it a bit smaller the Keshe
foundation Facebook site and let me go into this here take a minute to to have
things come up here looks there you go okay so it will start with this one just
run through the different reactors that the
star-formation reactors people have offered so this is from mark and USA
they’ll make the picture bigger here so that there we go and this is from John levon one of his
setups he’s got a few different setups as we know this is I setup from Canada
and I’ll just briefly say it’s kind of special the blue thing in the top
reactor is actually a little speaker that’s able to be they have audio signal
coming through it to vibrate and have different sounds to use the sound fields
as interacting with the reactors okay and we have Jack from USA one of his
configurations being a vector from Mexico Michelle from France a deal from
France frederique from France violet with her Gans tubes that are in the
configuration you have another one from Jack and from the USA and from the c1 I
think there’s three or I think they’re four quarter reactors actually from Baba Julian from USA Yanni from Romania sorry
sorry to meet you there Jenny from Rome in Romania and yet
actually had a video of that Marius from Romania it’s an adjustable
arm for the top reactor Estela from USA and she was pointing out
literally her configuration that she had set up in her and with her system and
she was pointing out to the different parts of it and so on in the cache
plasma reactor group yesterday this is Joseph one of the KF SSI students and
another one of John Blevins from USA setups some very dark looking Ganz’s
there on either side another setup from John and yet another from John I think
Yeti he said he had six running setups five or six running setups that were in solidarity with the reactors in China
that are tests going on this is Eva from Norway and Shandor from hungary and Shandor
system has that cover that you see fits over top of this other setup here he’s
got four controllers for the reactors quite a simple clever little setup and
we’re back to mark houses relatively simple setup here – with some USB fans
that he hooked up with some balls glued on to the fan setups I thought this was
interesting not so much in the reactor setup but in the he’s hooked a little
light onto it and you see the shadow on the ceiling is actually to me way more
powerful than the image of the reactors itself so maybe that’s another way to
attain lift just from the images that some sometimes we get from these
reactors can be very powerful so that’s so far people are invited to send me or
put images on the various websites and I can put them in the album and we can
continue to show different setups from around the world to help contribute and
support in our soul if not in the physicality the work that’s going on in
China for the benefit of humanity and to show them perhaps that they’re not alone
in this they have a connection to everyone on the planet I think that’s what we we have to come
to realize that somewhere down the line everything is connected to each other
and we have to somewhere link up and do things and understand what we are doing
that we can bring the change in we hear a lot we see a lot of things but in
reality these shows everywhere around the world is hoping that with this new
development in China that we collectively bring and as I said in the
teaching earlier if we manage to show in the Christmastime that we could bring
what you call forces together then we should be able to do the same in Reverse
using their technology from China to launch set up and move other reactors
around the world but it depends on what we expect to receive and to have and
many of you would seedings and you say Oh something happened but see what
happened what was that the reaction into movement and the testing in China
because we all use the same parameters the same matter from this planet so all
of you who use the copper all of you who use the think all of you who use the
c-suite all of you who made hydrogen material whatever we all have that
connection and the system in China through his body quality copper and
inheritance of this property of the material which produced it is linked to
all of your systems if something happens just only live is
where you see your system so show something just okay it has it has it can
be connected be shown at least was done in you could stop a motor
now the wish of all of you is to have a connection that he can help to support
the same way you receive reverse back information and knowledge more of
whatever this is the enlightenment of the humanity you do not even understand
what I’m doing video not it’s the only way we can reach that point of maturity
but now the man who’s created the system is wishes only to create peace too corny
be able to achieve betterment of humanity and those of you who have the
same feeling and wishes at him he will get responses back to your system and
through it he’ll respond back to the others because
he carries the soul of man I wish I could explain what I’ve said to operate
but I said man has to change within himself to become peaceful
and now we carried out through the band itself he’s finished okay anything else well I think we
should wrap up here and allow you to spend some time with the birthday girl
today oh and we do have a special little show that clintus put together for to
end things with but i mean we can carry on a bit if you like and let’s see what
fred has done please okay and do you want to end things at that point or or
laughter let’s see what she’s done okay okay thank you this is in a very simple
way happy birthday Caroline Thank You Myron thanks to everybody Thank You Flint that was beautiful
thank you very much happy birthday Caroline I am present and I think we
should unmute all and allow people to say they are everybody use the panelists
you can know the next few seconds say yeah I think we probably should mute you
know because I don’t know what’s what what I opened up on that one but it’s my
birthday Caroline from God Doug got through ok I better open mr.
Karos back again and Caroline or you can unmute yourself because I had to need
everybody there to carry on the committee which language but thank you
very much for everything I hope this teaching has brought a lot
of new knowledge and I’m sure was the man understand that knowledge of today
will understand this is the key an invitation for man to you there some
community man has come up wise to it that understand the key
to open the door and through Italy’s today’s technology knowledge shared is
more or less the pivotal point of the knowledge from now on we step down to
see how we can use it that opens the doors of what are called universal
knowledge to mankind up to now man have banned everything about himself and his
environment for this knowledge today be open about to learn about his knowledge
of English I made a promise to the Creator out and so anyway today I have them thank
you Thank You mr. Kesh it seems like it’s
the birthday for mankind as well as the birthday for Caroline today so I think
we’re fortunate to start on them yet another new new approach here so thank
you very much for giving us the inspiration to continue with that ok I
think we will wrap up for today’s session this has been the two hundred
and thirty third knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday July 19 2018 thank
you everybody for attending and participating and keep sending in your
star configuration pictures and we’ll keep posting those and we’ll see you in
the next knowledge seekers workshop take it away Flint thank you
hello we are the cash foundation our mission is to bring peace on earth and
join humanity with the universal community we wish and work to bring man
as equal to all beings in the universe by teaching plasma science and
technology equally to everyone no one is left out and no one is abused due to
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