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297th Knowledge Seekers Workshop October 10, 2019

297th Knowledge Seekers Workshop October 10, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. from the beginning of time humans have
always looked towards the sky for inspiration and guidance there has been
a fascination with birds stars gods goddesses and other entities which
seemed to exist above us and for many humans a strong yearning to travel into
space man has dreamt of flight since observing space and now it is time to
become the space traveler the future of space travel requires us to understand
from where we came to see where we are going several thousand years ago
philosophers mozi and Lou bond from China were looking to the wind for
flight they invented kites using silk and bamboo allowing for the later
development of communication measuring distances testing the wind and lifting
men the invention of the kite brought with it the desire to fly the first
known attempts at flight were typically by leaping off towers known as tower
jumping people in China India and Europe first attempted flight this way in 1670
Francesco Ilana de Tarson published a book that showed some interesting
concepts the concept of copper foil in a sphere with a vacuum would produce a
vacuum airship this is still not possible with today’s materials
Francesco is recognized as the father of aeronautics melding science and
mathematics into aerial navigation the Chinese are believed to have
developed the first hot-air device the Chinese lantern using hot air from a
candle can take flight and was first used for signaling the hot-air balloon
achieved the first human lift and advanced to what we know of as the
Zeppelin the first attempts at flight in a heavier-than-air flying machine were
made by more than just the Wright brothers most attempts failed however
they were the stepping stones for what was to come later
the oldest airport College Park is still in operation today
airplanes evolved rapidly through the century from propeller to helicopter to
jet aircraft and most of that technology is used today during the Second World
War Germany developed rockets that could go a limited distance the basic rocket
technology used done is still used today the space race started with the Soviet
Union and the USA in 1957 and led to many developments for the next step the
moon spacecraft assigned as Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to have landed
on the moon the space shuttle operated at tremendous cost burning the fuel
proved to be wasteful and dangerous technology the International Space
Station ISS is a habitable artificial satellite that was assembled in
low-earth orbit in 1998 with the use of the space shuttle the ISS can often be
seen with the naked eye from Earth space acts as a private aerospace producer and
space transportation services company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with
the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the
colonization of Mars SpaceX reuses the first stage of their
primary rocket falcon 9 by vertical propulsive landings although up to
present time it still uses the rocket fuel burning technology mehron kesh has
always said the time for burning fuels is over but did
we need to start with that technology in the first place
ancient cultures have suggested the use of an alternative means of
transportation with reference to possible plasma technology you can go to
New York from Brussels within two to five minutes most of this five minutes
is actually landing and getting up Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran
in 1958 as the son of an x-ray engineer he was introduced to the world of
radiation and nuclear science at a very young age in 1981 he graduated from
Queen Mary the University of London as a nuclear engineer specialized in reactor
technology system control at that time he developed a number of theoretical
ideas related to more simple nuclear concepts and their applications in 2002
he decided to finish the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology this
included the creation and control of gravity and energy by the use of nuclear
materials in a clean and safe hydrogen reactor Marin Kesh introduced the
concept of double magnetic fields to explain the magnetic and gravitational
field of Earth unknown by the existing scientific community he wrote a number
of scientific papers in 2004 and sent them for peer review such as the
creation of black holes when one of the persons performing the peer review used
his information in public he decided to draw back his papers and to concentrate
further on building prototypes since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of
dynamic reactors had been built some specifically designed to create hovering
effects similar to effects seen with magnetic levitation basic hovering
effects have been achieved 2007 brought the first flight test with radioactive
material in which the patents describe the process of the field interaction
the main patent gravitational and energy system described the initial fundamental
aspects of the plasma and uses this was followed by the Supplemental patent
micro plasma reactors where further uses and advancements were described mr. Kesh
found himself in Iran in 2008 and was provided all the resources needed to
create the first lift of a plasma reactor managed by the Iranian
government these special rotating gas reactors were used to control the plasma
to bring a deeper understanding mr. Kesh released the first book in 2009 the
universal order of creation of matters which contained many new concepts
released to the public this included the PMT IC plasma magnetic
fields initial fundamental plasma and plasma dye lucien technology used for
space reactors the plasma technology was further developed and it manifested in
weight fluctuation and a controlled in NT IC 2010 introduced a new state of
matter called Gans an acronym for gas in nano solid-state the Gans produces
fields to be used in the operation of the spaceship advanced flight tests were
performed in Iran with the guidance of mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems
mr. Kesh tells us you can’t bring all the doctors with you in space medical
research advanced in 2010 and is still being explored daily all around the
world the cash foundation has provided knowledge for dealing with many medical
conditions in space a great example of plasma technology used for peaceful
process is the capturing of the USA drone over Iran in December 2011 this
drone was touted as one of the most advanced drones of its day and was
caught by Iran using plasma to disrupt the communications plasma absorbed
fields and the drone uses radio fields for piloting a natural aspect of the
plasma a barrier of fields booked to structure of the light was released in
2011 this book brought forward the understanding of the structure of light
as a cylindrical plasma where the light is in possession of all magnetic field
strengths book 3 the origin of the universe was published later in 2011 mr.
Kesh explained the further operation and interaction of different strengths of
the same fields which then leads to the creation of the universe these three
books bring forward a much deeper understanding of the plasma science that
is applied worldwide by knowledge seekers and scientists in spaceship
research and development there were two conferences to release the space
technology to government’s in 2012 the first International presentation in
April Keshe Foundation invited representatives of every country to the
first presentation of the plasma technology the second International
presentation in September Keshe Foundation invited the nations of the
world through their ambassadors and their leaders to attend a gathering at
the Keshe foundation center in an of Belgium space travel requires peace the
implementation of the plasma technology brings greater responsibility in 2013
mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace treaty signing of the peace treaty is a
confirmation from yourself to your soul to act correctly in a peaceful manner
in 2014 knowledge seekers came together from around the world to learn from mr.
Kesh and many different experiments with reactors were performed including
improving the previously developed reactors to fit with the new knowledge
introduction of nano coated reactors multi core Gans systems the spaceship
Institute lab experiments were streamed live on the internet for all to see SSI
lab tests with reactors showed strong magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla
and showed significant weight fluctuations in December an experiment
was performed using reactors built by knowledge seekers from around the world
Italy Germany and Canada were involved in field communication
tests the tests showed that fields can interact with each other no matter the
distance or time resulting in instant communication in 2015 developments for
space continued with different aspects of the plasma technology such as in
health energy and decontamination in October of 2015 mr. Kesh taught a
popular week-long course called The Blueprint teachings about how to build
the maghreb power units people from all over the world participated with
building their own maghreb units and teaching others with the demand of the
Keshe foundation products from all over the world a new Research Center and
manufacturing opened in Arizona USA many developments of the technology happened
in different parts of the world and Keshe foundation USA is no exception
John and the team started performing experiments using different sensing
tools these tools allowed the team to visualize the maghreb fields and to show
others their interactions with reactor formations showing positive results
partaking in the knowledge together is easier and more joyful than ever the fun
has just begun says MT cash mr. Kesh publicly teaches the space technology
through the weekly knowledge seekers workshops plasma enthusiasts from around
the world participate in gathering the knowledge and putting the puzzle
together in the space race all people irrespective of race national
religion are invited to participate in the exchange of knowledge thus assisting
humanity to live within the ethos of the universe it is recognized that
international cooperation and peace is a prerequisite for mankind to journey into
deep space individuals and nations are invited to come together in the spirit
of collaboration and unity to enable peaceful application and the use of
plasma technology for space travel food agriculture energy transportation health
and more we’re excited to release the Keshe foundation spaceship into humanity you welcome everyone to the 297 knowledge
seekers workshop for Thursday October 10th 2019 this is a broadcast of the
Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education Department and part of the
public teachings in English my name is Erick creme now be your host today and
we have as usual in these workshops mr. Moran kesh as our special guest as
always and I think he’s ready to go with lots of exciting news I’m sure and
various teachings in today’s workshop hello mr. Kesh are you ready to go today
yes morning good day to you as usual wherever whenever you listen to these
knowledge seekers series of teachings as you were with us last week we have
opened a new dimension in a world of science and technology and last week we
showed you and we explained what happened in the conference again on what
we presented on the side of the Keshe foundation and global as operation
American operation today’s is to do with Keshe foundation asked a foundation as
we know it Austrian manufacturing and cache China and part of it connects and
relates to the global as a one integrated organization we cannot deny
and in a meeting yesterday with American officials where they were questioning
about our work we explained this is what it is we cannot separate such a
beautiful structure equal distribution of knowledge and technology between
different parts of it so it’s something they have to understand this is a new
way knowledge is shared freely amongst a company being on the American or Chinese
or European structure as you know we are going around the
world and literally sharing and dealing with the government’s to start bidding
what we call industrial parts and our team in the background carry on the
following up the what meetings we had with the diplomats and our team again
are looking forward I’m planning the next and the next and the next as you
know we were supposed to have the next conference in six twenty seven twenty
eight of this month in Mexico we were requested by the organizers which are
connected to the government that please the ladies conference till February or
later on in November as the new government of Mexico actually comes into
taking position of the government and ruling on the Monday of that week so we
are back in the same situations we were in Austria the week we had the
conference there was an election so we could we had the problem getting people
off issues in so – the request of the what we call the Mexican Keshe
Foundation and the officials they deal with we have transferred this Mexico
meeting to their request to February first week of February this gives a
better tight rope for us to come back from Mexico and go to Kenya for in Kenya
and Africa first African presentation so the Mexican conference by the request of
the officials has been transferred to February now we have a conference in
Brazil on the seven eighth and ninth of November this conference is open for
booking they have opened the channels this week or early next week hopefully
you will receive the body call confirmation of marco conference in
December please if you’re booking do it within
the next week ten days as we said we don’t want many knowledge seekers we
after a certain number so we do not want any more because it’s many for the
diplomats and the politicians to be involved with us to be with us in the
first days second and third days allocated I’m dedicated to the knowledge
seekers in Brazilian conference we will sign their first memorandum
understanding with one two or possibly three nations as I told you the
structure is interfacing with the governments and on the back of that we
will be known and in different ways to maybe possibly 3m or use and then
following most probably Morocco the first contractual agreements to build
the first industrial stage with governments will be signed as you’re
aware we are active in Mexico in Arizona this day tomorrow no governing bodies
have accepted the cooperation to help us to build the first in the zone and they
tell us they don’t sign em or you we can go directly into agreement and they are
supporting us on helping us now to organize the first what we call Keshe
Foundation space industrial park zone in United State we are committed to over
100 million investments in this location is one of our priorities so as we say we
have come to an agreement with the state of Arizona officials that now we are
looking for sites to build it up as Anna’s honor will become the official
headquarters or Turkish foundation global operation it is very what we call
important for us as the Arizona will become an interface between the American
space scientists and the Iranian space scientists we make it that way plus
the Arizona will become the Center for agricultural development or United
States to support agriculture I have made a clear to the Iranian officials
and I’ve made a clear to the American people in administration up to now the
neither side has refused to collaborate in this soil which means even though
they can do whatever they like to each other talk anything they’re like when
they come into Arizona in cash on our nation they become what they work
together it doesn’t matter what they learn from each other and develop behind
their back of each other or collaborate together this is fine you got to
understand Iranian space technology is one of those technologies which has not
been boycotted under any of the agreements of the presidents of United
State as much as very recently the Iranian space team has won a prize in
United State team of seven eight nine people two or three women in them so we
are not going into something different we are going where there is an
opportunity to start the peace process so you will see in Arizona a large
number of American and Iranian space technologists be inviting NASA inviting
the Iranian space technology people to work together color of the flag stays
outside the door inside one team and as I was as I gave a conference for nearly
four hours on Monday to the Iranian officials into her sari Inkerman on
Tuesday sari with government representatives local governments and
scientists we made that very clear the collaboration scientific way will go
ahead irrespective of either way and as we
announced in a meeting under 1920 21st 22nd of April 2020 in Tehran we will
show the space technology that is with or we
that collaboration of the American scientists if we have opened the Arizona
zone or not the space is something that all nations want to get in especially
the way we have and the space is the ground that no one is in a way hiding
from to collaborate so we have a common ground space technology foundation and
it’ll be nice by that time we can have scientists from NASA emerging space
organizations in Tehran with us to demonstrate together it is very clear
open car play and as I said up to this moment American administration or the
Iranian administration none of the two have refused to collaborate in Arizona
so we see this as a positive move unless something changes as you know in America
you wake up in the morning one word before the coffee break and one word
after the coffee break for the moment the coffee break hasn’t come we have one
word in this process as I said in Brazil we show another revolutionary technology
in Morocco we try to do the same in this process we build up step by step that we
gather enough government support that by the time we get to Iran in Tehran we
have at least half of the world ambassadors and leaders to be witness to
the first spaceflight we leaving everything to the last all the
plumeria stages for test and flight private bycatch foundation has already
started in different steps between different scientists of the world of the
Keshe foundation so we bring these together you will see American scientist
shoulder-to-shoulder on Turkish relation with the Iranian scientists of Keshe
foundation space technology will demonstrate together we do not bear flat
repair size and I think to what I see a likkle time to the start the whole
process of the space technology on a peaceful ground the beauty after work is
the sharing is so freely that everybody the same not to refuse accept and blue
bitter so join us in Mexico join us in Brazil in three weeks time I’ll try to
be there in most of these presentations but the Keshe foundation global which is
the organizer of these events they have to take away they have to take charge
and in this process will be very transparent as much as possible as you
were with us last week we showed a new system we have had good responses we
have already taken order we have received the deposits for the first
systems and we have already moved to the step two in a way for mass production to
be ready by the first week of January delivery last week we showed you what
global wanted to show this week we show you what the real system looks like and
you will see it for the first time Rick would you like to play and you will see
worries to be delivered and this is a system which will be what you will see
in different hospitals and organizations around the world the first systems as we
see it will go to United Kingdom Germany New Zealand Iran China would like to play as mr. Kesh innovative revolutionary stellar
development purist universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balance fields from which the man was created at the point of Inception in
the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense – for the first time in the history of man a
system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the physical
body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system
hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the
world of science to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the
time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and healthcare centers the universal enhancement spaceship unit
the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from space to spaceship
technology has started every order is subject to a contractual agreement and
might require additional accessories priced separately by applications
according to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80 k FM Global
for additional information thank you very much can you show it for
the second time I’ve just received a call is it possible there are officials
from government sitting in the background via online communication they
were likely to be shot for a second time it will be my pleasure innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balance fields from which the man was created the point of Inception
in the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense too for the first time in the history of man
a system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the
physical body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user
of the system hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not
be solved in the world of science to bring the body of the man into near
perfection as at the time of birth this new spaceship technology can be within
the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners sport
specialists and healthcare centers the universal enhancement spaceship unit the
future you have been waiting for is here the journey from space to spaceship
technology has started every order is subject to a contractual agreement and
might require additional accessories priced separately for applications
according to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80 k FM Global
for additional information you can leave the picture of the unit on
if you like their beauty witnesses is reality
the beauty is that already number of people have been through this process
and are going through this process and in so many ways it works and it works
very effectively as you see on the screen the value of initial value for
this system has been put at 150,000 euro this will hold as an introductory unit
for the Keshe foundation supporters who want to have access to it from 1st of
January the price will rise to 500 thousand year old half a million for
three months we hold this value of this price and by then as the government
officials and different organizations become to be aware of it that it has to
pay back for years of research which has developed it and invested education
edition the price from the 1st of March 2020 will rise to $1,000,000 1 million
euro per unit so this introductory price will hold only for more or less the two
months delivery is guaranteed the January we can deliver up to several
hundred units a month and from what we see will cannot run into the backlog to
12 months and plus these unit carry a contractual agreement which means the
foundation being global be it Keshe foundation Austria be the case
foundation China selling the systems received 30%
construction agreement from any processing paid by the patients it’s
fully automatic fully computerized doctors will control it remote and at
the same time is a seee standard certification class it was given certification to it and
will be delivered from any of the three companies of the Keshe foundation
worldwide each one takes the rights the position of the title owned by Austrian
Keshe foundation in so many ways you got to see and it says you have
additional pieces with it different diseases need different setting
different equipment different materials you might need t-shirts hearts breathing
systems drinking systems we have put this as a package which is if you
remember if you post the Keshe foundation we sell t-shirts were 39
something and their hats and whatever everything which is with this package
would be around 19 year old 1999 euro and some items like t-shirts will be
done as well as $9.99 not the package put together for each medical unit with
a quality we put in is run about 175 to 200 euro but it means the volunteer or
the what they call the person who gets processed will get one of these from the
doctors or practitioner before they go through the system in a very near future
maybe twelve months or so we can tailor make to the disease to the person as you
go for prescription the doctor says you they’ve tested medicine a thousand
million people tested whatever side in fact they never announced you have to
take it start individually for you you have some
side effects it’s the problem of side effects if so other people are not have
lucky them with this technology we tailor make the system to fit
the disease to fit the man never been done before but it’s thought emotional
and physical and it brings a lot of changes it brings a lot of effects we
are here to in a way to show this as a first series of the technologies later
on this month the power system for charging automotive will be released to
major car manufacturers around the world which means branded names Germany Japan
China United States will get the technology at the same time this is the
way we operate so you know the branded electric cars and many major companies
around the world trying to go into the electric car business will receive this
knowledge on the contractual agreement demonstration of the work into the cash
foundation process the generation of self generating energy to run this unit
the health of the battery and everything else will be looked after by the new
technology the enhancements spaceship unit will have no power supply from
outside in his model as it’s developed you got to understand with this
technology we can target organs we can target part of the body which could not
be done in a very specific way for physicians and doctors to be able to
support their program we see as we going along now as you know we showed the
plenary type this in Vienna to to the world
to the Sun to the Keshe foundation supporters and the diplomats in this
process with a new technology we allow maximum two to four months for at least
70 to 80 percent recovery from many many many diseases it’ll be done by doctors
or physicians this is a medical response certified because it’s not intruding
it’s just environmental change we allow doctors physiotherapists have to be part
of this organization whoever buys from us
the reason is people ten years five years in wheelchair they suddenly can
move we don’t see damages to them but we need physicians to teach them to control
the reduction in their medication and at the same time what we call
physiotherapist to bring the muscles in order that they can enjoy life there is
a huge demand we’ve received I received many communications where can we go
how can we start it starts from vesical January delivery we release the name of
the doctors and the places they placed these systems that you can go to you
deal directly with the doctors not with the Keshe foundation you deal directly
with the physicians and the hospital we control every step of this process as we
have to monitor the operation there’s many of you who ask what can we do how
can we get to this how can we help our loved ones with different diseases we
have two phases which from today we announce and we are adding to it many of
you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for different
diseases for years to come and you have already paid and you’re willing to pay
to help but it’s just individually to you and then what will be the next we
announced a new procedure from today and those altercation initial supporters who
want to join and do it please go through it and do it after Christmas we stopped
this process what is is we give an option to knowledge seekers and the
people running what if you have or anybody you know has any condition there
is a fee charged anyway wherever you go we can send you to a hospital
you pay their fee to the hospital and then you say in the hospital and that’s
it or you can connect to two or three or four other people in your country and
put that financed which you want to pay for one of each to acquire a unit you
need to find a location a doctor and a physiotherapist the foundation will
support you financially for part of this till starts getting revenue from the
system that get paid back if we raise we know funds to justify that we support
the other part of the financing we get involved you set the company up
conjunction with us and we support you but the first and you should finance has
to be there there is one preserve provider with this
one those who put this funds in to set up this what we call health centers or
application of technology centers you become a shareholder in that group so
not only if you’ve been sick for years you have no income once you start on
what you invested you get an earning a living like hospitals or whatever from
it we allow certain is to be done and the same with us we
take 30% off all the other cost comes from it so in your town in your city
anybody with all the diseases who can use the system benefits of foundation
and the same time benefits you it’s very much like you become an agent to sell
all the whatever the agent sell but this time you helping yourself and Lance
others to help from your help their families at the same time we work with
once what we call ethos by the order of the Keshe foundation those limited
numbers of people who cannot really afford will be given free access we
cover the cost from the foundation so this is an opportunity for all of you
who have loved ones or yourself in different diseases you wanted to go to
China or go to United Kingdom or somewhere you don’t need to move you
stay home your position your finances will help the others in your own city in
your own area for the others to be used this is a is gonna create a lot of
problems for us initially we can take it we estimate and we know in the next 12
months some 10,000 units we have prepared ourselves to put on our
agreements with the Chinese partners it still stands to switch from the old
system to the new system we’ll set up a medical internet company is in the final
phase of agreement in China where the hope was such a condition through
medical side certified in China will be accessible in poor Chinese community and
worldwide so we have taken the medical position on the internet
that our equipments our systems will uniquely will be in that position in
this process now we allow you not to leave your country
not to leave your home but in a way what you were going to spend you can spend in
your own City and help your own people the pricing all depends on what is
covering the cost and allowing expansion and allowing to be correct with the
other structure of the work so if you have a disease or condition you find a
doctor you find a physician you find a premises and we support you all the way
through in this structure we train the doctors return or everybody else that
you give a gift to your city been helping yourself we help others you got
to remember you’re here to learn from the whole structure we learn more and
more so we start with number of diseases with number of conditions and the
doctors as is a medical system will guide the volunteers the patient’s water
ritual so now it comes back to knowledge seekers in so many ways now you can
invest in your nation and for yourself go through the same Channel you tell us
this is what I want what I have I can get three or four or ten other people
together you know this is where we have a problem we have a doctor we can put it
there we can put it in in the house or whatever or in an office that everybody
comes with the doctor present with a certified usage and we start working I
prefer to go this way to return back for your supports will be there others in so many ways our interaction with the
governments will allow this very rapidly to go across hospitals around the world
we can get ourselves to thousands of units per month delivery setting it up
in that order that and behind that will come all the other things we should do we give you link those of you who want
to go to China you will have a link to get in touch with through email and you
can go to China and stay in the hospital for two months three months these
systems will be there and it’s a private hospital you’ll be become part of the
trial two for certification and the same will be we are looking for 30 patients
per category of illness six of them two if you want to go to China the price has
been put around 25,000 euro per case so we can write to the email which is given
and in due course they will you’ll be contacted but if you want to stay inside
your own country your home and help your own citizens your own nation we are
prepared to support you but this finishes in January because once we go
to the next base of national government role we cannot run this governments have
their own criteria of doing it but in a way what you put in allows us the next
step to come in so if you want to pay twenty five thousand go to China you can
put twenty five thousand find three or four people with the same disease the
machine will be owned by the company which you own your partner in it and you
as is run as it expands you become part of the health
new space technology in your city in your village many doctors would like to
take this up negotiate with us but most of these within the next two or three
weeks we have to solidify because we know how we deal with the other part we
support every nation to get the same to us is to bring the technology fast to
use and this is the only way which can be done once you set up a Center will be
announced through Keshe foundation worldwide anybody in your city anybody
in your country can come you don’t need to leave the country don’t need to go
and stay somewhere else but this opportunity will give you it has to be
financially feasible for us that we just don’t put a machine there and it gets
locked up as we had in Germany somebody getting a donation and locking a system
up for their benefit that system in Germany is obsolete one unit of these
will be given freely as we promised to the Austrian German is speaking to the
nation of Austria we told you to return the systems back to us and we told you
will be updated but we didn’t tell you how it’s going to be updated one of the
enhanced systems will be donated will be given to the Austrian and German
speaking group of the Keshe foundation find a location everybody still has to
pay for it those who cannot afford we get free we have to confirm it and the
cost of the system we will cover our Keshe foundation in what we promise you
we can keep the whole system is obsolete so that has to be we are not opening a
unit to be in competition with other Germans and Austrian people who are
buying a system we are opening a system to be for Keshe foundation to start
learning how to manage things and as the factory in the Austrians and Germans
supported of the Austrian operation in past years this is our tank to you and
this is how we tank many people in different nations without this for unit
will be put freely in the nation of China in a special clinic simple through
the same process this is for all the Chinese Keshe foundation supporters who
would like to use the system you still have to pay for it
if is that possible Foundation will decide it is not the writer passenger
those of you who are from China or you want go to China you want to use the
system at the moment we have systems running in China but you can join a new
system version which is coming up you’ll earn your right to pass smart China
plasma China at 163 calm plasma China and 163 calm you need 2 to 4 months 2
months minimum to stay in the environment of medical environment that
everything can be under control of the doctors physicians that everything is
correct and after the first 30 cases the case calls for certification and
registration in the different applications of the technology you got
to remember the same will happen around the world
we had inquiries from different countries or the people who call me can
we buy unit to come into this you can buy anybody can buy a unit you’re a rich
man you want to help your country you can buy it
has to be in a company which is connected to condition we open operation
we take control charge you take share of the profit according to whatever
restructure it has to have a doctor and a physiotherapy present and has to be in
a beautiful environment the system is fully computerized nobody can switch you
down and just get going with it everything in decided central control we
put the team of doctors which 24 hours a day
respond to all the machinery all the doctors around the world by using it if
they need help and they do let me show you what this technology can do this is
we have a written agreement with our volunteers and this gentleman came to us
exactly last Sunday four weeks ago in a wheelchair and you can see what this
technology can do and then we talk about it we kept it very quiet it’s no noise
more or less some videos some pictures and we’ll talk afterwards
you see what we see what we say we deliver and it’s the same across people
who have used this technology in China can you play the recording of the
volunteer we have everything confirmation we can even show his face
but we prefer not to do so Rick can you play this piece of video the German has
a disease called Parkinson assignments together in a wheelchair as you know to
get to this point needs at least 10 years and he came to us with a family
and people have been deleted from the pictures person standing in front of
rains one of the brain surgeons there are team of doctors brain specialists
looking after this case in China can you start from the beginning please you know
the N Attic yeah they won this is how he came to see and use this we’ll have to hold them we cannot in
four days marvel of the technology well can walk get his dignity back is
amazing how this man you see the foot is still the same the system you see in the
background is already obsolete with the new tell you see him in there five the gentleman in red is his guy who had
cleaning my washing for and protect him now we can see six days man does need no
one this is the beauty of new technology you see him walking for the first time
he’s got in his hand if you see in his pocket the key of the car he wants to
drive in six days miracle on new technology in 12 days you saw the man
who was in a wheelchair has more or less command of his life this is in hospital
environment kept in the hospital condition and there are other uses of
the technology with it you can see it for the first time
himself he can get around what he likes for the first time in years he came
right he can stand up on his own you will understand the next pitches if
you’re Chinese it’s important that you can help yourself to relieve yourself
you cannot do when you’re in the wheelchair and – outlet to look up for
you you see they remember he couldn’t walk
we had to hold him now you see in a man the lady behind this is wife I had the
pleasure to know the family and I can tell you a lot in the days I spent with
him in the hospital where the doctors be on there as a system provider not as
doctors we assess how the system has to be set for the case we can see him the
freedom came in with a wheelchair days before 29 days don’t forget you could
even stand up and it was in a wheelchair now watch what he does he can sit so Freda he moves this technology gives man’s dignity back but the beauty with it is he’s got his
emotions back to Anderson in the Iranian presentation this week we asked his
daughter to hold him when she came back she was tears in their eyes
she said I’m 30 years also and it’s a first time my father has ever helped me look now he goes up the wall he has to
be retaught everything this morning he was throwing footballs or what he
thought the balls that he could do is a football fanatic all his t-shirts is
belongs to some football club unfortunately one is Manchester City but
he wears French football team crux to talk about soil I mean he is all man
it works with China oil well it’s interesting you remember he couldn’t
walk now if you look he walks backward this is very important
position for him he follows his learning everything step by step we have a
dedicated team in the hospital working with him and other patients with him you
see his walking backwards walking backwards needs a lot of coordination
and trusting movement and you see his minor never leaves his sight he got to
understand something that boy in four weeks time has no job he’s disree
walking himself to unemployment because he’s been employed to look after him and
he’s such a caring boy it’s literally like his son he protects
him like a father I had the pleasure to be with him for a week a man who couldn’t stand up though he
was he wants to go up to walk it’s his pride to be able to stand up like has no
strength if you are a physiotherapist if you’re a man of a sport you know what it
means when you haven’t used muscles for years now you can see what we are offering
what the new technology they see on the world wide screen on what this
technology is really delivering an don’t forget health is a small part of our
technology yeah wheelchair battement you’ve been in
a position that to the whatever condition you have got two positions now
you talk to the doctors we are developments of the technology not the
medical people but we tell you where the technology is going and how he does and
how it appears we have people with epilepsy 19 years old up to last Monday
if he could he goes to school half day this Monday full-time the boy
has got a life not some 43 different tablets is given today both patients now
are in the process of reduction or the supervision of the doctors one who
reaches 25% reduction in next week and the other one the following week and
within two months to four months with the supervision of the doctors zero
medication the conditions are not that they come back because with this
technology the root of the process is solved the main emotional and physical
this system is not answerable and will not be the solution to all and it’s not
for a time being as the scientists gather more information and as we
develop it for different application this system set in a correct condition
can fly we will show this as one system – greeted in terror the system will
produce material this system will be able to deliver water and everything
else the man leads do not forget in the term of man when you need water you have
to drink the dear precious of gifts the right amount of energy to keep the cells
of the body in lubrication and motion this technology delivers the component
energy of the water to the body of the man and in the body of the man
transforms to water what is needed it’s so advanced that very soon we will see
many world leaders trying it as we know we see a very atrocity starting
yesterday by state of Turkey against people but you will see one of the first
people in this machine will be the leaders of Turkey who had different
failures and chances stop all our problem and I hope giving extensive life
to these people we bring peace to them problems we have seen those who’ve been
present in the conference in Vienna publishing across internet that this
system will be offered to German Chancellor for what we seen she’s
shaking in public heavily as part of the body Parkinson your excellency
Chancellor the system is opened your representative from Embassy was in the
conference and we offered it directly to your nation to be offered dr. sat with your diplomat who attended
the conference but knowledge seekers in Germany are very enthusiastic and trying
to get this to their leader that she gets rid of what we seen as an body
caucus on in public in past few words illness knows no position of sex
religion race and as we said German Chancellor has supported the foundation
over years and in a way is our thank back to you does not matter if you have
animals you still can use the system the children for different conditions we
have to find how it matches when the system does not work properly means we
haven’t understood the work of the body of the man we have to understand the
work of the body of man that we can tune it to it with the system I can count the
problem I see this unit to be used for fractures breaking up the bones where
you can heal the bone in hours I know how it’s done
don’t forget are broke eight ribs and two of them in two places and I walked
out at the hospital in seven days using this technology
Richard stirred in sitio and ahem in the hospital you can go and see the doc you can use this technology for all
sorts of things all the products which you saw the Keshe foundation Italy used
to supply will be supplied to Austria at 10 euro or 19 year old so at the same
time we’re putting a limit you cannot buy more than one or two we are
postponing a lot of work to make sure that this technology with this support
will be there if you have a knee damaged the kneecap will be round 1999 your
patches for your t-shirts run about $9.99 to be used for the system we
process it this way that it becomes feasible and acceptable for people to be
able to rapidly create a condition of trust and the use of technology in so
many ways as it says we have a start of this transition from space to space your
program and due course in the next few days Keshe foundation the u.s. global
wouldn’t risk as it is has to their what we call the report within three days in
the international press showing the system and what has been done as it has
to be done because in fact their prices and the share value in the market but
they are part of us they have to do their work we have to do ass we are
looking to see the extent of the knowledge and how I can go our close the
offer of this with people to be able to take position by first of January so
those of you who saying how we can do your Parkinson your assignment is you’re
a DD or ADHD or what we call different diseases you speak to the
doctors and try you want to finance it there are some flan trapeze just say we
want to buy the system and put it that others can use it with a great supply
sure we support you our point is to get as many units into the market worldwide
that allows the technology to enter next phase no where ever such a technology so
Atlas has been put at the reach of every man so rapidly and in so many way thanks
to the knowledge seekers the teams which work around the foundation to make sure
everything is done we don’t spend thousands going on advertising we
deliver that advertising comes with it by the word of mouth the way all of you
made macro systems and everything else these systems are unique and these
systems will become part of the space development technology even for
communication even for transportation in so many ways if I change slightly the
interior you have a 20-foot container delivered Shanghai New York few minutes
few dollars the father said to what Chinese friends now tell the
American government how you gonna put tariffs on what you cannot see
deliberate then you understand how the borders are going to change and you
understand how everything else will change for all of us this is the
beginning of this relationship program this is the beginning of the new work
for a special program the other correction I have to give you is a small
correction in the email to China it’s cash
plasma China at 163 calm I forgot to put the cash in front of it – plasma china
add 163 dot-com send your request then you get the response if you’re Chinese
you want to buy systems for your people for your city or whatever quite welcome
we can support you through the Keshe foundation China as you know in China
now we had the harvest started last Tuesday the land which we are
participating we have entered into Pig disease again and now into the food
process of the pig disease and into the hospitals and the rest of it in so many
ways our Chinese friends are posting as you hear the gentlemen you saw in the
video is in the hospital and they’re sending me pictures after videos at the
video what is achieved today for the first time he’s throwing balls for the
first time he can pull and hole things it is amazing how we’re changing the
life of people in a very simple way without taking any medication
without putting anybody in danger and at the same time and be interesting when we
go to European Court of Justice to show how empty space can change cancer where
would the ability of the Belgian government will take this machines
exactly same as as they had but in a bigger sense and we put the judges and
their families with the cancer with on assignment’s with the Parkinson they
walk out if that’s a crime kinga Belgium’s has a long way to go to become
criminal but it’s the beauty of it we are here to bring the change and I have
told you a lot now it’s time to learn how to use how to apply to change
conditions or comments change up citizens and gradually allow people to
leave a pain less life useful life active life we all physically change our
position once or the other as it says in English as I said before there are three
things in life guaranteed if you’re a citizen of a nation first taxes and
death you’re born you pay your taxes you can play with the time of departure pain
and suffering in bed or find new ways to extend a little more to suffer a little
bit more to enjoy a few breath over here we’re seeing some little more but this
is the future of the technology non-intrusive system you can use this
system as a dialysis machine you can use this system to purify broth without any
intrusion you can use the system to place and replace pieces in the body of
the man they’re coming time as our physicians made more we are here to comply with the need of
man or the new technology we will show many many new units across the world
this is beginning of the change if we show you in the coming time the same
machine starts moving around the street you’ve seen it it’s got a front screen
don’t be puzzled when we put a special unit of this as I said last week in
Vienna one of our German knowledge seekers wanted to see true emotion he
can start the heartbeat because we could see the heart in the system how it
shakes and he managed to do it with his thoughts so this system connects to the
emotion of the man and they will optima as different people sat in the machine
we saw the heartbeat changing according to them so this is the French time
real-life cell system you have a stroke talk to be a physician use of the system
you just sit you sit in the Sun this is the Sun of life it’s the moment the
mother prepares it it doesn’t repair it allows the body to reconnect to itself
to its original connection many people say for example when you have
assignments or you have Parkinson or you hear the MS the cell of body if you look
at the scans brain is gone he hasn’t gone it needs to be restructure to the
original position and that’s what it does there are many of you with MS and
other diseases it’s the first time I see a solution to ILS with this technology
because not only we change the physicality we evolve the emotion that
point of self that want you to die this technology is answered
mara tics we do not claim any medical with claiming no miracle
we are developed a technology and science that the world of medicine world
of Agriculture world of space will come to embrace and as he says from a space
to spaceship you will not see any motors with the system you will not see
anything moving with this system because movement motors has limitations which
interferes with a soul as you will see you feel as you saw the or would in the
space of it we can put families in the system everything from non has a new dimension collaborate with us release more
knowledge try to obstruct us we handle you with ruthless and don’t forget I
know how these technologies he has to become the tool of peace he has to
become the tool that man gains confidence and elevation soul and
elevates himself to a new level of understanding of comfort and serving in
a coming time will create in this environment where you can see the
creatures of God in the units this system is not made for man only people who went through the simpler
version of human dimension in Vienna already sending us report back since
going in that machine they come out different man happy people changed a lot
of things in their lives people would paint on how pain I can put a blind man
in this machine and get him out Singh is something I’ve done before now it can be
done by the physicians we can reconnect all the nerve systems in this technology
with this system we can rebuild all the limbs and arms which were brought up by
American mines and land mines Posada pyrrha there is something as I said to
the Iranian government officials I’m committed to the nation of Iran we’ll
make it the country that every man wants to be an Iranian talk code to hood and
awkward the three thoughts of Iranian culture is in Bible the three wise men of Iran we have to understand time of teaching
is over I told you I have told you everything now you know when you’re in
university you go to there theoretical class in the morning afternoon is a lab
impractical I’ve told you it for six years towards
internationally for 15 years now it’s time to see how the system works that
you put together and you understood part of it we have set up and you’re not
agreements with the governments anyone replicates any systematic a tradition
becomes payable to cash foundation is our intellectual rights without budget
to start respecting each other’s right and don’t worry if you copy
we don’t bother we know how to do other things this has to go through the
structure of the Keshe foundation that it becomes part of supporting one nation
operation with the system you can buy cash coins and pay to cash coins for
your services in a coming time when they’re ecommerce they start trading you
have to sign that you’re a member of the Keshe foundation and you can trade
through cash coins which means all the currencies around the world will become
one level now you understand how we set up the cash point we start with this
technology those of you who buy cash coins becomes their finances of the
foundation you can pay for it to finish coin doesn’t matter which country you
move around the beauty of it is with this system you have to go to a wedding
you’re using the system in between the the city you just take your sequence of
your disease with you and they program in the computer you can use it you don’t
need to cancel holidays because you are using the system now you can see how we
start laying out our work this system will not be allowed to enter a state of
culture this is very clear this system will not be allowed to be used by any
Belgians you’d understand the reason why and you understand please don’t do
choices we all accurate and put all the mistakes of the past right or withstand
time to is put right for you those are human from African nations
don’t look 400 from the foundation you have plenty raise it bring it to your
nation and make it wealthy and it questions thank you sir cash and
I’ll remind the attendees they can put their virtual hands up so they should
ask your question we do have one in initial I think is I can’t pronounce the
name correctly I believe from Mexico allow him to talk and I think he has a
question about the Mexico and the things God had in eastern SEO or whatever I’m
not sure I’ll announce your name it’s Dylan new birth era node Oh Maya hello
can you open your microphone I want initio Lenovo Aaron hola Maya
this is Miguel Moreno from Mexico City hi mr. Kesh hi all the team III I want
to talk with you about the some meetings that I haven’t that I have over here in
Mexico I the last time when I went to Tijuana our men told me that a Armand a
facet talk with Felipe Roya me and the doctor alcaraz and almond told us that
we needed we need to go to the politicians to invite them for the event
for the Acacia foundation so going this is taking these instructions I went with
a friend the last 7 of October to the Senate of Mexico they’re all Senate or
the new Senate is the Senate that they say a
this in this in this very period yeah but because we changed similar but
they are several a lawyers from all day from all the Republic Mexican Republic
yeah so I have the chance to speak about with their ninety lawyers and Senators
to to let them know about the event that a blast taking place in this month but
they already know they the new debate that is gonna be in February 7 and 9
right please ask I think his 3rd 4th or 5th
he’s already published on the website is on the front of the case yeah so there
is soup we dis talk with this a senators and they they they were lawyers and
Senators and deputies I have a chance to speak with a maybe 80 of them and I told
them and I had a very poor results because they I had an invitation to go
to the Congress today today Congress of Congress of Mexico and I have a date the
next Thursday 70th 11:00 a.m. because they had a very so one engineer piece
from Oaxaca and he he gave me the a 4-4-2 go to the today Congress of
Mexico so the next Thursday’s a 70th at 11 p.m. I gonna go to speak more about
the technology one of the reason because they are they are very interested this
engineer is working with a with the Congress because he’s helping poor
people people that they have a house with a wood or paper people that they
don’t have a money to go to the doctor and they’re having problems health
problems so they gave me a good satisfaction to self with this a
engineer to to take this plasma technology in all day in all places of
the world II and we are we able to help the most need people that they are very
poor and they there they life they don’t have money to to go to the doctor I
think that is a very good opportunity to to spread the knowledge with them and
yes I wanted to let you to let you know all this all this a opportunities that
we are having over here in Mexico I don’t know you have any comment thank
you very much I have a lot of comments you look at how
much one comment is you have taken charge for your nation and that’s all we
want to do actually I want to tell you I am a very simple person
yes I went to do this because Harmon told me and and the creator he said
giving me the chance to take these opportunities because I don’t have any
position and me any political position I am happy with I am following my heart
and I well I I want to serve you you serve your nation you are not making any
profits or any leaders this is how you take leadership this is people like you
in technology and in so many ways as a friend of mine said who cares about FDA
when I can walk and they tell me I cannot so many ways in our negotiation
member in Mexico we will meet with their politicians and diplomats as you are
aware set up and in so many ways the government’s will turn into this
technology as they see it as a way out if you put in a government and a bunch
of people who understand it’s like in Senate you spend 1 million dollars with
support and there is no fee for anybody going in the machine and coming out of
the machine this is what’s going to be when we say next month with this new
technology millions of people’s life will change you will understand my
biggest problem now is production our biggest problem is to
the commitment of the orders which are coming in that we can color this morning
Chris of the beautiful package 10 units but one man and the people who work as
weather call with themselves and we are seeing people who are going to their
dealers or representative Takai to Aisha you are the representative just one the
line there’s no barrier there is no way to stop all you need to do with second
hand right to the foundation this is what I want to do and then they will do
it and what we can do as long as we can support you this is what I wanted this
is what I set up for you to take the knowledge to your nation and when you’ve
done there’s a need layman it needs a man who lays his life down to serve a
manatee it’s very simple now government knows and the present Mexican government
is fully aware the minister of the health of Mexico has been Tawana in one
of the teachings you see is we have a full support from the Mexican government
inside people with the tough one we have committed we have invested we
have properties in the factories to be set up here at the factory now is just
what the board was just build a small factory now we’re going for just two
parks and we will see the collaboration with Mexican government is not on the
private level is on a common terminal and we ask them if they can organize
inviting all the Masters and their others we see the same thing more or
less should see a same thing in Mexico yeah maybe that is one thing that I want
to do in the next meeting in the Congress there gonna be a some they put
this and I gonna ask and I don’t have let the I’m gonna let them know what
about about it they’re not the technology but I gonna let him know also
about your your PC in Mexico to to maybe organicide and a conference with you
with all day all day all the crew with a with the politicians over here in Mexico
City I I do not I gonna do that speak to our team in two corner you know
they work collectively together because they are working through the same way
through the Ministry of Health and in your government we are lying to meet
with number of heads of states in our visits in different countries I gonna I
gonna invite them to Felipe Roy here and all the team to Tijuana to the next
meeting to be just one group one can you can I ask you one thing please join the
Mexico conference group in each case I already I already in it I like I am
there yeah I also in gather in there and organize it that we know we see and
Austrian Keshe Foundation has taken lead over control of all these meetings that
but is abducted by the global these are global events at the same time Keshe
Foundation event and we we asked even for MoU with the Mexican government to
be signed while we are in Mexico for investments
and development of the technology we see step-by-step signing of the agreements
and mo use in setting up the factories in talking to the officials yesterday of
the American that body call it the they were interested why we have
come into what you call market to raise money we said no we just want to be
known that we are and the technology is and we have enough to raise funds for
ourselves there will be no market share offered in
the market for valuation which is very unusual equal to the market to raise
funds we are going to the market to raise awareness across the business
world about the Keshe foundation and our work and these press releases we do is
continuously informing the world leaders who deal in shares and markets that
there is what you think you have a banker you still be the cancer you still
haven’t born with the autism and a wife was suffering from Parkinson
no man is immune from disease you’ll be the president be the Pope be Ayatollah
be the king and this system once you go in it here along with your own soul and
the decision upon you down to the physicality and the soul except to
elevate yourself to repair you one day you understand what is technology you go
to the temple of your soul and then you understand what has to be done on what
he has to be put to correct as I said it’s not just my personality but is for
emotion and so this is what I said in original when we announced the
conference’s is for you to engage your government and you’ve done it I’m sure
people in different countries will do it’s coming to the point that in next
few months we will be in one city or another different government to make
sure we work that we can bring what exactly what we asked that’s what I’m
gonna ask you you got to the Arabic second you know
Brazilian you are from Argentina from different countries in Africa or Asia go
to your government organize a conference with warmness to be our stirring to
college gypsy of the universe and the same
history applies here from one to another never rest but if he says my kind
walk towards what is another thing that I want to tell you mr. Keshe yes
so tomorrow I wanna go to carat hello in greater they are they are a company that
is say working with the Maghreb systems and in which is saving for 40% on
electricity bill it’s increasing is increasing in this
month and they they are saving in the third month for everything they are
saving about 700 thousand pesos not in three months mo more than half million
pesos in in three months for all the savings those Magreb units I made them
which is seven you made how much is 700 pixels in u.s. dollar / 18 but 18
actually 700 700 thousand yeah it’s about there is about maybe 443 fight
$25,000 that’s correct yeah it’s not about $25,000
what is interesting is this is what you got to do we come to give technology to
your Nations and it’s for you we are there to encourage an investment and
maybe your nation invest with us yeah yeah that is another another point and I
want to to motivate the people that they have companies I have a chance to to
speak with a with a representin with are people that have a
in charge 35 companies so I think that is another opportunity to to go to the
sector of the energy save energy yes no problem you take it to your
Nations you started every if we can how can we support thank you very much for
and those of you who think the same way don’t think to go to the Senate go to
you start changing from the base and in so many ways his ass was going to serve
us thank you very much there are number of questions the last
thing the last thing mister Cochet I made a chamber with the magnet systems
and I am a giving free I John commissary said consultants filtration yeah a free
consultation for all the people that they are sick so this I maybe is a
chamber markup system chamber to in gratitude for all the all the things
that you are giving us with your knowledge mister Cochet and to follow
the ATIS for the Keshe foundation so all the people that they that they have a
sickness they are coming in a taking a free sessions for the plasma and they
are a they are having guns free also when a year when they are given to
safely to take name decision thank you very much we’ll see how we go thank you
very much for your support on your work there are number of questions coming up
with reading it the Sun to me this one is from you know so council member of
Hebrew language your name from Tel Aviv from Israel it says hi everybody it’s a
pleasure being a part of this plan I want to ask is this system an official
home mental treatment as well as physical issues for example when
depression or regular depression or anxiety and so forth the answer is yes I
can give you in writing which we have received from doctors as we are doing in
China for he who was afraid to be anywhere and depressed now so Tony’s
back to school and yes you go into this system you come out the
way he used to be without any diseases and so anyways yes it can be done
because without being monitoring it is one of the things one of the leading
doctors in China he wanted to test this on this point and the background would
is that the boy trying to study for university entrance must have got
depressed one where he just something wrong it’s not the doctors understanding
him and they just 1718 they give him grand electric shock and they put him on
a huge medication 43 medication pamphlet so they two years is 19 and the boys
total zombie and I can show you videos innocent when we see gets up and runs
for the first time he speaks to his mother
and as I said he’s gone back to to school to go to university and yes it
can be done it is it works very well for them extremely well but you do not
change its anybody says you can use and change it in one week two weeks it’s
it’s cannot be done brain cells have to be set the brain what you call it has to
restructure itself that it can hold on to we are not here to show we are here
to make the change and that’s working for depression and for what you call the
process is very easy I think it doesn’t need modern it’s just that you have to
put the emotion right to elevate the soul and it would be nice to see if our
friends in Israel by the system and put it with those who live here then it’ll
be what was promised you got from Riccardi says hello Sukesh thank you
very much are you working – can you give us the dimensions of this unit and
especially the for orion this is for optimum operation we have made sure that
this is just under 5 meter 75 that he can fit into a portable container the
20-foot container height is run about 2 meter and width is round about 1 meter
20 bliss it’s on a special weight that creates separation of the fields so it’s
a independent unit eight away something roundabout it hood and it’ll come in few pieces and it’s
all connected as is not morose rotation that kind of thing so I was totally
there is a copy of the work of the universe so it has to be set up and they
come with a manual and the people who come most humbly we
send somebody in the first strike to fit to set up one day teach and one it says
what’s the minimum age to use in unit there is no age limit animals or human
is the same this is what can be done for people with
mechanical implant in their bodies there is a problem if the implant how it is
and what it is stunt or the heart we cannot is you cannot use it we can
isolate it if you have a cancer that it doesn’t touch it but it can be dangerous
it has to be under supervision of the doctors any other implant you have to
see how it behaves in plasma but for example what about fillings in teeth no
problem okay and I needed a radio station the outer space tunes of the
century and what about people with like titanium braces in their back and things
like that we do not allow it the reason being
because we have seen this in operation what happened when you have titanium
which fuses to tree of your spine that’s together is because what we call discs
have been damaged it’s been removed the beauty with this technologies if you
don’t have those Titanium’s this or you can remove them the discs will grow back
Christmas a has been crushed out in few months the discs rose so when the disk
rolls and they have pinned it starts fracturing where the pit is in the ball
so you shutter the ball really make sense because I’ve had I’ve actually
been diagnosed with a herniated disc early in my life and then he threw a lot
of pain and agony but it did eventually repair us off through some intervention
on my own but it won’t really matter what on you arm
well got a new back by essentially deciding that I would heal myself in a
way so it worked we had some other questions as well with the Q&A there’s
there’s I also wondered about when they called the pacemaker devices or any
electronic or electrical devices we have to hope is the job of the physicians we
are a technology provider catcher on the Shenzhen Technology Cloyd so the
position has to decide the position what it does can we switch it off and test it
and allow it to grow it can be done but physicians have to try another hand
because this is a field motion would the system absorption of energy that what
you call it can like damage the tissues of the system inside the body these are
the thing now we’re going to learn as we go along but we’ve developed technology
which can isolate these parts that the field does not interfere we can extract
the fields from the certain areas part of the body but if it’s a function there
to do a function how can be isolated this is the biggest problem like Anju
has the question in the Q&A the next question which hi well people that are
on electronic artificial breeding machine be able to get into this new
system without the fields affecting the electronic machine like it can be
organized to go to see how it is fitted how its fitted the way it does the
operation we have worked on this and it’s very successful the work with the long failure people
who cannot breathe and round about eight weeks six weeks the long will start
operating as normal gradually we know this very well the people who are on
their artificial ventilation especially if it’s a hole done the throat it’s not
a problem you have to change the condition of the long with a field
interaction and as he changes it starts working normal unless is damaged beyond
which nothing is damaged where if we can create limbs and fingers I think it’s
beyond it’s just that you have to understand you need to give time or the
repair is not going to be a magic humongo and the body has to readjust it
so we we had a lady who years ago could not walk more than a few meters actually
when she came to see us she walked into the door and stood in the background
that was a strange thing when a woman just coming and standing and then she
walked three or four steps and stood there for either 10 or 15 minutes and I
said what’s going on they explained to me she cannot take more than three or
four steps she doesn’t have the breath and her husband called us everything
this cannot be helped and yes you could call us
and everyone said it’s me who’s suffering I want to do it I want to do
it I don’t care I said we don’t want to charge you if you won’t try it I’ll make
you the empty system as they don’t say and we met her on September October and
in January thanks for getting her life back she
decorated the church on their own and she was nursed to build the garage
into a bedroom for her we told that she couldn’t go up anymore and she wasn’t
also so ventilating systems and she used to go cycling and shopping and because I
had to pass her house on the way from where we used to see people in Holland
back to Belgium and I she invited me to go to her house I still remember the
husband brought a bucket and sat on the floor in the kitchen I said why are you
doing this for he said I’ve come to apologize you do miracles and I want to
pay I said I don’t need your money already done my job he was so happy but
four years he had to do all the cleaning and the cooking and looking after this
woman now she was there to look after him and I still remember her sitting
there with his son son was in their forties since we want to we want to pay
we made a mistake we apologize my job is done you’ve got your mother back you got
your wife back and that’s what I count yes I can help and the other question
I’ve got a few questions that I’d like to ask and you mentioned at one point
earlier about the targeted therapy like targeting certain organs and so on I
wanted to clarify for our listening audience that you in spite of being a
nuclear engineer you didn’t mean like radiation therapy or what no lorded
radiation there no no it’s just bringing the balance of the fields to the body
with this technology there is no radiation there is no there is no need
for it you got to understand I was explaining to my son yesterday when you
have a actives home or neutron which is too active and
cannot match with anything it wants to release this field to find itself or
change itself to an atom of hydrogen which is electron and proton so in
radius as much as you can at a time to be able to go back to stability and it
produces what the core a da shoe if you create a environment that everything is
in peace there is no created as radiation ok well at least your question
that came up in in the plasma reactor group yesterday with Lawrence and he was
talking about that he thought that this technology that you’re introducing might
be based on partly based at least on the idea of the potassium converting to
calcium the k40 and emitting the the gamma which is what makes for
transformation inside transmutation inside of our our bodies to create these
we already have bought this this tortoise it was talking the teachings so
he says he understood that’s good but in in the medical and the private teaching
we also the the trouble for Thomas and Thomas is synchronizing changing matters
to what is needed and mainly is done by calcium potassium commercial because the
man who lives in the North Pole Eskimos and the rest or people who live on a
mono food they all whatever they eat they they digest absorb calcium whatever
you eat you eat meat has not continued with anything read has a center of
calcium in it and talking about the flesh and this is
the same with vegetation but they have a different composition so the calcium
your immune system has a calcium seed your skin every cell has a calcium seat
so their body their connection fields between tenements and tyrants organizers
what the brain is what the body needs and then they come where the calcium
into by additional energy in to potassium which is k40 which is
radioactive to break the cells off of the meat which actually they eat as well
you ate it’s in so many ways here we take care b12 b6 b9 and hundred B B’s
and these are also very active material to do the function of what the calcium
does commonly to potassium-40 this as I explained it was understood
years ago when I’ve said if you look at the coca-cola bottles I could produce
graphene because in my systems into the NIH I added potassium addition of
potassium to create a condition of high water fields commercial
and so because potassium has that K factor to release heavy energies very
rapidly in coalition to pay for yes we were looking at the energy levels of the
actual gamma rays in there at the high end of the so-called electromagnetic
spectrum way beyond radio and infrared and even ultraviolet that’s just the
beginning of the race when you go to cosmos that become like an awful race
but this gamma ray to us here yes so so when you’re talking about this unit of
course there’s no external radiation being directed and so on but it it will
somehow affect them those internal processes with the you know be in at the
cellular level with this potassium calcium if the body of course if the
body’s made of it you have to track with it so does that question get inspired by
our interaction with our soul or is it something that’s stimulated through the
machinery here the device itself of the device we’re going to go back to
teaching iris on some teaching here if you get rid of your picture that I can
get you can put you know after I finished that I can’t share I can’t get
my white work rack okay in many teachings we have already
explained that in the body of a man you have the you have the nerve system and
then you have my colors I’ve been on this boat for such a long time
very bad memories a little easier to do that says
everything know where I can find my lover
yeah the nerve system and you have the blood one carries the strength of the
tree the strength of the emotion and nerve carries the strength of physical
creation and these two is you know you have these double blue system they don’t
work till you put them together at a position lengthen whatever of the body
they’re these two at the right energy and right feel the strength with the
presence of lymph come with length into battle state of its own that’s how it
works that is why when you have a problem with your mother and you don’t
want to have a breast feed you change this so this solidification of the
matter at that point changes and you get cancer this is the say cuticle and now
change of emotion at this point you make it to one point nine ten to minus five
you know pick on the ground and then that creates change of material the salt
in this environment now behaves in different way this solidifies it’s very
much like here as I explained before you have a steam in the room you don’t see
it till it touches the coldness of the window and then manifest yourself as
what here manifestation of the matter is salt
blood in the current flow from the emotion and the brain if any of these
two balance level potential different changes you get the different material
and that’s how even all your layers and different parts of your kidneys or Santa
Lucia when salinity changes with potential difference between the two
lines of neural and emotion it gives a better state and then you see how strong
they are they create that the space kappa and you see all this is the place
this is what happens if you look at your bladder in your body which grows up to a
balloon then it collapses is just because the more you remember those
magnets we used to put together and if you put it the right way and change
their strength the Space Camp increases because the urine in the bladder is
still in a gaseous state in combination creates a field and pushes open the wall
of the bladder where you that’s how the system works this is it’s not just any
of the brothers just suddenly opens a space this might be a free position so
you can see creates a dimension the same is with when you will cut their space
cap in your kidneys how filtery works the same way those gaps are not just a
gap is created by the magnetic field strength of the cells which made that
gap did dtj space-time so if you understand this general moral things in
the world of Medicine becomes easy when you go into the system and the move
there’s something has happened it’s changed but you have to remember the
original current in one of them always is original so when there is a defect
this comes and you give it the right condition this comes the same strength
and then you we see in a common time as we develop
this technology and the doctors will show us that you can remove cancerous
within minute nothing is to move cancer seat and then
the body will come to the left over after 40 that’s all it is
you take as you all know how it works for those of you who are in the center
of their cancer any cancer there is a seat and then you have what we call the
cross drink the yeas and nays is every cancer is a pair and with this
technology because we can set it the right way we remove this by what we call
the process and then there is nothing to hold the panel together and the whole
thing collapses we have a very good step in Farsi you know shuttle is a camel is
very big so that you see in a car we don’t seek it just depends where you
hide the camera where you take the camera out of the picture registry we
take the seat and then there’s nothing that you take the leg of this cap on
after the cancer so if you understand the technology and you have a central
cancer which is sitting here and you take it away
there’s nothing else to hold on to it we’ve seen this with nanotechnology
materials if you take the copper from inside you can mount it you see onion
analyze disappear because the copper is gone if you look at it scientifically
he’ll none of those inside of the cancer you change the center cup with me gather
ball what you call it metal ball and nano-coated long-term and then cut it
then you see the layers can see the structure and then you can
understand more you did with the cancer and if you tell me how all these things
I spend a lot of time not doing it you give me a skull in that machine I
give you a man walking other dungeon you’ll find me the skull of Christ
thank you be the man that finish you know we preserve his head one of
these days somebody will bring running back in his body but when we still now mr. Ke$ha Lawrence said his hand up
here and he was one that was discussing the thing is about the potassium and
calcium and so on maybe he has a detailed technical question or something
you would like to ask go ahead Lawrence oh good morning mr. Kesh hello everyone thank you I wanted to ask and have
people under sent it the way I understood the technology at this moment
so 100 years ago we had scientists who were talking about blackbody radiation
and they had a problem which they called ultraviolet catastrophe which said that
if you shine too much energy onto this black body it would radiate so much
energy that the energy would become Infinite and I think at that time they
didn’t know about gamma rays and cosmic rays and other forms of light that are
much stronger than what we know as ultraviolet light and I believe that
through the use of nano coating which is the blackbody and the combination of the
emission of gamma rays from the potassium you have basically created a
system which basically proves this concept of ultraviolet catastrophe being
true meaning there is a way of opening infinite energy through stuff wedding
was not even what you said in a twisted way but to go opposite to it Stephen
Hawking tried to create a black hole which absorbs everything and us
give the basic concept came through this tool can you just you might girl video
thank you yeah his theory of black hole was to contradict this position and my
paper supported our position that there is no black hole there is no black
matter it has a certain capacity if you put too much in a cup
overflow but it doesn’t get in cosmos radiation because now we understand the
process the process is as simple as ABC you see when you have a matter air I use
this all the time it’s so beautiful you understand when you have a matter and
you make it to another material which is dark matter because they absorb all the
fields in between so what happens when you put all these energies in it this
has capacitance it’s virtually capacitor these can move a little bit the energy
increases maybe this moves a little bit that way
but it reaches the saturation point and when it reaches the saturation point it
has to release some of it that all the cells go back together in the position
they have to here magnetically so now we understand it it’s very easy to explain
it doesn’t give you cosmic or radiation and ultrasonics and whatever you want to
call it ultraviolet it’s just that you feel a balloon so much the balloon
expands to the point a capacitor and now he has to release yourself at so
whatever you want to call that has a limitation because what these cells of
atoms go back to their normal they don’t squeeze nothing out and you can do a lot
with this you can hit it with nuclear materials you can hit it with
ultraviolet you can hit with any here is a normal hit but gets to the
point that he has to release his energy because of the now we understand what we
call a great position but when he weighs Stephen Hawking with the stupidity tried
to say no everything goes in nothing comes out a black one on a nano material
is exactly the same and what I said in the original paper of creation of black
hole that not everything is absorbed and some radiation comes in some situations
such a high level there becomes a essence of creation of the world and
then if you go back to us and very recently again in farm bro report couple
years ago they say in nano material is 99.9999 with the best absorber and when
I answer to them the 1% instant hit which hits the atom itself and it
reflects back that he cannot 100% because this base cap some go through
but it’s just go so this is the same as when we call nanotechnology what we call
creation of black holes that emit light because is the capacitance or interface
either way you get release of energy but it’s not from what they say cosmos Sun
God’s energy in the rest of it now we understand it is very easy you fill a
common home to a point and when the cup overflows you you cannot put any more in
it then the empties yourself a lot it’s not the Rays of cosmos is whatever you
accept some potentially does the I would like to clarify nano-coating of this
black body emits in traditional physics infrared radiation no no no it doesn’t
it emits every radiation it made what ever has our surplice you
decide to measure the infrared I can show you
above gamma ray from this black material I can show you cosmic rays and you can
create it as a superconductor material in communication I’ve done it was very
easy don’t forget I’m the only Indian nuclear physicist Americans forced to
buy a gamma radiation detector and they parents it’s the Belgian government to
supply it to me and we still couldn’t read it because it was higher we’re
going to the cosmic level if you work with they’re not on materials the way we
understand them we work they meet full spectrum but you have to know what
you’re looking for it and as far as I understood this full spectrum release
with another full spectrum release combined is what you are using to what
you are calling McGraw fields which can be used to create matter and the
interaction was the human body and everything else because they’re not
really no no no it’s like no two doesn’t work that way
it does a waterway no isn’t it fertilization like with light ray of
light coming in and roll tangled in those fields that are emitted from the
nano coating no no no as your theory is 100 hundred eighty percent wrong way
opposite wattages if you understood the structure of the Marathi who understood
the structure of how I use nano material or you’re talking about just other
brittle you’ve got to understand how we use the
Magreb system I told you nobody has understood immigrants and nanotechnology
shall protein you work outside the nanomaterial you harness energy which is
outside the nano material nano material is like a tube we got we are used to having a tube to follow energies like
water or whatever through it here with another material you do what’s in the
space not what you want to push our absorb from it
it’s the field interaction you create a channel you create a pipe
is 180 opens to what you’re talking about
we absorb energy in it but it doesn’t do what you are saying as a function that’s
how I told you a lot of people have not understood the work of nanomaterials and
the true work of nature we are not creating something to go inside we
creating separation zone from outside on the magnetic field level you’re looking
what’s inside I look with a hold outside by the fields they created this nano layer creates a field which
gives me a channel to put what I want to put through it not what you think is
going to be absorbed here this is so huge that it needs as you said a lot of
energy and to see whether it emits but if you know how to get it to you never
see their energy that I’m talking about those layers on top of the material the
radiation I’m not talking about nano layers once once they start emitting
those fields they are you have the holy the fields that you’re working with yes
no it does it doesn’t work that way the fields are containers they are not
creators or releases of energy there are holders this is the problem
the when you use down they’re not the source that those fields are not known
camera all the fields above and nano-layer
is a cosmic ray now you learn something new all the fields above any you touch
any nano material all that feels above it is cosmic ray above cosmic ray we
know you explain this that the deuterium is the converter of those universal
fields to what we consider the matter State this is why we’ve been talking
about these nano layers so much in the plasma group because you’ve been
pointing us into this there into the direction of these higher level lights
yeah high level eyes just you don’t have a deuterium on top of the copper layer
when you have a nano copper you understand the Tyrian when you speak
we talk the terraeum as an energy pack not the Trillium as a matter state
yes the difference between carbon-14 and carbon-12 has explained in the jr. yeah
yeah but the cosmic rays we talk about it’s got nothing to do there are the
floaters of the packages on it you can float a carbon-14 in these field is just
above what you call nano players you it’s it’s the way your blood system
works that’s why your blood doesn’t stick to your way
that’s what he does creates a very high-level cosmic fields that the blood
floats over it and what I wanted to play with this whole thing is that
through the potential difference of the fields that are on top of the Nano layer
and the other material that we put in its vicinity we create this plasmatic
gradient that starts the feeding so depending on how or in a way you’re
right but in a way you cannot as you’re saying is you cannot take you can you
can take the horse to the water you cannot force it to be fed to drink you
create a condition but in your nano layers inside will dictate what
interference outside is me it is and doesn’t allow anything to come or
interfere with or float over you we are partially correct but in totality
it’s a bigger story behind it a bigger operation of the work behind it everything which is above literally
above any Nunnally it doesn’t matter how you can choose it
this cosmic ray if you old and nanomaterial between your
fingers don’t touch it move it up and down you tell me what
sensation you get you you it’s it’s when you try to put everything
to one simplified it doesn’t work it’s a totality after look and that’s why I
always push all of you to go to look at Twitter to don’t get focused on one this
is it was well it doesn’t do that it does a spectrum off work together
because it’s like to take transposition every cell position this up and how the
cell works is different what you’re talking about is virtually
what we do in Gans production we nano-coat one phrase and we do not occur
the other plate and so we create that field fourth position of the none or
here to peel off at the same time you put a plate of the same to block this is
a limitation we want to release your non nano coated metal is a point of
reference strength if you move your plates to certain
position you will see your production changes why some of you say
I cannot make any against of copper properly or co2 and you blame everything
else you don’t cut this place can be created between your plates or how you
drained in it she doesn’t place me here and as another step just to complete
this idea about the potassium releasing Fields light gamma rays and interacting
with what we have here in the nano coating there is a potential difference
between what you would now say is above the nano coating as a cosmic field and
what for example the potassium releases in form of gamma
ray and through that potential difference of these two lights we are
creating the different interactions I think is natural know all the matters –
yes this is what I mean I mean all the matters even when we call alpha and beta
radiation is also a form of light which is being released or a form of field
that is being released just with our present detection systems we have only
been taking a look at the matter part of that release and since every matter is
basically constantly in this blackbody radiation as classic physics explained
earlier but we could call it a Megara field but not at the cosmic field
strength with as with nano materials we let me add to your knowledge you even
have cosmic rays inside nano layer any atom any single atom in his spectrum of
the fields carries all the energy fields in universe depends where you cut it how
you cut it you can get gamma ray from interaction of the electron and a proton
you can get a gamma ray from interaction of the proton Neutron you can get a full
cosmic ray from the same position this is part of the nuclear decay half-life
the half-life nuclear decay has to Tooley been explained the wrong way in
the present world of physics it’s a lot of a lot of assumptions in
the fields different fields of the universe the reason why I brought this
up is because just told us you would tell us how things are going in the
universe I mean when we don’t have matter State at the mill or disposal you
know and we should work with these lights with the differences of light
strings call them cosmic or nutrient level lights of basic units and through
the interaction ah it’s gonna ask you a question
what does light mean to you it’s the one plasma it’s the night of the whoo what
does it mean to you is it confirmation of the existence or confirmation of
understanding I’m right because I see a light it’s a big difference I try to
open your horizon not to become close in one way but why do you need to have to
see to observe whatever to confirm is there when inside you you know is there
any understood the principle then if you do that you go to the next steps of
understanding the totality is not to the Churchill you’re wrong you don’t
understand no I want to open your horizon don’t
become narrow-minded that is this because they said or I have to prove in
interaction of all the elements of the universe speeded that to me it’s either
not feeding a certain electron it’s harder proton there is a combination of
existence of all the dementia strength of the universe that’s why it’s manifest
itself in this universe penniless anymore if not everything that it’s
different measures cannot be existing because it has nowhere to manifest
itself it can only manifest itself anything as long as has a common
denominator of this you succinct and this is this is part as
people like knowledge seekers like you is our job to stop you with I mean our
own minded because then you can explain something very simpler than becomes very
weak try to understand the big one and a small one is easy to do you understand
and then you see a bigger picture I do this with my children you know they go
to school and they show their fraction and these things I said no listen you
know algebra basic you learn the mathematics basic now let’s talk about
integration and differentiation and I explained to them the volume by
differentiation and he says why don’t they teach us from the beginning that we
can say the whole lot because I said the teacher hasn’t understood himself what
is to teach it we showed you the base but you have to understand the top and
then you see a bigger aspect on begin knowledge
and this is what I keep on telling you your we don’t understand it fully it’s
not you understood the basic and you’re trying to common denominator
open your eyes into a begin level beyond the light and then it doesn’t
matter what name God has if you go to God’s dictionary there is nothing called
potassium it’s a man-made name and a man-made energy so we try to take these limitations of
cosmic gamma ray or infrared ray away from it and this water potassium will do
that calcium with that anything will do you give me hydrogen with another
material I’ll give you a full spectrum you give me uranium I still give you the
same because in essence they’re all dynamic
two rotating cartwheels that in different strengths they touch each
other if you angle it right you can get camera is cosmic raise up raise even
math literature so simple
don’t try and I keep on trying you you know you haven’t got it right it means
you haven’t understood the totality and if I tell you yes that’s it you were
right then you become more nano minded because now you have a right you got to
work on it no open your eyes go beyond and then you see what you see
covers the totality doesn’t matter you call the potassium I can make for you
you’ve seen it I made called part of mercury
for the Japanese how many years the world science has
been trying to change matter to code you can make world out of carbon but
remember conversion of the energy to master the master energy now you have
the conversion of mass 2 against conventional to its energy energy to any
can see one then you have matter this is part of the teaching you have to
understand I hope you understood you go from matter to energy big part is missed
here which is your matter you become to a source you come to against and what
this gives is the energy so this energy can have a quote from hydrogen from or
pegasi now the extent of knowledge is here that’s Korea this is what I said in
my teachings even few days ago with the Iranians we have a matter I’ve done this
many times to you and then you have an atom and this is we are very intelligent
governments and scientists we are talking about nano cash foundations got
one big bill but it could be on that now you speak about cancers which is the
energy source we can make anything you like then you have to understand how
this thing works to give you this one or this one or this impact call it
plutonium in this pack college gold you haven’t even learn the composite nano
layers yet superconductors using other materials you you have a nanomaterial
of copper you have another material cold and in this space cap gives you current
flow you put here zinc that gives you different control you tighten the gap
certain informations can do it wrong although science will understand it’s
very soft so it’s not that this gives your hundred percent wrong because you
don’t look at the totality and if I allow you to become that way you become
more and more we’re talking about this is what condition knowledge is stopped
one thing and they go in it you become like a priest sir
the same paper read and read and read the same verse and then try to come
something you need to confirm you understand more of it another look at
the totality open your horizon what do you say can cover potassium 2002
potassium is a body of demand Oz is here which part we have not understood you converted this calcium to potassium
what do you want me to give you radiation only want me to give you
everything else if you go one level further we know the property of the
silver in some of the technologies are developed in the people who have a
massive infections we cannot sort you create a single atomic silver or gold
inside their brain inside the blood gun seconds because it also transfers the
energy you have to understand interaction of
the fields between elements in one of the tests very recently are sure they
can you can put a battery don’t touch anything with it and drain it reduces
energy just positioning materials around it – right away without any connection because I want to take it out because I
want to use it somewhere else or create a airflow off the field
if I tell you yes you’re right and this then I stopped you thinking and going
the right way you’re wrong wannabes are wrong because it means you become narrow
minded why calcium changes to potassium why
Thomas and timeless work together and change calcium to every element you need
copper for your leg and what you call zinc for your brain and another a
material uranium for another part of your body now you see how easily I can
tell you wrong very open this now especially we are at this level of
teachings and you understand the operation of the soul you understand
general in motion you understand the conversion of
energies please talk should have finished on time you got stock in the history of guns and
then you have to come here you understand
no move on and then you see totality I thank you very much and the thing is
that the teachings got in terms of grants creation got stuck at the energy
level ganses of the neutron deuterium and tritium and sits since these are the
most connected to all these interactions even the potassium to argon potassium to
calcium because of the metal level difference of these elements I thought
that maybe these energy level Ganz’s are being created as a by-product of all
these interactions and so you understand where I’m pushing you yes I thought to
push the whole team everyone yeah no I know but you it’s not the team it’s just
you not you as a personally you are the knowledge seekers and it’s to move on you with these interaction of the fields
you can create conditions of universe walk to that level don’t walk back home
changes to matter and the other question had a question
from in English can I ask if this new system is very different in the way it
works as compared to the dynamic health unit introduced by dr. Klaus yes in
essence yes but in origin everything is the same original dynamic systems was
introduced years ago an Almond developed version of it for a space
all these dynamic plastic balls you see is brainchild of Armen he produced it
and taught it to Changmin to be able to do I mean has understood a lot but he
can’t put it together you know I’m the worst teacher are watch
because otherwise it becomes copper kettle and the process I could show this
technology what you see now in the system 10 years ago actually I used 20
years ago 1913 2000 the firsts when I bought the first sense of unity Magister to confirm we can we can do create
forced energy to convert itself magnetic field forces these Horrible’s you see in
the in the dynamic course I created it in nineteen seventies
I was explaining yesterday to somebody or someone recently when I was in
Manchester in the college before I go to university I they said you have to do a
project I said okay I’ll make a radiation detector
I made the radiation detector and then I said to my college what a college
teacher says now to show it works I need the radiation sources written
habit we can’t keep this we have something there so I have in 1977 76 to
develop a way in my own way to create radiation to show that my detector works
so you can understand how forty years ago
already knew how to create radiation out of natural materials otherwise we had nothing to refer we
didn’t know if he plebs well it doesn’t bring what we want to blip his radiation
Texas as a propellant light we could measure going baby me but we couldn’t
measure what we’re measuring was all PPP okay there’s a furry and bitter II but
we couldn’t measure what position because we want the material college
didn’t Herod so I created my own radioactive field same as now I can create cosmic
radiation above configuration which man has no knowledge
the inter galaxies all fields or what we call inter universe fields beyond all
this cosmic rays you still have to learn that yes but you
were saying that as long as we’re working on frequencies were still in the
matter state the field of the universe is one field and it works
instantaneously everywhere so how I am the this is what you say that we haven’t
understood this how to switch from this frequency mindset to the universal
mindset the one mindset which is the universe is the common denominator in my
chronotron it’s very easy to do it we do it the
first time I showed it to somebody I think they were shocked but if you
understand the process you can get the cosmic fields and matter fields are the
same understanding the knowledge from the same fields we can gather a
Siena DC from the same wire you get the AC in the
methyl estate you get the DC from none of it but at the moment we don’t produce
you don’t have a system so thin that they can go between the layers or nano
that he can give us that current it’s a consciousness question it’s not
consciousness no way it’s not consciousness it’s understanding the
truth as long as there’s nothing the knowledge of creation put it down yes as
long as we are soul of the body and soul of in our head we are AC once we go by
directly and your ATAR phones of DC oh are you a camel bird or a bird camel if
you are a AC why do we have a DC systems so it’s there we know it’s there hey let me explain to you something else
maybe yours if you take neurosystem new your system
work on a DC if you work on a blood flow power energy it works continuously on a
PC the interaction of the two fields of AC and DC and a common denominator in
the strength gives the matter state what repeats on the upper atmosphere of
this planet which fields of the earth and the Sun create the energy fields
I continuously created between the interaction between the nerve current
through the nerves and the flow of the blood and as we say conversion of the
matter at the point of manifestation is the inertia strength so the lymph is
that inertial strength in that point it converts itself to matter so now what
what which part we don’t understand or everything has to be a counselor or the
potassium the the creation of the Salaf the man if you understand it if you have
a if you get your nerve cut and you still got a blood flow going you’re
paralyzed but skin is still makes things you still have the finger bone but you
lost a nerve but if you take the blood flow out it rots because it’s a C’s
missing to convert itself to matter state if you cut your never take it out
nothing happens so but if you cut your blood vessel flow you you die or you get
gangrene whatever because the EC side is missing converting the energy into
matter estate and only manifests itself as a cancer to sell of the Tor whatever
understand the total knowledge shall be holy the day other support
questions well maybe a couple of more quick ones dan asks what is the strength
of the maggrip of the earth and how can I measure or reproduce it but what is
the mag grab strength of the earth and how can I measure or reproduce it I’m
Dan it repeats it along the Sun Dance asking what the mag Rev strength of the
earth is and how that could be measured or reproduced or is measured
continuously by now so you get there not so regularly and there other thing
Russian so it is still they they release has we said that sometimes we brought it
up there is the gravitational field of the earth and magnetic field at earth on
the daily basis from the satellite feel the strength detectors you can go on
there or go on a couple and bring it up what is the matter of gravitational
field of the earth today it was always moving and changing always
dynamically depends the material and the trails moments this is another question
from any about the buying of this system can will physicians be able to get in
contact with the Keshe foundation doctors before buying this system what
reason for worries as I was wondering to but you mentioned I think there will be
a training period what we are doing a server at work let me explain this and
those who talk to us who buy the system or join up with groups to run the
systems will be given a part of the medical training on the one-week
two-week courses on their fish foundation outside medical side but we
don’t teach it to all those who come there as a medical if you have you
we are watching exactly this to understand what’s going on we train the
doctors to be able to use you if you decide or want to do to move on
and get these systems for your body call it downtown city and put it or whatever
and we give all the support teaching and training and as you know it when it
comes to that teaching now let me move you to to global because global has a
director of what I call health and everything will be organized through him
and his advice position in the sun’s technology fully and so in that side
global takes wheat not cash foundation in training and what I call it
supervising how the technology jobs internationally on a medical application
on research and development and the rest of it now every one of you can be the
course and bring up the technology to the people and health is one thing which
literally opens the technology to public we don’t have a pain on a coordinate
system or come without pain doesn’t matter anybody else’s over the world
this is the work if I’m paralyzed I’ve seen a wheelchair and in four days
three days I can’t walk nobody can say you know one of the doctors in this
group he’s so negative about everything because is against all his teaching but
it’s very open-minded in so many ways he said these people improve because they
do so much exercise I said they can do the excess if you don’t build the brain
to be for the excess to be done so we put anybody who can’t walk on exercise
they walk all the people are pelagic window because reinforce cannot do you
build the brain and brain allows you to do the exercise that bus fares
and you got to learn the technology understanding or we train the doctors to
do and I’m sure drugs would bring more and more for us to learn from as I
always said this knowledge is a thousand steps I’m going to step one yet and you
can see how many people will soon lost by the first before we get on the first
step in going our hands and knees we lost half and standing up 100 1/2
because they wanted to make the cash foundation that religious group so they
had a good one and the Guru wasn’t there you see recently since we start
commercializing a lot of people don’t want to be around the furniture because
they were looking for another what they call it profit and a profit is not
they’re not understands our own strength we do everything possible to break down
this man’s weakness to have a leader to have a guru or to have a whatever you
call a share knowledge and there has been a strength look at this system understand it as I
said we keep these prices to January and doesn’t matter how whatever pop up just
so 500,000 never go to one later then with all the axillary parts which goes
with as I said you can buy the particle the t-shirts we try to bring directories
to as low literally cost price and to five and ten dollars all the pants which
is needed for it or the whatever you see we bring it down to the minimum price
that governments can afford supporting in you can buy the indication of this
website in some cases your transport or shipping will be more than a product but
this assumption what we used to sell us t-shirts in Italy or go around about
five and nine dollars plus shipping we’ve dropped everything down to the
government’s can support they use her to technology or accessories and we don’t
let more water to be bought by a age group that we don’t create dealers it’s
all done the already has started out in China you can buy all the upright
whatever have shown you like the paint pattern paint pen and all that is gonna
be used but then we make it as a other level that is using conjunction with the
system and those who benefit by decking change so we we have talked into new
resources that allows us to do this so he can buy their components even like
this water will make her rich you put things on it it’ll be so it’s very very
very cheap very soon learn about one or two dollars because then we can support
it you can support the next step that governments can support it we make our
profits also sharing not out of pushing things
I read you something very interesting coming from our team from the hospital
space this is a patient which had to open a wait and you could see his life
diminishing it says he said to his mother on some way today before
yesterday I will beat you mom here four years I’ll be fine
boy who had no hope now he can live and it’s nice when you see the emotional
changes when you see this systems changed the whole totality of it and the other question I’m sure they’ll
be continuous questions there is one from mark that’s a bit long here but I’d
like to just maybe introduce it says it it’s in the Q&A from Mark Anderson he
says if the beautiful people were created in the womb of the mother with
more than one soul in the physicality as you indicated one advisor to nine
presidents had nine personalities and you said only one soul in the
enhancement at a time right now although you mentioned a unit for families today
would the beautiful people who are currently institutionalized benefit from
a future system I sense they are not forgotten in your calculations or do we
leave it for the doctors to develop systems or adjust to it what you mean
that I understand I guess he’s asking if the beautiful people who are currently
institutionalized would benefit from a future system or do we leave it up
Daniel how can you benefit a healthy man they’re healthy is asshole sick I wrote
this to the Chinese doctors the team of doctors I work with they’re been
advising them because they brought their patient they were considering to accept
a patient and the patient was given four or five medicine for schizophrenia and I
explained what is this condition none of the doctors ever made a comment because
now they had to accept a new level because most probably they give these to
their own patients are all brain and psychological doctors in this team have
they accepted it or they still have to forget the book
the red wasn’t is not water it’s here you have to put them into the machine
for them to change their mind Wow well you wanted to bring 9 minutes
from one that no I’m talking about the doctors Oh got a lot to say about
doctors maybe the doctors it should be the first patient of the machine may be
mandatory first patient there was a question from a news
will there be access of results for physicians to learn about the miracles
that this new system will create I tell are just coming from a team of doctors
is it says empty cash hello the system you have developed will be useful for
systematic observation of these three patients the therapeutic effects very
forward bringing good news to thousands of people suffering from these four
diseases because we are considering Pepsi and depression on this basis we
should continue to sum up our experiences and do great job that
benefits mankind and make us bigger and stronger their physicians have a start
understanding the gravity of what is banging these are doctors – team of
doctors work with us and interesting is that how open-minded
those who know their titles will be and they allow the change to come true in my
talk or they read scientism government so Tuesday
hi I am outspoken in my way especially the Iranian only sometimes don’t like my
unspoken they try to get take a distance that in mind doing something wrong but
it turns out to be good at the end of it somewhere no but I don’t know because I
don’t see any direction sometimes is that we have to accept that this
technology has arrived yes it can change the posture of upcoming events here or
you can put the machine on place there either way you’re happy so you have to
remember the stated score stays the same so these guys get sick and then they
want to change and if they can get away with it they become more arrogant and
they get hunted by it they get so as you know all the world leaders most of the
world leaders are sick physically or psychologically and the irony is knowing
they’re so feeble the still trying to dominate and try to force their view
that the last day they’re alive they do something that come from their existence
as we know most of you seen with the channel German Chancellor we know
Turkish president as a cancer kid we know
other world leaders have many diseases we see that make interested there is a
lot of concern about the state of health which is not in public there is a lot of
concern about most of these world leaders and when they get there they
trying to recede with expensive ones earlier he was dying in the last minute
he had to prove his in power even he brought his nation to us they say with
Maccabi just last year they started what he did it’s I think one of the first
things when we take these machines into operational development has to be
leaders to go in these machines if it has to become compulsory then they read
correctly I think you have to have a certification that you’ve been through
this elevation of the soul when you become a leader then we allow you to
continue you you elevate you to what we do you think what we think these things
will change in time but as I said the change has come the systems are here is
not a pen and a pencil and some saying my graph doesn’t work those who tell me
my graph doesn’t work refers to only had our friends after saving in Mexico we
know in Czech Republic ice cream factory and we know our dearest friends in
research they just managed to create a generator in such a funny way I was
laughing when I was working in yesterday but in totality our goal is to make life
for human race a better place within the soul of them are not within the
physicality of a house or a street let’s see where we go it’s a beautiful day
this fantastic day as I said we’ll meet you will show you in Brazil
another new technology revolutionary in but if you want to see the real magic go
to the Iranian embassy get your visas you will see what we promised just my
gift to my nation try to understand if we can if you can
support the spread of this new system supported in this brilliant in either
way he’ll come to help the others and mankind except when it comes to health
and we try to do it we try to hold it in that level and I’m very very I’m not
apologetic I’m thankful that those who wanted to make a religion out of
Education Foundation and they were looking for a groom I had two more one
as the old teacher we all learned at the same time see us in same level of light
of understanding the knowledge and we expand it I think this new system will
open all the doors and channels in the world for all of us because as I said
it’s not just elevation of physicality but it’s the soul of the man and I
promise you we put the camera you see at night when there’s nobody in hospital
the world leaders on the presence with their diseases and their families will
go to where this thing is to get in to see what but I have a very bad news for
me if your fingerprint and your iris does not match with our database we will
not switch thank you very much for today and please
remember we especially for Mexico and the Brazil we dropped the registration
fee to what is locally accepted to another pass $600 is not 1500 it was in
Austria we price according to the local environment we go to and it’s how many
ways you try to take the knowledge to your governments that they attend these
conferences they open their eyes and we see totality what we’re gonna do thank
you very much sure today and it’ll be nice to go out with the repetition of
the video division I was about to suggest the exact same thing there mr.
Kesh so got that lined up here thank you very much
most probably see you in Brazil we can see your desktop to share because
somebody else is trying to share at the same time I thank you there we go there dines the charm as they say kale
Thank You mr. Kesh for today’s workshop very and fantastic news what a beautiful
unit that you have designed and ready to go
this is amazing and a wonderful news thank you thank everybody thanks you for
this in the looks of it okay I’ll play the video and then we’ll exit the
workshop innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balanced fields from which the man was created at the point of Inception
in the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense – for the first time in the history of man a
system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the physical
body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system
hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the
world of science to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the
time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and health care centers the universal enhancement
spaceship unit the future you have been waiting for is here a journey from space
to spaceship technology has started every order is subject to a contractual
agreement and might require additional accessories priced separately for
applications according to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80
k FM Global for additional information you you

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