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48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes

48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes

This is 48 fundraising ideas to get your
brain going on a whole bunch of different topics. Good luck! We’re gonna go through this quickly. This is 48 fundraising ideas to get your mind thinking on how to raise money for your organization. Don’t worry, there’s also a link to a
bunch of extra resources you can find that go along with this video but we’re gonna
go pretty quick so maybe put it in slow motion? Starting off with athletic
ideas: golf for good tournaments. So get the companies involved,
have people come out to the course. Next up running for a cause. I love this! 5ks, marathons, there’s
easy ways of organizing this: start small so you can build a base together…same
thing for bike for a cause, you know. 5 mile loop, map it out, get people year
over year involved, you’re challenging them. Lawn sport Olympics! This is just a
funny way of getting a bunch of people maybe sponsor teams to take part
winner-take-all championship and like a cornhole game or bocce what-have-you.
Relays and challenges are fantastic. Look, you do walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons,
pledge per mile if you’re walking around a track and definitely again engaging
that community, building a list of people that you can then go back out to again
the next year so you’re really hopefully getting local champions involved. Any
sort of challenges that you’re doing you can always add a little extra so let’s
say if one team wins you can “embarrass the boss” or principal with like a dunk
tank, or tape them to the wall, or you can have donate to vote for the type of
“punishment” — colorfully — that you’re giving the person, or boss, or leader. You
can do any sort of cause marketing with these campaigns with a company pulling
in the campaign aligning with their cause and passion. You can partner with a
local restaurant and do sort of pay for water donation or a percent tip on top
of tip for a local cause they care about: works particularly well, I’d say,
with local causes aligned with that. Okay, next topic, drives. These
are things where we’re raising in a cluster, in a group. Workplace giving is a
big one, where you’re in the workplace you can work with to
do this in order to get part of people’s donations out of their
paychecks to be given to you and agree to a drive. You can do a penny drive —
classic — toss in a penny, collect a lot of them then you have a lot of money.
Box tops for good! General Mills actually donates based on the number of box tops
raised so this is particularly good for public-leaning schools who are doing this. You can do
a shoe drive! And use in order to turn those shoes into dollars —
same thing with e-waste! Ink cartridges and old cell phones.
There’s ways of also finding sites where once you’ve collected a bunch you can then go about
turning that into a donation to your organization. Next, events! And this is a giant one.
This is classically what we think of you know, what we jokingly call the classic
rubber chicken, right? You’re giving out speakers and awards and performances and
getting people in there and sponsoring it, sure. Other fun things to think about are like poker or casino night events. So these
are pieces where you can come in, obviously not for winner-take-all money but you can
have other awards. You can have a young professionals bar event or a Sunday
Funday where it’s an excuse to get dressed up and drink mimosas.
Wine taste test fundraising, so a “guess the wine” challenge and you can do any sort of
things: okay the challenge and seeing who can tell their Pinots from Pinotages.
Be the bartender events — sell the chance to be a bartender! You
wouldn’t believe how people would love to be behind the bar. Shout out to Sue Bilotta
and the team Fox group that does that — Tips for Parkinson’s is amazing, if
you haven’t ever heard of them go and check them out. Trivia events — a bar or
event space, charge per team, create a fun reward system, get your local bar
involved, boom. Food tasting event — so sell tickets include voting challenges to
spice it up, like a taste of the Lower East Side type of thing, and local vendors
kind of come in and it’s a win-win ideally for both the cause and the local
companies. A dog show or cat show… come on get everybody’s cute cats and puppies
together, march them down the avenue, and see who’s gonna support it. Art show by
famous both internal or external artists demonstrate art on the walls so,
obviously, profits go for the cause. Grow for good! So obviously mustaches we
can grow in Movember but there’s other things you can grow — your hair out, or
your nails out — this is a weird one, but there’s something there potentially.
Auctions: so you can do a “guess the amount” of a seasonal relevant thing in
a jug. So, put a bunch of candy corn in, or put a bunch of jelly beans in, see how
many people get closest, take money for each one of those guesses, and boom,
there you go. Silent auction, classic. So you can do any sort of silent auction
event in conjunction with an event so people writing in there.
50/50 raffle: you buy a chance to win the overall money, and half of it
goes to the cause. So if I gave you a dollar fifty cents to the cause, fifty cents to the
inevitable winner. You buy tickets and then you have these little chances to win and
then you can put those in different events. That works for a lower tier
prize packages, if no single person can necessarily afford to bid, you know, a
thousand dollars, but they can buy a hundred dollars of tickets, they can put those
tickets in those things. Live auction, catered dinners, or a bachelor/bachelorette:
dates, cars, all those things can be auctioned. You can also do online
auctions with high value celebrity experiences. or Charitybuzz are fantastic
at managing all of those pieces, we love those guys. A duck or a
floaty thing race, so, pick a small body of water, label all the ducks — so I have
duck number 101 — dump it in with a thousand ducks, see which
duck wins in the end, and obviously money goes to charity. Karaoke night: book the
venue, and then charge for songs or spotlight moments, obviously for drinks,
and partner in with that — people love their karaoke. Polar Bear Plunge into a
cold body of water! Sell tickets. Sell sponsorship. Write on people, bring
towels, sponsor teams — have fun with it! Turn your Polar Bear Plunge into a cause.
Cupcake or chili wars. Have judges. Make the public judge, or charge tickets
for votes for the best cupcake and see who wins. Have a dog or car wash —
maybe not at the same time. Online. All right more ideas when you go online.
You can actually have supporters use tools like, and they send a
portion of proceeds to your organization: these are very very small margins.
Same thing with the affiliate advertising and the Amazon Smile program.
Register your organization with Amazon and then when people shop, you get a very
small percent of their action to your cause. Online sponsored real estate: a page,
like, so that “million dollar website”, you can have people pay for
messages on your site, sort of a donor wall. You can have a
sponsored brick or wall, and real estate in your physical location, sell that online,
saying, “Hey, we’re making our new office, sponsor a brick or stamp on our site.”
Grocery or gift wrapping at a local store for open donations, right?
You’re sitting there, “Hey, would you mind if I gift wrap your eggs for a cause?”
Probably works better with presents. You can do the Combined Federal Campaign
for large nonprofits to get into federal donation systems: check out
for that. You can do peer-to-peer fundraising. So you can source a recipe book with a
theme, and sell the sponsorship, and sell, then, the book. So all the people that also
did it as well. You can do odd sort of challenges with a fundraiser,
peer-to-peer. If X dollars is raised, someone will volunteer to do something
odd and post it. You can do a birthday, a wedding, or a shower gift for good.
There’s tons of sites that allow people to ask, instead of gifts, send donations to
a certain organization. We can do a haunted house or a trick-or-treat give, so the
Unicef style of giving people boxes to run around and fundraise on your behalf
during those events — that correspond obviously with the holiday, cuz Halloween
in December doesn’t make much sense. You can sell a thing! So, branded food model.
Certainly the Girl Scout model works very well, getting those cookies out
there and sold. Coffee, bake sale, coffee and bake sale on high traffic days
around, for example, the election is very very common. You can sell branded
materials: so obviously you can put your logo on just about anything. I mean, heck,
you could do pet rocks for the environment. Why not? Be creative! You can do a cause-
or a town-opoly: customize a Monopoly set, or any sort of game, and then compare
that with a game night fundraiser. All right, whoo! 48 ideas.
Hope something rang a bell. Again, check out our resources on our
site, where you can find some more links. Hopefully that was helpful!

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