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5 accelerators for social entrepreneurs. Galileo Impact Stories #31

5 accelerators for social entrepreneurs. Galileo Impact Stories #31

Hi, friends. If you are a leader of the
small social venture and think about how to scale your impact, make yourself comfortable and write down 5 impact accelerators for social
entrepreneurs. Impact accelerator any intermediary organization or platform
working to scale social enterprises by providing support for their needs.
Usually, accelerators offer investment, mentorship, coaching, training, office space, networking and so on. We have selected top 5 impact accelerators for you. Let’s
start. Y Combinator is one of the most respectful and prestigious accelerator.
They have created a model for funding early-stage startups. Founded in 2005 in
California they remained the largest accelerator in the United States. Twice a
year they invest one hundred fifty thousands of dollars in a large number
of startups. The startups move to Silicon Valley for three months during which
they work intensively. Each cycle culminates in demo day when the startups present companies to a carefully selected invite-only audience. Y
Combinator offers highly quality mentorship. Founders can have as many
hours of mentorship as they need even after the accelerator program ends.
Furthermore, they also have a huge and active alumni network. In 2005 a group of British graduates
interested in addressing global challenges opened the first Impact Hub
located in central London. Today Impact Hub has more than 15,000 members across 86 locations. Members have founded about 8,000 ventures including the well-known
petition platform Impact Hub now employs 750 people worldwide and
operates on a thirty million dollars annual budget. Money comes from
membership fees, foundation, grants, consulting for nonprofits and fees for
training programs. Local hubs each have an individual operating budget. Echoing Green Global Fellowship is open for any social entrepreneur from anywhere in the world
with an innovative solution for any issue. The accelerator provides an
individualized leadership development framework to clear goals and milestones
related to fundraising planning and execution; organizational structure and
systems; short and long-term strategic planning; and personal self-care and
connection to purpose. A stipend is paid over the two years eighty thousands of
dollars for individuals and ninety thousands of dollars for two-person
partnership in addition to health insurance and professional development
stipends. International gatherings connect a community of like-minded
social entrepreneurs including a network of over 700 fellows working in sixty
countries all over the world. MassChallenge is the nonprofit itself they call themselves “the most startup-friendly
accelerator on the planet” due to their “no equity” policy. MassChallenge has
supported 2344 aluminum startups who have raised over five billion dollars
in outside funding, have generated more than two and seven billion dollars in
revenue and have already created more than 136 000 jobs. Each year
MassChallenge admits over 300 finalists to its three-to-four month’s accelerator
program across its locations: Boston, Israel, Mexico, Texas, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. These accelerators provide startups with
free office space, mentorship and more They welcome startups from all
industries from high-tech, clean-tech and social impact to retail and life
sciences. Startup Weekend hosts weekend events all around the world for ad-hoc
teams to develop and pitch ideas. Startup Weekend has grown into an organization
with a global presence. 23,000 team has been formed almost two hundreds of
thousands of Alumni Community Members and 3,000 events in 150 countries. At
Startup Weekend you’ll be immersed in the ideal environment for startup magic
to happen. The weekend is structured as follows:
First day: meet, pitch and team up. Second day: learn and work. Third day: present and choose. Surrounded by smart passionate people and with the best tool and
approaches you’ll take big steps into creating a business, becoming a founder,
and connected with the right people and resources. Everyone needs help. Regardless of the level of your enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge, you should consider
applying for an accelerator. Joining an accelerator can keep you going and moving forward. Interaction with other founders is a powerful motivating
force. Well and what’s your famous impact accelerator write in comments. And that’s
all for today thanks for watching and as usually bye, have a nice day!

  • Also check out Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, which has accelerated over 1,000 social enterprises:

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