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6 Steps to a Successful Shoe Drive Fundraiser

6 Steps to a Successful Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Hello fundraising family I’m Kristy.
And I’m Eric. And today we’re gonna give you six steps to a successful shoe drive
fundraiser in 60 seconds. Starting now. One, plan, market, recruit. Work with
members of your organization and your fundraising coach. Two, kick off your
social media. Use your starter kit social media and marketing materials to market
your drive. Boom. Three, get those shoes. Collect those gently,
worn, used and new shoes. From your community supporters and group. Four, bag
your shoes properly. Pair them together with rubber bands and put them 25 each in a bag. This is a mess. Five, connect with your coach and get those shoes picked up.
Make sure you let them know about your final bag count. Six, celebrate your check.
Once you’ve completed your fundraiser we’ll send a check your way.
That was six tips in 60 seconds. Hope you guys understood everything we said cuz
we talked very quickly. My name’s Kristy. And my name is Eric. Click like, share and subscribe. See you next
time. Bye. hold on to a shoe drive fundraise look believe me I’m a saint but today
one oh I thought you’re gonna say plan market recruit rock on

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