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7 Fashion Hacks To Instantly Look Elegant

7 Fashion Hacks To Instantly Look Elegant

My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to another video. Today, I want to share with you some
instant elegant hacks anybody could do, regardless of budget that will definitely
elevate your look and make you look more sophisticated.
Instant glamour and anybody could do this. It’s very easy. All you do,
just put on a hat. Maybe this hat
was not the best example. So what do you think?
Am I a little bit more glamorous now? Okay. Quite frankly, this hat is not the best
example and not for this outfit, but this was the only
thing I had with me today. So we have to use the props
we have around us today, but at least, you’ll get the concept. A hat really does add
instantly elegance to a woman. It is a little bit more old school, a little bit more kind of
1920s sophistication style. The whole purpose is
that women these days, they don’t wear hats as
much as they used to. Which is why whenever we
see a lady wearing a hat, she comes across more
elegant instantly. Okay, let’s take this thing off. Number two, pointy and very sleek shoes that you
wear under a pair of very long and nice trousers that covers them. That was a very long introduction. Ladies, a pair of high heels
but sharp pointy ones, maybe black or maybe
in another color, but they should be
matching your trousers. And what you do is that you wear a long
trouser that kind of covers them but then only the pointy part is showing. So this is such a good hack
if you want elongate yourself, if you want to appear taller
and have a longer looking body. The sharpness and the pointiness of
the shoe helps with that elongation. But also the heel and also when you’re
wearing a trouser that covers everything and gives you that
whole silhouette, you just look like you have a model
long legs and it looks really good. Of course, if you are already on the taller side
and the last thing you want to do is to appear even taller, then just skip
this step. But I can tell you ladies, if you do apply this, you will feel
a little bit like a goddess walking around. Because you will feel like you are this
model on the catwalk with this really long legs and you will feel just really
good about yourself. Number three, boatneck. Although, I’m not
really wearing a boatneck, I’m wearing a v-neck. But it’s almost
like a borderline boatneck, actually, well not really because boatnecks,
they never go really down. Boatneck really goes round.
They’re very rounded. And before I continue
talking about boatneck, anybody who is an inverted triangle
should avoid wearing boatneck. Because oftentimes, your shoulders is the widest part of
your body already and you will just make your shoulders appear even wider if
you wear a boatneck. So skip this step. But for the rest of my ladies,
I can tell you that the boatneck, it is such an elegant
cut of a dress or a top. It is really very classic.
So it’s also very timeless. You can think a little bit about Hollywood
old-school glamour when you see a lady wear boatneck. But what I really like about the boatneck
is that it really adds the femininity without having to show off the usual
cleavage and going that direction. Because actually, men love the
boatneck a lot, I’ve noticed. They see the collarbones. It kind of adds a little bit of a
different sex appeal to an outfit. So if you are a lady who
are very conservative, yet you want to appear more feminine,
the boatneck is definitely a good option. Before I continue ladies, I have created a cheat sheet for all
my elegant ladies who want to dress themselves on the budget, yet
appear more expensive looking. is where you will download
this free cheat sheet. I have really gathered some of my best
tips and tricks that I actually don’t even mention in this video.
So make sure you go to. and get your cheat sheet.
Number four ladies, and this is one of my
favorite fabrics or materials. So I know you’ve already heard me
talking about this in previous videos, but ladies, the Cashmere. Of course, you are going to be looking more elegant
and expensive when you are wearing a Cashmere top or a
beautiful Cashmere scarf. It’s just something about that material. It just looks very delicate and everything
that looks more delicate looks more sophisticated, it looks more affluent.
And us high-quality ladies, that’s what we like. So Cashmere is definitely a material that
is worth investing in because it will elevate your look. Skip the boring
cotton tops, wear Cashmere instead. And if it’s spring, summer, you can always find some thin Cashmere
blends short sleeve that you can still wear, without having to sweat too much. Number five, and this one I haven’t really spoken about
to my students in my elite finishing school, School Of Affluence. Join us if you also want to start
your transformation journey. But ladies, I’m talking about the classic piece
every lady should have in their wardrobe. I’m talking about the high-heel
leather boots. However, it has to be a bit of a thinner heel, has to be more for outings rather than
to run around and do your errands in type of boot. This is a boot that will
require you to take taxi or drive. It’s not really a shoe
for long distance walking. But it is a boot that is so attractive
and men love it because it’s very sexy. As you know, I advocate for
feminine style. And actually, if you are already very elegantly
dressed and you add something that has a little bit of sex appeal to it, you will add this perfect little spice
that you need some times in your recipe to make everything just like blend
perfectly well together. A woman, however, who is already a little
bit more in the provocative side, somebody who may be dressed as a very
provocatively or have this natural provocative energy might want to
reconsider this provocative boot. Because it might just add
too much spice to her recipe. But for all of us, other ladies,
definitely invest in a pair. Because this type of boots, it is
something that is a very timeless piece, especially if you buy it in black, especially if you buy it without
any embellishments or decorations. It will last you for year
after year after year, so you can really make sure to spend
on this boot. Because actually, a nice designer, leather high-heel boots like Louboutin
or Jimmy Choo might look really, really good and can actually truly
transform an outfit instantly. Then you can wear your, let’s say H&M trousers underneath and
some basic top and you will still look really glamorous. Number six, we have the scarf ladies. So I haven’t really spoken too
much about scarves in my videos. But of course, the scarf is a very important staple
piece in most women’s wardrobe, especially if you want to be elegant
and you want to look expensive. I suggest we do a scarf tying
episode in another video, but I just want you to
understand the concept. When you just add something to yourself, you instantly look a little
bit more sophisticated. Surely I might look a little bit
like a cabin crew lady right now, but you understand what I mean.
When you add this little details, you can create a lot of interesting
things with your outfit. That’s one. And number two, you just add a little bit
more sophistication to it because scarfs are truly a resemblance of a very elegant woman.
All elegant women wear scarves. So I really think it’s important to
invest in one and especially invest in multiple colors. Because scarves are used in a way when
you’re matching them with outfits that you have, depending on color. And you may be sometimes want to
accentuate on certain colors or bring out certain colors. It’s truly a perfect
way of accessorizing. So make sure, you get a scarf if you can afford to
invest in Hermes scarf because they’re truly one of the top ones.
I personally like Emilio Pucci a lot. They have a lot of interesting
patterns and colors. So that’s my little tip
for you today. Ladies, we have reached the last
point and it’s number seven. A very important hack to really think
about is to really invest and upgrade all your casual clothes.
This may include outerwear, sneakers and trousers you
wear on a daily basis, tops you’re wearing on a daily basis,
maybe even weekend wear. If you are a woman, you are in corporate clothes the entire
week and then during the weekend, you go more casual.
Then your weekend clothes, you really want to invest in. And ladies, I’m not necessarily talking
about the clothes you wear at your home, which of course, feel free to upgrade them
as well because that’s also important. But I’m really talking about the more
casual clothes you would wear when you are out running errands, you’re doing maybe some more
everyday things in them or maybe you go into your countryside, or just with your family relaxing and
you’re wearing something much more relaxed. And what happens when we are wearing
much more relaxed clothes is that that usually downgrades our
appearance immediately. We end up looking scruffy, less feminine, less sophisticated, and we ended
up looking extremely basic. For instance, a puffer jacket does not have to be some
really boring and basic puffer jacket that looks like it was
bought for $50. Instead, you can have a more sophisticated
puffer jacket. Let’s say, you invest in a Max Mara one. Why not? A puffer jacket as an example is something
you will be wearing for many years. It’s something you will probably
be wearing quite a lot as well. So think about the return on the
financial investment you make there. Spending a little bit extra on
like a puffer jacket from Max Mara, it’s going to really elevate you, compared if you just buy
a puffer jacket from H&M. That’s not going to do you any favor
whatsoever. So that was just an example. I could give you much more examples, but I want you to understand that the
whole principle is that the clothes you wear the most, you should
invest in the most financially. Oh yes. Because when you also invest more
in those clothes financially, ladies, these clothes, they tend to look a little bit more
expensive than if you are cutting corners and going for the cheapest
possible H&M stuff. Quality can be seen. People do pick up on these small details
and that really what does add elegance, expensiveness to an outfit when
you are dressed in finer materials, more high quality materials, and
the clothes simply fit you better. And there’s a last point on this subject. Whenever you are being more
casual and all of those things, just make sure you make a little bit more
effort with your outfit but also your grooming. Grooming cannot
be forgotten, ladies. It’s an instant elegant hack too,
because with a perfectly blow dry hair, any outfits containing jeans will
look good in a woman. And you know, I’m not a big jeans girl, so make an effort.
It’s really not that difficult. Now, ladies, make sure to watch my video, 10 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget. Because I do go more in depth on this
subject and you want to also learn a few more tips and tricks that I have
waiting for you in that video. I will see you there.

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  • "Which is why whenever we see a lady wearing a hat, she comes across more elegant instantly.. okay let's take this thing off." – Anna Bey

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