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A BETTER FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY  w/  Hilarious Hypnotic Holiday ~ Comedy Stage Hypnosis Experience

A BETTER FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY w/ Hilarious Hypnotic Holiday ~ Comedy Stage Hypnosis Experience

In many fundraising campaigns, you and your
team work hard, sell a bunch of stuff, and bring in the revenue… then some of that goes to your group and often,
a bunch goes to a huge company somewhere. With some, you also need to keep track of
who buys or pledges what, deal with receiving and distribution along with storing and accounting
for inventory, and multiple other time & energy distractions. Take heart… there is a better way! Hi, I’m Kevin Wharem…
and with my comedy hypnosis performance, we keep it super simple for everyone. You set the date. You get a venue. You offer it to your community. And on the day or evening of the event, the
people show up, laugh like crazy, build and strengthen great connections, have a wonderful
and memorable time and then go home. Pretty simple. When we chat, I can break that down into more
detail, of course. For example, when it comes to the venue…
almost anywhere a crowd can comfortably gather will work just fine. A town hall, hotel or restaurant banquet room,
school gymnasium or auditorium, local theater… even outdoors if the weather is appropriate. With my fundraising program, you can give
your supporters… which are your friends, family and community
members… a truly valuable, entertaining and personal
experience that’s a real bargain… and worth much more than they paid! Oh, and that portion of the revenue that you
do part with isn’t going to some huge corporation somewhere far away. Instead, it’s going to…
well, it’s going to me, personally. See, I gladly provide my contribution to the
value in this partnership, and I use my portion of the money created
from that collaboration to care for my family.
Much of it stays in my local community. Regarding the performance, because you know
exactly what the investment will be from the moment you reserve the date…
the income potential is nearly unlimited. In fact, the only real cap is determined by
your group’s willingness and ability to effectively offer the event
to your community. By the way, I have a lot of ideas and support
available to help you with that and make the process even more efficient and effective
for you! Again, we keep it simple…
The more people you bring to the event, the more money you raise…
and, perhaps even more importantly, the more people associate the marvelous experience
they have… with your group, which makes it that much
easier to gather support in the future! If every individual in the audience has a
great time and is more than happy with the value they received, then it truly is in everyone’s
best interest to share it with as many people as you possibly can. Oh, and when you offer the next event you
host, you can feel confident and relaxed, knowing that they’ve been waiting expectantly
for you to announce it… not secretly dreading another guilt-ridden
sales or appeal pitch like some of those fundraising schemes that
can leave a bitter feeling afterward. My program is a win-win-win for everyone involved…
and it’s available to you and your group right now! I’d love to explore the possibilities with
you and bring a windfall of social and financial capital into your treasury.
That way, you can be even more effective at the valuable projects you’re involved in
and better fulfill your group’s objectives! I invite you to get in touch with me and we’ll
discuss the best strategies for doing just that! Talk with you soon!

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