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A Cookbook Fundraising Success Story

My name is Magaret Krull, I’m from Williamsburg
Virginia. I am a member of Ford’s Colony Country Club and we have a wonderful group of golfing
ladies. We are very devoted to the fight against breast cancer. I researched many cookbook companies because
I wanted to do it right and it was very easy for me to decide upon the Morris company. The golfing ladies submitted their favorite
recipes. Why would anyone submit a recipe that’s horrible and put their name on it?
The recipes are really delicious! We customized the cookbooks to suit us. We
have our own cover. We have our own divider sections. It’s a very attractive cookbook. In our cookbook, I had the choice of using
the standard dividers or creating my own custom dividers. I chose the custom dividers and
one of our sections is called V.I.P.s and I sent letters out to various V.I.P.s asking
them for recipes and I got a great response. I have the governor of our state, Virginia,
Tim Kaine – he sent two recipes. Our congressman and rock star Bruce Hornsby submitted a recipe.
Two Golf stars – our cookbook is golf oriented – so Nancy Lopez submitted a recipe, Annika
Sorenstam. We ordered 1,000 copies and sold out in five
weeks and two days. It flew off the shelves. There are a lot of very unhappy people who were
unable to get one quickly enough. So it’s been a huge success and working with the Morris
company has been a joy. I have to find some other meaningful way to
spend my time. It’s been a pleasure making this cookbook and we made a sizable check
to the Susan G. Komen foundation for the fight against breast cancer so that makes all the
ladies, all the contributors, all the V.I.P.s feel really good. If you ask, “Would I recommend Morris?” Yes
and I already have. Our cookbook has had such a fantastic reception that I’ve had several
phone calls already asking who I used, what I thought, how could that company be contacted?
So I think the Morris name is already getting around Virginia quite a bit.

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