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A Fundraising Carol | ShopWithScrip

A Fundraising Carol | ShopWithScrip

[snoring] bah, humbug [Fundraising Past] Knock knock [Scrooge] WHO ARE YOU?! [Fundraising Past] I’m sorry to have woken
you, but I’m the ghost of your fundraising past, and I’m selling candy bars to benefit my
animal shelter, and you know, I just wanted to see if you’d
buy like a few dozen or so. [Scrooge] Ugh, no thanks. I stopped selling junk food a long time ago. Now I’m onto the latest and greatest thing. These crowdfunding campaigns are amazing [Fundraising Present] Did someone say crowdfunding? [Scrooge] Wait, are you me? [Fundraising Present] You betcha, I’m the ghost of your fundraising present
and we just love crowdfunding. Oh my god it’s so great, I love just posting on social media, do you know how many times I post on social media [Scrooge] I definitely don’t sound like
that… oh my gosh, do I sound like that? [Fundraising Present] I don’t really care,
it’s so much better than selling junk food and candy and trinkets and all of that stuff. Am I right? I’m always right! Self five! *Ding Dong* [Scrooge] What the? [Fundraising Future] Oh my gosh hey girlfriend
let’s go shopping! [Scrooge] And who are you supposed to be, the ghost of my procrastination? [Fundraising Future] Well, my dear, we discovered ShopWithScrip, so now we raise money on our everyday purchases just by using gift cards. [Scrooge] I…I look so happy… can scrip really make me that happy? [Fundraising Future] Free money makes everyone
happy, so come on let’s go shopping! It’s on us! [Scrooge] What a weird dream! Let’s just, let’s just see here. [Narrator] This Christmas, say so long to the ghosts of your fundraising past and present, and embrace your future with scrip [Scrooge] Merry Scripmas everyone!

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