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A keto diet for beginners

A keto diet for beginners

You’ve probably heard
about the keto diet. It’s the newest hype. All the papers are writing about it
and the interest online is just exploding. So what is the keto diet? What does keto even mean
and how is it done? In this course you will learn
all you need to know. First of all let’s get this
out of the way. What does the word “keto” mean? Basically the body can run
on two different fuels. One is sugar from carbohydrates
in the food we eat and that’s what most people today
primarily use. Let’s say if they’re eating bread,
pasta, rice, potatoes etc. The other fuel is fat. The keto diet is a very low-carb diet. So low in carbs that the body has to switch
to mainly using fat for fuel. For example from real foods like eggs,
meat, avocados, butter, olive oil, nuts, etc. Even the brain can become fueled by fat. When the body is out of sugar, fat is converted in the liver
into energy molecules called ketones that fuel the brain. And the diet that results in this
is called ketogenic, meaning it produces ketones. And that’s why the diet
is called the keto diet. Being fueled mostly by fat,
a state called “ketosis”, has many benefits including that you become
a fat-burning machine. It’s perfect for weight loss without hunger
burning fat 24/7 even when you’re sleeping. Because it gives you tons of energy,
you’ll basically never run out. Why the keto diet has become
super popular in the last few years is actually not entirely new. The foundation of keto is something old
that you’ve heard about a million times. It’s a strict low-carb diet,
it’s a gluten-free diet, it’s similar to the paleo diet and it’s very close to the old
and well-known Atkins diet. The basic idea is super simple
and based on real foods. You simply avoid most carbohydrates
like sugar, processed junk food, bread, pasta, rice etc. And instead you eat meat, fish, eggs,
vegetables and natural fats like butter. What is different with keto? Is that it’s a supercharged
low-carb diet where you can make sure
you get the maximum benefits. We’ll get to the details later. So keto is a supercharged version
of an old idea. Similar diets have been tried for decades,
even centuries. These similar diets keep returning
more popular than ever because they work. And this could have
an evolutionary explanation as our ancestors did not eat refined
carbohydrates or sugar like we do today, so our bodies may not be adapted
to those foods. Modern science proves that it works. On a keto diet most people can lose
excess weight without hunger and a number of health issues
tend to improve. Most importantly a keto diet
is not just used as a temporary fix. Many people enjoy it
as a long term lifestyle. Not just for weight loss,
but for long-term health and well-being and staying fit year-round. Many people feel energized,
full of mental clarity and have stable blood sugar levels. Most of the hunger disappears,
cravings for sweets foods are reduced, so there’s no need
to snack all the time anymore. People save time by being happy
with fewer meals. They eat delicious food
whenever they’re hungry and there’s not even any need
to count calories. Most people feel so satiated on keto
that they can eat when they’re hungry and still eat less and lose excess weight. They don’t even have to exercise. Now of course some exercise
is good for you for health and feeling your best, but it’s not required for weight loss
and certainly not on keto. In this course you will learn exactly
how to do keto, what to eat, what not to eat
and when to eat. You will learn the common problems that
people experience when starting keto, the keto flu and how to avoid it. You will learn how to know
if you’re in ketosis and the simple tricks to get there. You will learn about weight loss on keto,
what to expect, how to speed it up and how to break a weight loss plateau
should it happened. You’ll learn about the common mistakes
that people make and how you can avoid them to feel great
and succeed faster. You’ll also hear from a number
of top doctors and researchers specializing in keto and low-carb diets
who truly understand it and to make sure you do it
as safely and effectively as possible. This video course will teach you
everything you need to know and you can combine it with all the other keto content we have
on our website It’s really the only place you need
for everything connected to keto. We are committed
to making it truly simple. You can check out hundreds of amazing
keto recipes, including video recipes and if you’re interested,
a full keto cooking show. No planning required,
just buy the food on the shopping list, cook it according to the simple instructions
and enjoy eating it. You’re done. And even if you have special preferences
like say dairy-free or vegetarian keto, we still have you covered. And you can also simply construct
your own custom meal plans. You can get all this for free. You can use our free
two-week keto challenge to get started like more than 300,000 people
already have. Or for the full Diet Doctor experience, sign up for a free one-month trial,
cancel anytime. You get full access to everything we have,
all our resources; the full meal planner, our low-carb TV
with hundreds of amazing keto videos including this entire keto video course. At Diet Doctor, our goal is to empower
people everywhere to succeed on keto and low-carb
like these amazing people… “Whatever you’re doing continue to do.” At some point he said,
“Don’t lose any more weight.” I lost 200 pounds in roughly 18 months. -I lost 80 pounds.
-80 pounds? Wow! I lost 100 pounds in a year. That hunger that I’ve had for my entire life
wasn’t there. Her energy level and much like mine, our mental well-being has improved
as much as our physical health. I went from 374 pounds
to 139 pounds. I would’ve never believed
that within my lifespan I would have my life back like this. We want to make keto
truly simple for you and help you succeed
in reaching your goals. If you are interested in more
I’ll see you in part II which is about a core idea
behind the keto diet, how to become
a fat burning machine. Good luck and I’ll see you soon.

  • Men jag älskar potatis. Det är kul som svensk att direkt kunna upptäcka om någon är svensk bara genom att lyssna på deras svensk engelska dialect.

  • KETO cured my cancer last year, thanks to Doctors like you with free info on YouTube. My former oncologist told me to stop by sometime just to say "Hi!" LoL! Thanks!!!!

  • LOL I put it in 2x speed and i understood the doctor perfectly but when patients started talking i lost it hahahah it was so funny and i couldn´t understand, they spoke too fast, they sounded like squirels lol

  • Hello I do want to start the keto diet but one thing I don't like is butter oh really any oily food is this going to be a problem hope you can help. X

  • Back in the early 80's when living with my Dad and Stepmom, they followed the Atkins Diet. It was normal every night for dinner to have a huge chuck steak and large salad with cheese and dressing and a very low carb vegetable like broccoli, green beans and others I can't remember. I had a hard time losing weight. I didn't know back then I had an undiagnosed thyroid disorder. I'll admit it was hard to say goodbye to bread, pasta, rice cereals, sweets, pies, ice cream but I was determined to do this. I made up in my mind I'm doing this since I was so mad looking at a mirror in a stores dressing room to try on a pair of pants and seeing the fat, cellulite…I had to get so mad at myself to do something so I followed the low carb high protein way of eating along with I walked briskly every evening listening to my Walkman and singing along. That made my fast walks fun and I needed exercise NOT to be a drudge because I would not stick with it so music made it fun and bearable. So my usual food menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner would be…
    Breakfast> Large plate of scrambled eggs with butter, plenty of bacon or sausage or a cheese omelet.
    Lunch> I'd have a large chef's salad with ranch dressing but minus the croutons or hamburger patties with cheese. And…
    Dinner> a chuck steak or broiled pork chops with grilled zucchini topped with Mozzarella cheese. It didn't seem like I was dieting because I was full and didn't feel deprived. When I weighed myself after the first week and saw that scale go way down it only bolstered my resolve in keeping up with it and making my will power to grow even more. Great way to accomplish that huge goal that the lbs. melted off. In under a month I went from 150 lbs. to 101 lbs. Woo-hoo!. I also snacked on nuts, jerky and flavored pork rinds. You could also see that it was working by buying A bottle of Ketostix at any grocery or drug stores.
    What you did first thing in morning was to take a Ketostix test strip and good it on your urine stream then place it on a level surface. If you saw the end of the tiny square pad on the end and it turned a light pink to a moderate purple to a deep dark purple that meant orc was working. I was never one to count calories or weigh my food. I liked food and large portions so noticed the dark purple colors showing up that proved you were burning fat. In no time at all I went from a size 15/16 pant down to a size 4 where I had to get some pants altered. I felt energetic and after my walls I felt energized and slept great. I also noticed it lifted my mood up too. Didn't feel depressed or sluggish. Best way of eating for me with guaranteed results.

  • Hei dr. Anderia så hyggelig som du gir oss om keto diet
    Jeg har mange spørsmålene om keto…er det mulig å ha en dag som rest og spise karbohydrater men ikke stor mengder, og hva skjer hvis jeg spist er det ikke bra for diet

  • I am Gastric Bypass operated in 2011 and in 2012 my small intestine perforated as a result of the operation. Have chronic pain that I get medication for. Can I use the Keto diet to keep the weight stable? Also has allergies for some fruit and vegetables.
    Can my daughter use Keto diet when she has too low metabolism?

  • I have been on the keto diet for 2 weeks now (low carb prior) and my blood sugar is much better (Type 1 Diabetic) however I haven't lost any weight and I go to the gym 5 mornings a week. I am not sure what I am doing wrong – I would like to loose a maximum of 10lbs but it seems impossible.

  • Thank you for telling us all the truth. The truth and someone who finds it and delivers it … really ARE LIFE SAVERS. Thank you!

  • I have started to loosely follow the warrior diet. I have 2 full meal each day. Normally, the 2nd meal is at least 3-4 hour later. As I may have busy schedule, I can not and do not want to fix the exact time for these 2 meals. I would like to regain our lost abilility of early man to eat at any time. Eating at fix time may induce my stomach to pump out acid at fix time!

    I mostly try to have my first meal before 10:00 am and avoid eating after 6:00 pm

    I have acid reflux which improve a lot recently, but not fully okay, possibly due to my stricter discipline of eating. I sometimes feel my mouth and the area just above my stomach acidic when I get up in the morning. Always, I feel better when drink 250ml of milk. I essentially cut out all medication regarding acid reflux. When I am awake in day time normally, I intake food whenever I feel acidic, which is around 1 to 3 times per week.

    I have several purposes for following warrior diet. Obviously, to cut above 15 to 20 lbs of fat. I am 171cm and 180 lbs. Secondly, I want to be fat adapted to improve my endurance for biking and other sports. Sometimes, I do feel weak after 1-2 hours of medium intense exercise. I guess I am not good enough during the transition from glucose-base to ketone base energy system. Thirdly, reduce and flexible meals let me cut down on the frequence of eating in unhealthy food outlets. I try to cook at least one meal.

    My question: I think the 250ml of milk will break my fast definitely by defintion. However, I want to figure out how bad it is. Food will induce insulin. But, Do milk and other food with low insulin index taken in small qty have signfigant impact on my fast? 100% fast have 100% result. 90 % fast have 90% result?

    How to avoid this 250ml of milk safely and reasonbly, if it is really bad for my fast, because I really want to be fat adapted?

    Sometimes, 20 hours after my last full meal, I do not feel hungry and uncomforable, should I extend my fast? 😅😅

    pls also advice if any of above practices are no good

  • Im not a scientist, but based on deduction, knowing the history of humanity, i can say keto diet makes a lot of sense, think about something, american food industries are the dumbest industrie of all time, they dont expand health ways of produces health food for the population, they basicly take the easiest rout possible, which its produces sugar/carbohydrates in large scale, americans have to stop being proud of stupid moves that they have on the last 100 years, they claim freedom, but many of them cant go to the grocery store walking, because are prisioners of their own body, freedom are more used for stupid people, than responsible people thats something that i notice when i trip to america, i didnt see that level of stupidit anywhereelse in the world, im not generalization tough, american have genious and they are the ones who carries the countrie on their sholders…

  • I'm sorry, but this guy is literally the love child of Tony Robins and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Great video though!!

  • Good morning from Kuwait.. I need your advice to lower my blood pressure, I have been doing Keto for almost 2 months and I lost 2 kilos so far, currently, I am 82 KG. but I am still struggling to lower my blood pressure, what's your advise? thank you.

  • I'm so happy to have found you. I love the way you explain things. I've been on Keto for a month now. I have lost 9lbs and I feel great.

  • We really have been poisoned by our foods and our food makers. I remember a time when most people were not overweight and now i look around and most people are overweight. I am afraid to try the Keto diet just yet. I want to try a low carb diet first to see how i do. I never really did a low carb diet because im not much of a meat eater but im seeing you don't even have to be a meat eater to do this diet! I joined Diet Doctor yesterday. I got a 30 free day trial and im checking it out right now and it is very cool so far. I have to retrain all my bad eating habits into good ones and there is a lot to learn. Diet Doctor has a lot of recipes too. They have the Keto plan and also just a low carb plan. Im hoping i can do it!

  • Thank you, Diet Doctor! This diet totally worked for me and I love your website, I recommend it to everyone I know who is interested about Keto diet. Here's a video I created of my Keto journey –

  • Whoever is reading this, I want you to know you're beautiful regardless of what anyone says, and if you don't think you are… you are to me. 🙂

  • I tried it for two weeks felt dizzy heart palpitation nausea confused fever low blood pressure I don’t know what I did wrong

  • Very informative video! But why do I feel like it turned into an infomercial towards the end? SMH LOL

  • The Keto diet and Intermittent Fasting has changed my life, I have lost 27lbs. in 30 days. The best part for me is that my back pain is gone, I was just told 3 months ago that I needed surgery on my lower back. Not happening my friends.

  • Thank you Diet Doctor! This was video that got me started on my journey, 80 pounds gone forever, 2 years later still going strong

  • Thanks For The Video. Keto Diet Natural Weight Loss Solution For Successful Diet Results | Helps Induce a Metabolic State of Ketosis | Supports Natural Weight Control | Supports a Healthy Metabolism | Order 3 Months Supply and Receive 2 Bottle Free = Total 5 Months Supply

  • Wonderful video. I love the fact that you speak slowly and clearly. This way I can not only understand but also can remember what you’ve said. This video is very helpful for those whose English is a second language. Thank you very much👍🙂

  • Had me right up to the point at the end when they had a lot of actors on, you can always tell the ones that aare actors a mile away {there is a reason they are not movie stars}. I will keep looking, I dont like to be "processed" like that I also didnt like the without exercise bit, you may well burn body fat by eating the stuf in the diet but you will look awful, you need to exercise to get toned, who wants flabby fat hanging off their bodies

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