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Accessibility Bad Intro to Patella Tarot (2% FUNDED) all-or-nothing by APRIL 6

Accessibility Bad Intro to Patella Tarot (2% FUNDED) all-or-nothing by APRIL 6

hello I have just crawled out of the
darkness so I’ve been holding my soul inside for a long time and I don’t know
exactly what I mean by that but- the wheel of fortune, you see the wheel, the knees, the knees, the knees – wheel of fortune. the five of leaves sort of talks about those
feelings of planetary chaos which we are probably all feeling right now sort of
societal chaos there’s sort of this like sense of doom and destruction that’s
hitting us. I’m sorry that the lights are so bright, I can’t help it, I’m just you
know a ray of light. the ace of leaves symbolizes new beginnings. the ten of
leaves has to do with abundance and prosperity and the future and I decided
to use leaves instead of Pentacles because I’ve never really connected with
Pentacles I’ve never really understood the whole concept of money we need to
return to the earth. this is the back. that’s the fool actually but I’m calling
it the idealist which is sort of like a hopeless romanticism, I think you can kind of
see that coming across with all the lips this is the pluto tarot that I’m working
on right now that I started while I was on short term disability. it was an
unexpected project it sort of emerged out of me spontaneously and this is the
back of the cards possibly, debatable. I might change it but if people like it I’ll
keep it um I’ve got a lot of different cards that I’m working on.
instead of having court cards like kings and queens I’m doing ages of wisdom and
so this is the child of keys. I’ve renamed all of the suits to reflect the
times that we’re in so there’s a Kickstarter going until April 6th and
I would very much appreciate your support. I’m a non-binary disabled
transgender survivor and this project would enable me to start my own journey
of self-employment and it pays me for my labor while I complete this deck. 1/4 of
the cards are already complete. I am also working on a guidebook to go with
the cards and if I sell enough of them if the Kickstarter is successful enough
and that I can make a really big order like a thousand cards or a thousand sets
even if- even if we don’t make it to thousands like that a thousand people
buy tarot cards if I just even have enough money after labor and all the
other expenses I will just order that many because the cost per (set) would enable
me to include a pen and a notebook as well. I am designing placement cards. I’m
going to include them. they’re very simple they’re just cards that you put
down before you do a reading that tell you what the card associated with that
placement is supposed to mean so it makes it easier for neurodivergent
folks, for people with executive functioning deficits, it makes it easier
for you to do the readings in the deck and with the cards and I’m designing
three different spreads to go with it based off of- sort of- that match this
deck of cards. I have three different sets of readings that you can do. the
patella spread which is a seven card spread, the walking spread which is sort
of about, you know when you’re debating about what direction to go in
kind of thing, you know so it’s a decision-making spread that’s five and
the panic spread which is sort of meant to be like an assessment spread of where
you’re at right now so the first one the patella is kind of like- a sort of like
an overall spread to figure out where you’re going what’s happening like it’s
sort of like the big overarching thing the walking spread is sort of a
decision-making spread and um I know this because I just said it out
loud oh and the panic spread is supposed to be kind of like a grounding
hopefully positive spread. I really hope that no one ever like if you draw the
tarot and the tower when you’re doing the walk- the panic spread I am so so
sorry I’m so sorry- but I’m just saying that
because inevitably people panic about kind of thing but- but transformation is
not bad I mean death sucks obviously but in the
Tarot we’re speaking of a metaphysical rebirthing and this is the denial card.
I’m replacing the devil because I don’t resonate with the devil. devil ain’t my jam
not jamming with the devil. jamming with denial, you know running away from
yourself because um the devil card is supposed to be about “overindulgence and
earthly pleasures” the problem isn’t like what people do or do not put into their
bodies, the problem is are people running from things, are you running from things
about yourself, are you avoiding things are you avoiding truths that’s the real “devil” so it’s the denial card and it’s me dislocating my kneecap at a Dance Club
which is a real thing that actually happened. have you danced until your
bones fall? no? I have. I really know how to get it on with Dionysus do you? I
don’t know. Dionysus isn’t my deity- but you know, it’s
a good joke please check out my tarot card I’m on
Instagram as mustache wish mustache witch mustache- mustache mustachewitch
rate witch W I T C H witch okay mustachewitch I don’t know why but it
feels like I’m not saying that right anyways anyhoo I’m doing this not
because I’m praying but because I’m stretching my hands for my drawing
because I have a hyper-mobility disorder so as above, so below it’s good for my hypermobility and to
make sure that this muscle here it’s tender (I dont even know what I mumbled here) so that I can keep drawing- oh I know my computer’s having issues shut up okay sorry my computer is
not good enough for this crap but anyways what am I trying to say oh right my social media handles okay
I’m also on twitch: slash paint AF which is my old handle that I used to
use I’m also paint AF on Facebook as my
artist page you can like that. my twitter is thighsaregood because thighs are good I’m just body positive all around all thighs are good you don’t have feel bad about your
thighs if you don’t have thighs that’s fine too, I don’t care (sic: judge), okay what else is
there? my youtube channel which you’re on right now so you’re watching this here
on my YouTube that’s good. I did twitch I did Twitter Facebook and Instagram
anywhere else, oh I also have my website queer Renaissance dot design where I
talk about myself way too much and it comes off it’s really obnoxious, that’s fine.
support my Kickstarter it’s on Kickstarter it’s called The Patella Tarot. it’s
all about my kneecap dislocations, invisible disability, my
journey with mental illness, spirituality and all of those things how they all
intersect in a chaotic mess because I am a chaos magician who’s been practicing
for eight years. I’ve been doing one year of focused witchcraft under the guidance
of I guess my patreon, I try not to worship gods, I try not to have that kind
of relationship with them because um you know I’m I’m non-monogamous in my heart
and in my relationships with my dieties and and and no one has control over my
soul I dictate the journey of my soul but Hecate’s been an
immense help to me in my journey of healing so I do a small nod to her
and the use of keys for wisdom in the deck. Oh yes support the Tarot and every
contribution about it, every share about it, about anything, share you share your favorite
card that I’ve drawn so far on Instagram. talk about it. there is so much happening
here. there is so much happening here and there is so much happening in the world
and everyone’s like freaking out like oh my god I don’t know how to deal with all this
crap it’s happening in the world. I am making the tarot deck to help you deal with the
crap in the world. so every contribution helps. I will go through my process of
magic. my system of magic. my way of relating with magic when I go through
the entire deck in a live stream that it only costs five dollars to
contribute to that so there’s rewards as low as that for
people who can’t afford to contribute towards a deck there is a twenty dollar
reward that’ll grant you reading. there’s a limited
number of those and as well adhd neurodivergent, that jam. yeah I’m writing a guidebook
notebook, pen. oh yeah I’m on tick-tock as Tony Kistch um
total chaotic mess in the tik-tok the cis are really upset about some perogies. I
don’t understand why that’s got 22,000 views. beats me. I used to be a meme. don’t
really jive with that, feel like the Internet owes me a little bit for that
cuz I was kind of mean so I would love it if you supported my Kickstarter to
help me transition into new fields of work, new fields of creativity. I
appreciate everyone who’s contributed so far, we’ve gotten off to a great start
but we need to make a lot more money because I am committed to trying to
produce this as ethically as possible and that means that I am trying to
source local printers um so that I know that sort of like labor practices are
good and I am also- when it comes to assembly and distribution I will not be able
to do all of that myself so I am getting um sort of like local members of my own
community to help me out people who I’m friends with and um you know extra money
that if if the shipping estimates are off at all like the extra kind of goes
towards supporting them as well and I’m I want to make sure that I’m able to
contribute to sort of pay for their time in assisting me in that like it
costs a lot of money to bring a product to completion and to you and I have
thought that through, right, as a creator right, some people like look at that number and they’re like oh my god that seems like so much money that
you’re asking for but, one it’s Canadian and not worth as much as American money
or Australian money or I don’t even know what UK money is like so I can’t
make a comparison there I think it’s probably worth less than a pound so yeah
it’s Canadian money so it’s not actually that much money and every bit helps
every tiny bit, every share every contribution, tell people about this, get
people excited about it because I need my community to help me get this
out there I can’t promote this on my own I have like you know a little bit of
money that I paid for like a couple of Facebook like a couple of ads but like
I’m not gonna be able to promote this on my own
I need help i need help desperately it’s- the great the start off was great
but we need to get some momentum going and we make this happen because
this is what the world needs and it just it feels like everything in my life and
I’m not even joking everything in my life is informing this deck and I’ve had
a lot of wacky experiences I have a lot of weird spiritual experiences I have
had you know battles with mental illness and paranoia and this just brings
solidity to all of that and this project just makes me feel whole and beautiful
and I want to give that to you and and I want to use this deck to converse with
the world and there’s only two thousand that are that are up for grabs on this
Kickstarter okay so and I don’t know if it will have a different kind of future
run so this might this might just be it all right this might just be a limited
this is this might just be it. it would be funny if I get like 20 20 printed
like 2020 and then keep 20 for myself that maybe I’ll do whatever with but any
who’s any hoots this is it. so um if you could share about this project I would
really love you and the world is a better place with everyone in it

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