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Adoption Fundraisers with Shoes With Heart | 3 Tips

Adoption Fundraisers with Shoes With Heart | 3 Tips

Many parents dream about adopting a
child but the costs associated with adoption often deter the thought of it
ever happening. Through shoe drive Fundraisers, Shoes With Heart works with
adoptive families to help them tell their story, raise money, and ultimately
bring a child home. With the amount of energy that goes into preparing your
family for the adoption of a child money is ultimately the main factor. Shoes With
Heart works alongside you as you collect gently worn, used and new shoes within
your community and then Shoes With Heart pays you by the pound for the amount of
shoes you collect. So there’s no need to ask anyone for money or to buy things
they don’t want or need. So when you’re ready to start your shoe drive
fundraiser, I have three tips for you! Tip 1 Tell Your Story:
Although gently worn, used and new shoes are the commodity being collected, your
story is the cause behind the fundraiser. This allows your donors to feel
connected to the overall purpose of your drive.
Tip 2 Utilize Social Media: platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even
YouTube can broaden your audience and provide a wider network of people who
support your cause. Tip 3 don’t hesitate to ask others to help by simply
spreading the word. Businesses, organizations, and churches can create a
lot of drive for your fundraiser just by simple word-of-mouth. Finding unique ways
to help alleviate the cost of adoptions doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you
have any questions about adoptions shoe drive fundraisers with Shoes With Heart
feel free to leave a comment below or email us at [email protected] please be sure to give us a like on Facebook and to subscribe to this
channel. I’m Kristy and I’ll see you guys next time!

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