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Advertising A Charity Event With No Advertising Budget

Advertising A Charity Event With No Advertising Budget

Advertising A Charity Event With No Budget
ad spend bobby dietz a day in the life My name’s Bobby Deeds. I’ve been posting videos like this on YouTube
for years now with this new channel is all about my digital marketing agency. Make sure you hit, subscribe and follow along
like Google straight of free. But the problem with Google just to manage
your expectations is that Grant is really tough like they are. It is back in the day, it used to be like
apparently, you know, it used to be you just put ads live in and they would just spend
all ten thousand. Now it’s not the same. You got to go really broad. There’s restrictions on keywords and it’s
much more difficult to actually get it to spend. Not trying to say it’s impossible. Just trying to manage expectations a little
bit. Tell me about these events, man. They like this. I mean, it’s just like straight up event sign
ups, right? So I assume that you’re paying the speakers
at this event. That’s great. So here’s what I suggest. I suggest you create a group where each of
those fifteen speakers are going to post a post on LinkedIn and then each of the other
speakers like and comment on that person’s post. So that’s going to force the post to get delivered
by LinkedIn. They’ll be a lot of organic exposure, but
like forced virality to that post as well. But the people that follow those speakers
will see that they commented on another speaker that will be at the events post. Seierstad It would be that one of the speakers
posting in a post about that event happening and saying that they’re going to speak there
and then all the other speakers commented on it. Then the same thing will happen with every
other speaker. If they’re going to do it for free, this would
be a big problem. If you’re paying them and you know you would
have to pay for that kind of shout out. But since they’re doing it as a volunteer,
I’m sure that they would be willing to make one post about the event that they’re willing
to that they’re going to speak at. And then I’m sure that they would also be
willing to comment and like on the other speakers that will be at the event and support them
in that way. Seems like a very, very reasonable thing to
do. And I know for a fact that it’ll work, especially
on LinkedIn, because LinkedIn’s algorithms like 2008 and any time like you know that
you know the drill, Ali. I mean, if you comment on I comment on some
random person’s post, you see it in your feed, it’s crazy. So if you guys did that, that would be if
you don’t just try it. You don’t have any ad rep ad dollars spend. Right. So what’s a way you can force a little bit
of of exposure of virality? That’s I would spend a good amount of time
doing that and have that happen. This events April 3rd. I would have that happen May 3rd, May 4th,
May 5th, and you might even have everybody do it on the exact same day. And so it’s, you know, if the exact same time
so that it’s over like they don’t have to worry about all of this is gonna happen for
the next four days. Now everybody just gimme a link and all fifteen
of them go in and come in and like on all of those posts and it’s over for that’s their
effort promoting it. They don’t have to do anything else. That’s what I would recommend. Are you guys gonna pay affiliate commissions
out for these events at all for like somebody who drives sales? Know it’s an uninvolved party that’s not has
no vested interest. They’re not speaking. They stand not to gain, but they might be
in the leadership space. Why would they promote the event? Perhaps they can make $50 for every sale. Suddenly they would promote it. Do you have anything like that set up? I’m just trying to think about ways for you
guys to advertise this event that doesn’t cost money. That’s that’s paid out on revenue. Right. So somebody buys a thousand dollar ticket
to your event and you flip the person who gave you who drove the sale a hundred dollars. You didn’t spend any money. You you took it right off the top line. Right. It’s just a pure fixed expense for that revenue. Perfect. So send it up to $50 or a percentage of the
ticket price and then go and reach out to all the people in the industry that are part
of like what are some of those leader groups like Speaker X and Bam, you know, you know
the drill. All those people will start from. Maybe it’s more of a local thing or people
that are involved. Even people internally, like, you know, at. You know, they’re you know, they’re going
to promote it, but now it’s like, hey, look, anyone you get to sign up, use your link and
you get $40 or $10 or five percent. Maybe they’re really motivated to start telling
people now. Right. So that’s an idea for you. Maybe you guys don’t want to actually spend
any money to, you know, off of the revenue. And I don’t know. You’re the financial part of the thing. I’m just trying to think about realistic ways
for it to happen aside from just Google, because I don’t know if Google will actually spend
that much money.

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