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Alexa von Tobel: 3 Things Every Founder Must Do Before Fundraising | Inc.

Alexa von Tobel: 3 Things Every Founder Must Do Before Fundraising | Inc.

– So having raised five rounds
of venture funding myself and having advised
dozens of entrepreneurs, I hear the things that
you wanna think about before you go out for your next round. (upbeat music) Thing number one, put
together your pitch deck and then get the smartest
people you know in your life. Ask them for an hour of their time and walk them through the materials. And listen to the questions they ask and the feedback that they give. From there, take version one,
go through many iterations and get to a point where you really have version five which is the best tightest
pitch deck you can have. The second thing you’re gonna wanna do is take stock of your current investors and if they are interested in participating in the next round, what that’s gonna look like, because you’re gonna need
clear answers on that once you’re actually out and fundraising. The third most important thing to do is really to put together
your full data room. And that data room is gonna be things like your financial model,
prior board materials, any contracts that exist, your cap table. All relevant and important information about the status of the company, the wellbeing of the company, audited financials if
you have them, et cetera, all in one place. And I always tell people, get that ready before you go out on the road because once you’re on
the road, it’s non-stop and you don’t wanna be in a position where you’re actually scrambling to put that data room together.

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