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Animated Evolvemint Fundraising Video

Animated Evolvemint Fundraising Video

This is Priya. She lives in Bangladesh. She’s got five
kids. They live on less than a dollar a day. They eat rice and lentils. They bathe outside using buckets. They live in a one-room house that’s
probably smaller than the walk-in closet in your bedroom. Priya has a problem. Every night when she’s done taking care
of meals, laundry, shopping, and cleaning, she lays
down and has a recurring dream. She dreams of creating things for
people, beautiful things. Fabrics and fashion that reflect her unique creativity. She even dreams that she could make
enough money doing this to support her family. She’s gone to school to learn about
block-printing and other fashion techniques.
She’s developed a unique style of her own.
But when she started the business she encountered some serious obstacles.
Her position in society, difficult government bureaucracy, and a lack of loan sources are just a few.
Because of this, somedays she struggles to make enough to put food
on the table.That’s where Sophia came in. When she heard Priya’s story and met
other women like her, living in one room houses, bathing with buckets,
she knew she needed to help. She started Evolvemint to develop meaningful, equal, and sustainable partnerships with
entrepreneurs like Priya. Evolvemint has developed a powerful
system that empowers women like Priya to bypass all the obstacles that stand in the way
of her growing a business. Now Priya has hired more women to produce her beautiful block-printed fabrics And here’s where you come in, you can help Evolvemint have an impact on more women. Your investment will create fresh change
in Bangladesh. Providing technical assistance and
market information to women like Priya. Your investment will also allow
Evolvemint to educate Americans on sustainable fashion. Their transparent practices and profiles
of their vendors allow buyers to trace their handmade
products all the way back to Priya’s shop knowing that everyone was treated fairly
along the way. Invest in Evolvemint and help Priya’s dream become a reality.

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