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Ann Coulter: Ted Cruz’s Dad JOKING About Sending Obama ‘Back to Kenya’

Ann Coulter: Ted Cruz’s Dad JOKING About Sending Obama ‘Back to Kenya’

remember Louis when I played the video
above Ted Cruz’s dad Rafael Cruz saying President Obama should be sent back to
Kenya we talked about that last week Louis did it appear to you at all like there
was a reaction or tone from either Rafael Cruz or the
crowd that it was all a joke I did not get
that impression now know what Ann Coulter is making that
argument she was asked by Piers Morgan about Rafael Cruz the statements that
President Obama need to quote go back to Kenya and Ann Coulter in a way that is
completely not believable to anyone who is even remotely a clear
thinker she says come on it was just a joke it
was an obvious joke everyone knows the whole birther thing
is crazy here’s the video president watch this
will be NY GE Hao visiting my the what do you mean by that we need to send Barack Obama back to
Kenya on 3 kick quick points 1 is it’s clearly
a joke a lot of speeches the Kenya references always kill point2 send him back to
Kenya was a main it means nothing it’s a reference to
Kenya people laugh because the birther thing is crazy and number two is not making it easily
answered questions both things crazy 50 salient 0 clearly no I think it’s a
joke will dispute that let me move on remember Louis how I’ve said many times
that when people’s respond to a clip by saying no no no it was taken out of context you only saw apart that was taken out of context and
often the only contact that could possibly change the meaning
up the audio or video in question is that right before the camera was
turned on the speaker said I am about to say
things that I absolutely don’t believe starting now right sometimes that’s the only context
which would really change the meaning above the video and that’s essentially
what Ann Coulter is saying there must be some way she knows that
the entire ran to the entire building rant that was 15 or 20 minutes long with all simply a joke and there’s no
evidence if that there is increasing evidence and we’ll have more but
tomorrow that Ted Cruz’s dad is widely crazier
than any of us imagine yeah they had to put
out a statement that they do not they takers and stop at the distance
himself from the comment that his father yet we area and Ann Coulter had three
point she wanted to make one of the first point is that the comment was a
joke you really don’t need the other two point now the the other pointer kind of
irrelevant if the entire thing was just a goof
which obviously it wasn’t it anybody can review that tape and explain to me what evidence there is
that Rafael Cruz was joking I would love to see it please send it to

  • Paste the following link into your YouTube search field and search to see, "Joe McCarthy & Ted Cruz, A Disturbing Comparison.”


    A short video that asks the questions, "What is a legislator?" and "What is a demagogue?"

  • If I took a soiled baby's diaper and put it next to a picture of Ann Coulter, I'm not sure that I would be able to tell the difference between the two.

  • But if someone said Raael or Ted Cruz should go back to Cuba or Canada she would have been upset saying liberals are bigots.

  • I guess Obama was only joking when he said he is "really good at killing people." Pakman, you edit video and show them out of context them a lot and essentially you are a joke as well.

  • Two horrible people I hate in fake 'debate.' Is it any wonder why I don't have a TV subscription anymore and only watch stuff online.

  • They should send back gay ass rafael gay ass cruz back to cuba. Now that he is trying to send people back to random coyntries. What a joke this old fool is.

  • She tried telling Bill Maher it was a "joke"..and he essentially told her Shes full of shit.Send that old fuck back to Cuba.God how I despise Republicans

  • I'm surprised Ann Coulter still haven't revealed herself to be the devil. I am also surprised that she isn't a "birther", and while she did lie, I'm surprised that what she said didn't contain any of the usual vile and twisted wbc-level dumbfuckery.

  • TeaOPee leader Cruz learned extremism from his father. His dad helped Castro take power, but instead of dealing with the consequences he bribed his way out of Cuba.

  • That kind of argument is a) misogynistic and b) an ad-hominem.
    I think Coulter can be discredited as an intellectual without resorting to the above.
    BTW, IMO what she "just needs" is to jump off a tall building.

  • and we have to look in our own camp that we dismiss an obviously racist comment made by a person not born in America(Raphael). Indonesia has nothing to do with him and his father is Kenyan. Do we say the same things about people whose parent's are say Italian?

  • Ann Coulter is a nutcase. She is character disturbed. Why does the media book her? Only other nutters like what she says….clearly not worth listening to.

  • Colter does not deserve any more attention, she can go back to her other job which is being a horses ass impersonator

  • You guys should stop talking about Coulter. She plays you guys like a fiddle. She says these stupid outrageous things just so you talk about her after she publish her latest inane book. She's a mastermind that's become rich on pandering to morons and aggravating the liberals. Stop making her richer, stop talking about her period.

  • even if she thought it was a joke (which it's obvious she knows it wasn't) what she's saying is racism and racist jokes are okay with her and everyone there. she's admitting she and her ultra-conservative party member friends are racist, without any shame at all.

  • No one should be sent back anywhere. Yes, I hate that old fart too but saying that he should be sent back to Cuba is equally being a jerk.

  • No one laughed; they applauded (just as the audience applauded Ron Paul when he said government should disconnect life support for a young man in a coma without insurance). An audience might applaud a good joke, but they would be laughing too. This audience only applauded in agreement with the statement made.

    In order to send someone "back" to some place, they must have come from there. Obama didn't come from Kenya, he was born in the US. The same cannot be said for either Rafael or Ted Cruz.

  • It should be noted, as absurd as it is, if it WAS a joke, it would be a racist joke.

    "He's black! Get it? He's from a place in AFRICA! Haha!"

  • Well, looked like a joke to me. The people reacted like it was a joke. Video to blurry to see his face, but looked like he was just pandering to an anti Obama crowd by throwing up some birther lines. Perhaps there is other material where he advocates taking official steps to send Obama "back to Kenya", but I doubt it.

  • To be fair I wouldn't want ANY OF THE DUMB ASS CRUZ to be sent to eater Cuba or Canada send there asses to a different planet. Neather Ted Cruz or Rafael Cruz deserve to be part of Cuba/Canada/Earth

  • Rafael Cruz has said a lot worse than that, Right Wing Watch recently uploaded a bunch of videos of him saying some pretty crazy shit. If Ted Cruz runs those videos will do more damage to him than Obama's connection to that crazy priest.

  • I don't think Jeremiah Wright was crazy.
    one of his speeches.
    All he really said was that others around the world hated USA because of it's war & racist policies.

    That is far more accurate than Bush saying people hate USA for it's values..

    The vast majority like USA values (ie highest social mobility "the American dream" is real in Scandinavia and lowest in USA). the reason people hate USA is because it's a lying corp oligarchy that never lives up to USA values.

  • Forget birth certificates. I want to see medical records that prove than Ann Coulter is actually female. I have my doubts.

  • Fair enough, but as a non-American might I just add that one of the things that annoys non-Americans is the American assumption that certain values belong to them, most "American values" were ideals that were invented, and first implemented in, Europe. To be honest, most people dont have a problem with America or Americans, they dont love them either, to us you arent really exceptional so much as the richest country in the world, we only get annoyed when you think we all want to be like you.

  • I think a mistake a lot of Americans make is assuming that because other countries have stereotypes of you and protest against you that that means we hate you. Yeah Americans around the world are seen as fat, stupid religious warmongers but thats no different to seeing the British as ugly snobs or the French as gutless cowards, its just a stereotype we use to make fun of you, its a term of endearment if anything. As to the protests, every major country has protests against it when it acts badly

  • I'm not American, but I totally agree.. the overwhelming majority of Americans I meet are really nice people.. nothing like the Rumsfeld idiots or Paulbot ad lobotomies US media portrays to the rest of the world.

    Any criticism I have of USA is aimed squarely at the staggeringly alienated privilege of the American ruling class & the greed & hate rant squads that bring nothing but disgrace to USA.
    Occupy = 99% of real Americans are beautiful.

  • Oh wait ..I get it .Rafael Cruz may have been Cubas equivalent to Don Rickles at one time.So he does put down stand up routines .Oh I get it now.Yeah of course,it was a joke

  • When the Ann Coulter opens her mouth, it reminds me of the inverse proportion between the size of the brain, compared to the size of the mouth.

  • The only joke here is Ann who clearly wanted to change the sujject as Cruz spoke with conviction andbthe crowd clapped and cheered. I didn't see anyone laughing. The apple sure didn't fall far from that tree!

  • If it were a joke… it sure wasn't a very good one. What a weird defense, "You have to understand that we tea baggers and right wingers collectively have a really lame sense humor"

  • How come not a single person laughed after Rafael Cruz said what he said?

    In fact they all applauded and cheered, not a single laugh…clearly a joke

  • is it just me or does anyone else think that ann coulter would be a perfect actress for "the walking dead" – she wouldn't need a lot of make up to look like a zombie 😀

  • Ravinian – you are mistaking yells of agreement like "Yeah!" with laughter. 

    Coulter is right about one thing: the birther thing is crazy, but plenty of the GOP have taken it very seriously.

  • Ann Coulter is a fucking bitch that needs to just go away!  She is so not in-touch with reality.  There is nothing in Rafael's speech that would indicate that it was a joke!  You can hear the audience cheering and clapping!

  • The Cruz's need to go back to hell for eternity!  We already have demons in disguise in this country.  Cheney, Bush, Bachmann, Boehner, Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, Romney, Ryan….should I go on?

  • There is a petition for congress to investigate in Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen SSNs. Go to Scroll down and click on the Statue of Liberty picture to petition.  
    PLEASE don't GIVE UP! Remove Obama = Restoration of our liberties!
    If Obama is removed for his ineligibility, then all of his laws are also illegal.
    Please pass this on to others! Together we can make a huge difference.  

    To learn more about this issue go to

  • Ann Coulter is a piece of trash. But, yeah, Barrack Hussein Obama –> Go back to Kenya bitch.

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