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Announcing a Social Good Startup Challenge

Announcing a Social Good Startup Challenge

(gentle music) – Hey everybody it’s Zach from Blackbaud, and we’re here at bbcon, Blackbaud’s annual tech
gathering for social good. I am joined by the one
and only Rosalyn Lemieux. How you doing, Roz? – Great, Zach, thanks for having me. – Good to see you. Roz, you’re the director
of Blackbaud Labs. – I am indeed. – Just quick refresher,
what is Blackbaud Labs? – Sure, Blackbaud Labs is
our internal incubator. So we do, about half
our work is what we call culture services, so we do work to help foster an innovation
culture inside of Blackbaud with our employees, and then
partnering with external folks like at universities and
corporations and in the community. – Okay, cool, and some big news came out of the Blackbaud
Labs group today at bbcon. We announced a social
good startup challenge, is that right? – Yes, that’s right. – What is that all about? – We are, as part of our
commitment for Tech for Good, and part of Lab’s commitment to helping fuel innovation in our sector, we are partnering with a
global virtual accelerator called One Million by One Million, and we are inviting startups to apply to be part of this program, where for one full year
they would be part of the One Million by One Million
program, which includes training, things like building a financial case, sizing your market, pitching investors. And they also have a terrific network, so there’s mentoring and some
pitching potentially as well. And then on the Blackbaud side, what we’re doing is we’re
sort of white gloving, hand holding these startups
through our developer program, helping them figure out how to integrate, how to make the most of
some of the great tools that we have for developers like add-ins that allow them to showcase their features inside of Blackbaud products, as well as helping get them
into the partner program. And they’ll get discounted
tickets to bbcon 2020, as well as invitations to customer events, regionally where they’re located. So there’s a lot to it, probably more than I can list right here. – No, that sounds like a
really cool opportunity. Now if I wanna take part in
this challenge, how do I do so? – We are going live with
our application online. It’s a little bit of a long
URL so why don’t we link to it in the link to this video. – Sure, yep, sounds good. And then you’ll be working with these potential startups along the way? – Yep, so they’ll be working
with the Blackbaud Lab’s team, so that’s myself and some
other folks on the team, as well as the accelerator. So the applications are opening this week, we’ll be taking them through, I think it’s November 27th or so, the week after Thanksgiving. The folks who qualify, or winners, will be announced in mid-December, and then the program’s
gonna start in January, so all of next year we’ll
be working with them to help them become successful. – Cool, well thanks for the info, and good luck to all those that are gonna take
part in this challenge. If you’d like to follow the conversation happening here at bbcon, just
follow the hashtag bbcon. Thank you, Roz. (gentle music)

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