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Anonymous Charity. Sep 26th, 2019. Are we Too Far Gone?

Anonymous Charity. Sep 26th, 2019. Are we Too Far Gone?

Begin Transmission. This is a message from The Anonymous Charity
also known as The Collective. Please note, we are now, also known by the public as, George
News. Today’s broadcast is dated September 26th,
2019. In case you’re wondering why I sound slightly
different, here’s the reason why. Youtube has had a new tactic in place now for a few
months, where they have taken audio spectrum samples of voices from certain channels they
wish to “baddow shan”. As videos are uploaded, they scan looking for the same wave samples
as well as all the usual key words.  At the top of the list are all text to speech channels.
Ok, lets move on. As we approach the end of 2019, and as we
look back over the last 12 months, we realize that so much has happened. The so called ‘Elites’
plan to further their agenda, is now even more prevalent for all to see. We now ask ourselves, “Is humanity too far
gone?” “Are we too far Lost?” This is a question, that has echoed in the
hearts and minds of ‘Anonymous’ everywhere. The idea itself is in disarray, scattered
revolutionaries that blanket across the face of the earth like stars in the night sky. Each, a brilliant flame of truth, change,
motivation and love. The idea is in such a state that the most
notable and powerful amongst us, spend their days within their own echo chambers of what
they view as the good fight. They take down Youtube, social media accounts
or expose local government corruption. Which in it’s own right is very much appreciated
and noteworthy indeed but the time is fast approaching of perhaps the biggest chance
we have to pursue change. To stand shoulder to shoulder and let all our voices be heard
to the corrupt snake that poisoned every facet of our daily lives. We, The Collective ask you, “Where will you
be?” As we look around social media and the deep web, we see a stagnant order of egos
lost in echo chambers of hate. A sort of disposition towards one another that seems to be unfix-able.
Yes, they will try to divide us. This is ego driven division. Ego is something
The Anonymous Charity also known as The Collective is against. We are not here for the LULZ.
We do not seek fame or the popular vote. We no not seek your kind words or laurels. No.
Our mission is plain and simple. Give the people the TRUTH. You see, it is
this VERY thing that can change empires. With Truth comes Hope. With Hope comes Action.
And with Action, Change is made. Ask yourself, are you living up to the idea?
No we don’t mean hacking some website , reporting some obscene account or doxxing yet another
corporate thief in a five thousand dollar suit. No, not at all. We mean, are you representing the very idea
that YOU chose to become when you started? Are you unifying your brothers and sisters
or are you standing against them? Is keeping within your own groups and taking down youtube
for over a hour really what is to be ordered off the menu against the enemy we all face? You really believe this is how change will
come about? Or are you just doing these things for the lulz? The greatest lulz is this. The elite hold
the cards. For now. The great threats that face mankind are in essence runaway freight
trains, barreling towards every last human being on this planet. And yet here online,
no one has been able to unite with each other because of simplistic ego driven disagreements. Never mind seeing the common threat that faces
us all. A threat that super seeds any and all disagreements any of you believe are so
damn important. Perhaps it is the destiny of mankind, one
that can not be stopped. It’s true of humanity, it takes people to pay the ultimate price
in large numbers for anyone to care enough to stop it from ever happening again. Ironically;
this is exactly what humanities common enemy has in store for us all. Yet here we are in
all our glory, exposing corrupt puppets, shutting down youtube for a whole hour and bickering
amongst ourselves about how the other isn’t a real Anon or Patriot. If we were the elite at this time, we would
be admiring our handy work. You see, there’s a choice being made. Another
chance may again slip by for us to demonstrate exactly the power we truly have. We’re talking
about the November 5th Million Mask March. Everyone complains about how poor the Million
Mask March has been over the years, yet no one has put in a large collective effort to
see to it that its not? Have you forgotten who you are? Have you forgotten
that “Anonymous” is the people? “Anonymous” is OF the People. “Anoymous” is FOR the people! That means you, yes you the one watching
this now and reading these subtitles. What can you do to promote the March? There’s a
choice being made, and not making a choice, is making a choice. You can go on, fighting the local social media
battles, doxxing each other, corrupt puppets that control nothing, reporting accounts,
shutting down web sites or you can strike at the root of all this in which you battle.
The battles are indeed important to win but this won’t win the war for humanity. November 5th 2018 came and went. We NEEDED
you! The idea needed you, your brothers and sisters needed you, your fellow Anons that
you call fake needed you, your countries needed you, the children needed you, the WORLD needed
you. The choice is yours, like it always has been.
We, The Anonymous Charity also known as The Collective, show you the doors of truth but
its all of us, united together that have to open it. It’s all of us togther, that has
the power to use it as its intended. Unite while there’s still time. You can go
back to your disagreements another time. It’s time to follow your instincts, trust
yourself and BE THE PLAN! The time for change is now. No longer shall
the people be slaves to corruption. We are the voice for the voiceless. We bring hope
to the hopeless. We bring justice to the oppressed. We are, The Collective. We are George. We
are now the news. This has been a message from The Anonymous
Charity also known as The Collective. The broadcast date is September 26th 2019. End of Transmission

  • GEORGE!!!! you are spoiling me with all the attention the past two days!!! Keep bringing them on!!! And of u ever need another voice to try, I do voice overs and would be honored to help!!!!! WWG1WGA

  • GEORGE. Whatever you say, we will do. We need to pray for others, that their blinders to the Truth will come down, that the scales fall of their eyes. And as always prayers for All White Hats and Patriots ????

  • I’m here…I’ve spread the word…what else can I do to help? I’ve asked this question before. I can’t leave my job to rally unless it’s so powerful that it shuts the workforce down. I will defend any and all that seek it but I can’t travel 1000 miles and plan on living. Simply can’t afford it…we need instruction as god has instructed us from the beginning…but that instruction has to come without consequence of losing our jobs to provide for our families.

  • This is true. Even among Anons – they whine about quick arrests…quick justice…
    other anons try to top each other with their opinions about events…
    Others want to be spoon fed like…can you not do your own research…?
    would you wait for a catastrophic incident yet again to occur before truly believing?
    while it is easy for others to get their mobile and chat with friends – it is hard for them to learn the comms or know why these are happening.
    sometimes it is easy for us to whine, eat, drink than pray.

  • I imagine the future we should have and try to implement actions today toward that goal. I fear the squabbling is "Paaaytriot syndrome" Yes, we all need to live and make a living but that detracts from their message. We must protect and heal our future, the children. We must identify and fight the enemy of our future. Remember….God wins

  • We are changing thanks to you George! Keep bringing the truth and welcome change to humanity. The people need to see justice. Save the children.

  • They also do pictures I’ve had them target pictures and I couldn’t share until I took a new snap shot of the picture

  • The Common Enemy is within the gates. Time for change. I'm done with the elites I'm done with their bullshit. I'm gonna get alot of people to march. Sheep no more

  • Critical message. Necessary reminder. Self included but striving to do better everyday. Pray for strength, courage, contintined direction towards what is truly good. Thank you AC/TC/G.

  • Thank you for continuing to help inform and unite us ❤ there is so much I know I don't know, but I do know to keep checking in each day, stay focused on what matters most and keep giving what I can following the lead of people I've learned to trust ❤

  • I will pray and believe we will unify . I will continue to give the truth out in love and be love to those around me . I will not admit defeat . Thank you George, ?♥️???

  • AGREE ?? The deep state is rejoicing when we the PATRIOTS are divided over trite and insignificant issues. UNITE. March!!! Stand together. Do not be divided by trivial points. Expose truth and love one another.

  • Love you, George, for leading us and preparing us for what is to come. Always there to keep us informed. Its time we love like we have never loved each other before. Be ready to help others through this who refuse to listen now. WE will lead the way for those around us. And we must pray like we have never prayed before. WE have to do this. WE have no choice. WE MUST SAVE OURSELVES FROM THOSE WHO WANT US DESTROYED. Its our choice to take back what they stole from us. WWG1WGA Thank you, George, for all the sacrifices you make. Praying you through this.

  • please bring justice to south african white people being opressed pleeeeeeeeeeeeAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee

  • Thanks for the work you do GEORGE. I try to spread your words. Approaching brainwashed & indoctrinated people with truth
    is not easy, but still I can feel that global consciousness is shifting towards Light.Greetings from ?? Luxembourg

  • Please tell me, along with many anonymous patriots, is Jared Kushner a wolf in lamb’s clothing. Is he really working with Soros? Did Trump convert to Judaism or Zionism? Everything you have said today, I agree with. In fact, you are one of the few, I rely on. But there is that fear that this President is being led by “Christian” leaders that are there for their big egos. This country needs humble, faithful patriots that do not have their agendas in mind. Or Zionism!

  • We will stand and fight all you have to do is say so . We are united . God bless you .we love you anonymous . Amen you are right .

  • " My Fellow Americans: Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Country"- John F. Kennedy. Meme Up, Patriots, And Ready Up For The Most Important Ride of Your Lives, For Ideas Change The World, And Your Voices, Are The Voices of Empowerment, And Pivotal Change. President Trump is Fighting For Us Each And Every Day, and You Have A Rare Invitation With Destiny To Change History Itself, And To Do Something Much Greater Than Ever Imagined. "You Have More Than You Know- Q". WWG1WGA

  • There is strength in numbers, this is what they fear most. I do my absolute best to inform as many as I can through personal communication. I try to remind all who listen no matter how we got here as a nation isn't as important as what we do moving forward. Don't get stuck in rabbit hole without being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Putting justice, proofs, trivial arguments all aside to bring about change is most pertinent. As always, prayers for all who are trying to make a better future. George, bless you for your guidance and diligence! ?❤❤

  • Well I don't know what happened to the question I asked earlier. Where is this march? Is there anyone who can take me, I'll need a w/c i want to go. if It was last year and I missed it I'm sorry, I didn't know. if it's this year Iwant to go.

  • November 5th we go to our streets and fear nothing. We fear nothing because we are already dead for waiting so long, and doing nothing. Leave no one behind and give them many to hold in order to fill their cages with love and truth. Therefore, many more shall know the deceptions they create. Peace.

  • Matthew 19:26 Tree of Life Version (TLV)

    26 And looking, Yeshua said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”[a]


    Matthew 19:26 cf. Gen. 18:14; Jer. 32:17.

  • All my friends and family clain (exclaim) that I am the “most changed” person they have ever encountered?!! I used to be “proud” of how extreme and wild I could be. If He can temper my blades of darkness, then He can change ANYONE & EVERYONE. All I can say to their new opinion of my changes , and I no longer experience OR exude pride, is I finally KNOW what “happy” as a condition IS? I used to survive the most extreme drug-fueled states that I truly believed I was superhuman; but then I realized that He MUST have something much larger for me to “do” otherwise why hasn’t he just threw me into Sheol like so much filth??? Then I realized my redemption was to be used as an example of His GRACE AND FORGIVENESS!!!!!!! I’m very certain that Lucifer is pissed because he’s given up (?) trying to lure me back…and he HAS tried. The spiritual attacks have been brutal, but verily I now glow with His light…and now I can truly SEE. God Bless us ALL. ✌??

  • Ego is an undesirable satanic traight… Not a bit becoming or attractive to a Faith-Driven Heart…! ❤

    Thank you so much, as always, for your most appreciated, Wisdom-Worthy messages… They truly do bring strength and direction to many spiritual beings…
    Blessings ❤?❤

  • "…and yet here online no-one has been able to unite with each other because of simplistic ego driven disagreements!" Awesome comment. 100% true IF we stand a chance ALL GOOD PEOPLE with Empathy and kindness need to unite! George are you vaguely related to Vincent Vendetta? You have similar features….same Dad perhaps? LOL.

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