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Another Thrift Store Gaming Haul

hello everyone its outward yapper coming
to you if another thrift store gaming hall from Talize and Value Village
but let me show you what we pick up here today so we got value towles his bag and
Value Village beautiful so first and foremost I picked up the PlayStation 2
this big boy I picked up for $12.99 from tall Z’s it just came on its own there
was no power cord nor multi audio/video cable no controller but it was still a
great fine great buy but what I want to show you in the front here is that it
has two USB ports which is unique for this system because the other system did
not have any of these ports these are used for the mouse and keyboard for
these accessories if you’re playing games like Final Fantasy 11 and also
this uses DVD it plays DVDs at the back here it has what you call a digital
audio port and this is where you use the digital optical cable to connect to your
surround sound system because like I said before it plays DVDs so this would
have been part of your media unit it’s right here and also it has the on and
off switch so we’re gonna rest this bad boy right down here secondly what I
picked up is the Vista arcade pac-man edition great and if you look at the
back here you could see the on and off button the USB connector and the volume
control but this system is a little bit different it uses four double A
batteries if you do not have double A batteries you could use the USB power connector to
turn it on as well but I’m gonna get into this a little bit more into detail
when I do the test video on this right so let’s just
this back in here quickly good so we gonna rest this bad boy right here
right so secondly what I picked up from Talize’s was two games there were Max
Payne right which is an awesome game and Fight Night Round three which is an
awesome game as well these two games for $2.99 each you’re gonna rest
these right here um if you see a little bit of a glare that comes from the light
so just bear with me here and finally I’m gonna rest this bag on
the side I grabbed two blu-rays this is the escape and hangover
they will $4.99 a pop not bad because blue is still for about fifteen ten or
fifteen bucks here so this is a savings so let me just put these aside right
here put this up here so your guys could see it properly good stuff so finally in
this big bag Value Village back you guys must be thinking is something big a okay
just bought this here so like I said in my previous videos um when you buy these
systems in the thrift stores in Canada you do not get the power cables or the
multi audio/video cables so I had to buy these separately from Value Village as a
bundle I paid a dollar ninety-nine Canadian which is about 2.29 with tax I
got the power cable right and I got the multi audio/video cable to connect at
the back of the PlayStation 2 so then we’re gonna put these right here I’m
from Talize’s here I’m gonna pull up my receipt so for all of this here the two
games two blu-rays mister pac-man Edition and the PlayStation 2 I paid
twenty six ninety six before taxes or twenty nine eighty two with taxes
included so that’s not a bad deal for these six different items I picked
up here from Talize’s okay and from Value Village for these two bad
boys here is right on the top electronic accessories a buck ninety-nine I’m just
showing you $1.99 plus the tax for this at Value Village so like I
said in my previous videos here um when you pick up stuff in the thrift store
you want to make sure you properly sanitize this stuff for me I’ll be using
to clean this stuff I’ll be using a Clorox wipe you can use any other wipes
so let’s go ahead and get these bad boys clean so now guys were done with the cleaning
of the system and so now let’s get into the test for the PlayStation system so
what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to take the power cable and connect it at
the back of the PlayStation right here right then you wanna take the a the
multi-purpose audio/video cable and you look at the PlayStation you’re connected
at the bottom here right and you take the cable and connect here your audio the two audios
and the video and you connected at the back of the TV here so I got this
controller here but this is a controller I had in my collection like I told you
guys before I did not get a controller when I purchased a system it was just a
system on its own so we’re gonna take the controller and put it in the
controller port number one right here so now you want to make sure everything is
connected before you turn it on so now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
turn it on in the back here there’s a switch to turn it on you’ll get a red
light now once you get the red light you want to make sure your TV is on
audio/video too so you see it’s right here so you put it here the TV recognize
that the system is connected so now what I’m gonna do I’m gonna press the power
button and turn it on so it’s it’s cooking now so let’s see if it comes up
Bravo so now the system is working so that is great so now we’re gonna go into
the browser you’re gonna press X on the controller you’re gonna take us into the
browser system here now as you can see it says no data no need to worry so I’m
just gonna put the controller down we’re gonna open the drive for the
DVD we’re gonna press this here pops it open I’m gonna take out the Max Payne
game we’re gonna pop that in here and let’s see if it comes on here you go so
it’s working made by Rockstar one of my favorite
developers here so like I said I played this game before a long time ago and
it’s a fantastic game so that’s great guys you could see it’s functional it’s
working that’s awesome this is the opening scenes of the game there you go
so that is great so now we’re able to pick up a fully functional PlayStation 2
even though it was just a system we’re able to pick this up for $12.99
fantastic and we’ve got the power cable and the multi-purpose audio/video cable
for AB dollar 99 so in all in all for $14 or $14.99 plus tax
we got a full functional system and the game was only $2.99 so that’s great so
now we’re done testing the PlayStation 2 so now we’re gonna go ahead and test the
mister arcade pac-man handheld edition there’s just a correction I have to make
from my earlier part in this video I said double-a batteries is actually
triple-a batteries so you need four triple-a so what I’m gonna do now is I’m
gonna turn it around I’m gonna pop this open here rest this right here I go out
for duct triple-a batteries so I’m gonna put them in here just gonna pop the
covers in and it back here so now the true test to see if this baby
comes on here so we’re gonna turn on the switch this is the power switch on the
top here so let’s turn it on so you guys are gonna see this together with me one
two three there you go
you see Bravo so we’ve got a fully functional handheld system for $5.99 and
here he’s got us by the four triple-a batteries for the system so you got hit
start then you press a 4 to add credits then we just first start again
and we’re just gonna go around it rings through the opening scene talks about
the different ghost in pac-man so we’re just gonna hit start here you go one
player only I’m going to turn the volume here so the guys could maybe hear to lab
a little bit here you go so so this is me playing the game there you go here
you go you see I’m playing it a bit it’s fully functional guys it’s working you
see I’m eating up the ghost here like here you go there you go so this is me
I’m all done I’m toast here but that’s great on the gate the handheld system
works the mr. pac-man arcade missed my Arcade Edition works so that’s awesome
so what I’m gonna do here is I’m just want to turn this off for a bit and bear
with me because in the in the top here has a USB connector and this is to
connect it in case you do not have any batteries for the system so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna pop this open I’ve got to rest this on the corner here I’m
going to take out the batteries because I’m gonna connect this using the power so I seek out all the batteries here right so now I’m gonna put this to the
power port but this cable I’m using this is a USB cable that you would use for
like a PlayStation 4 controller to charge it it’s the USB port and you I
just plug it in here and what I’m gonna do now I’m gonna turn on the power so
let’s see this works guys 1 2 3 let’s go Bravo
so so here’s the hair set guys we have a handheld mister pac-man my arcade
edition functional using 4 triple-a batteries it works and also works using
the power connection via USB so I’m going to press start here I’m gonna
press that again yeah B ok so it’s coming up just like when we had it
connected using the batteries so it is coming up it’s working so we’re gonna
hit you’re gonna press again on clear thanks guys for watching tell me what
you think in the comments don’t forget to smash the like button and I’ll see
you guys in the next video

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