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Around Prince George’s Ep 305:  PGCC Foundation & Scholarships

Around Prince George’s Ep 305: PGCC Foundation & Scholarships

exciting changes are underway at Prince George’s Community College from corporate donations to individual giving find out how we are engaging donors to provide financial resources to help expand the campus and transform lives plus free money for college will tell you about institutional scholarships for deserving students next on around Prince George’s welcome to this edition of around Prince George’s I’m Charlene Dukes president of Prince George’s Community College for more than 50 years our mission of transforming the lives of the students we serve has guided our focus and our direction helping us fulfill that mission and meet our strategic goals is the Prince George’s Community College Foundation I foster in corporate partnerships leveraging public sector funding and soliciting private donations the Foundation provides financial resources to expand the facilities the programs and the services we provide students whether its fundraising for new construction academic technology and classrooms or scholarships to deserving students the Foundation supports the important work of the college joining me on the program to tell us all about the Prince George’s Community College Foundation is Brenda Mitchell executive director of institutional advancement at Prince George’s Community College and dr. Carly’s Harris vice chair of the Prince George’s Community College Foundation board welcome to both of you thank you thank you thank you for being here with us and and what we’d like to do is talk about the foundation its purpose its role its mission and how it helps the college Brenda let’s start with you what’s the mission the purpose of the foundation sure it’s interesting that we are having this conversation at this time the foundation is in its 30th year as a 501c3 so we’re really excited about that also it’s I should mention that we were established as what is known as an institutionally relation related foundation and what that simply means is that we’re established solely for the purpose of supporting Prince George’s Community College and its mission so those he asked a question do most community colleges have foundations is this something that is still rare or do we see these things happening all across the country the answer to your first question is yes most community colleges have foundations I will add that again this foundation is only 30 years old and let’s compare that to say a four-year institution who have had who have foundations that have been around for maybe a hundred years so we’re relatively new to higher education fundraising but again we do have 30 years so we’re really proud of that well we’re proud of it too because what it says is that we’re laying the foundation for I think what we see is the future in terms of our innovative partnerships our work together to serve the residents of Prince George’s County and dr. Harris you’ve been on the foundation for some period of time we’ve had the pleasure and the opportunity to work together so tell us about the board what is its composition and why was it important for you to serve well the foundation board consists of currently 23 members across and they represent various sectors we have members from the nonprofit we have members from education from the community I represent the community as a resident of Prince George’s County it was very important for me to get involved in the community college because I really was excited over the mission and the vision of the College Division of the call division of the college is to be the destination of choice for higher education the mission of the college to actually transform student lives I was very very excited to hear about that and I can really and really resonate it with me as a donor of the college I’m excited I feel good knowing that I’m given to the college to help sustained excellence I’m very excited over the fact that we are transforming the lives of our students and giving them a very enrich experience here at the college and I’m also excited that I know that we are that the college is meeting the needs of the community where we we certainly work hard to do that and even as we think about this maybe Brenda you can talk about how the foundation has supported some of the work of the college and then we can have a disc gushing about ever so i’ll start by saying that the foundation supports provide support in three broad categories the first category being of course scholarships for students the second category is around the programmatic support for the college programs and those really help to enrich what’s happening in the classroom or even enlarge in some ways and then the third has to do with infrastructure and that really is around the technology that we need to provide the state of the art environment that is that our students really need and deserve in order to compete in the marketplace so why don’t we think about this can you talk a little bit about what we provide or what the foundation provides in scholarships to students what does that number look like and how many students on average are served so if you take the total dollars that we provide to the college each year it’s somewhere around 1.5 million dollars about a third just over a third of that is fourth for scholarships for students I then I know that students are so grateful for that because as I walk the campus they’re asking is the scholarship publication out what are the deadlines what are the criteria and we know that we have a number of community members who have chosen to provide resources through scholarships to students whether or not it’s helping pay tuition fees books providing them potentially with opportunities for transportation or childcare that there are a number of ways that that happens exact most of our donors come to us with the story and it’s usually their story or their experience which fuels their passion for why they want to give so we’ve had we’ve had donors to come to say I went to a community college and I sat in a classroom because I couldn’t afford books so they write scholarship opportunities for students who need books the the list can go on and on but again most of our donors are fueled by a passion that they have some of them want to commemorate a loved one so they established a scholarship fund in the name of a loved one so we have a number of scholarships that help students along the way and we’re proud of them and as we’re talking about that large or small we know that a few years ago the foundation completed a successful campaign purpose people and possibilities tell us a little bit about that campaign well it was a hugely successful program we started out with a goal of generating or trying to generate 15 million that goal was exceeded and we then change to go to 25 million well it capped off with the go with the revenue being generated of 35 million so it was a hugely successful campaign and that campaign gave the foundation opportunity to reach out to the community to major stakeholders tell the story of the college it also expressed what the needs of the college were so the campaign at the time of the campaign we were opening the center of health sciences and in that center there are classrooms enriched technology-rich classrooms and also students have simulated labs where they can actually learn hands-on how to do certain things so you can imagine there’s a vast amount of technology that’s needed to to actually be in a building such as that and the campaign helped to fund the technology for that building and also help to enhance the technology infrastructure of the college thank you dr. Harris for joining us on the program we’ll talk more about the role of donors after the break stay with us Prince George’s Community College isn’t just a place that offers more than 200 academic workforce development and continuing education programs it’s the first step toward the career of your dreams it’s a community of people who want you to succeed it’s where degrees are earned and potential is realized apply and register today call 30 1546 pgcc that’s 30 1546 742 to Prince George’s Community College transforming lives 7000 high school students drop out every school day let’s catch them before it’s too late to start helping students in your community visit boost org welcome back to around Prince George’s if you’re just joining us we’re talking about the generosity and support of our donors and how they are investing not only in the success of our students but in the future of the college and our County here with me to discuss the role of donors is the executive director of institutional advancement at Prince George’s Community College mrs. Brenda Mitchell and we’re honored to be joined by Larry spriggs president and CEO of soft Khan enterprises he’s also a board member of the Prince George’s Community College Foundation and chair of the Business Leadership Council of the foundation welcome thank you we’re glad to have you here with us and Brenda before the break we spoke about the success of the last campaign let’s talk a little bit about the future we’re building a new culinary and hospitality center here at the Largo campus we’re also renovating and expanding to other buildings how does the foundation work with the college in terms of those expansions well let me just say that we’ve already started to put a lot of thought into that and we’re equally excited about these projects for example we know that these are not just buildings these are opportunities for the college to better serve its students so in doing so we recognize that there’s an opportunity to expand programs we are for example the Queen Anne Center for the Arts that will be going up in and give us the chance once again to reach a new market of students through the programs that will be offered well on our side as the foundation we see that as an opportunity to engage new support for the college to support those programs there are probably donors in the county state in region as a matter of fact I’m pretty sure there are donors in the county state and region that we haven’t even talked to because we haven’t had this opportunity at this level to engage them so these projects represent huge opportunities for the college and the community one of the things that we do know is that corporations provide a large share of support philanthropic Lee for the college through the foundation and we want to talk about how does the foundation leverage corporate partnerships and we’ll have you speak to that and then maybe we’ll talk with mr. spriggs a little bit about his role as CEO of South Khan enterprises sure so the foundation we take pride in the fact that we are able to bring for example the expertise of Larry spriggs from South Khan to the foundation and other board members representing entities and they in turn have contacts within the corporate sector and so what we do is we take opportunities to bring people to the College as much as possible and more importantly to tell the story of the college because there are tons and tons of stories that we begin to talk about in terms of student success and how that relates to the work of the foundation and all of that is done with the hope that we can engage our corporate constituents into some of what we are doing here at the college and I know that we have had the opportunity to receive corporate support from a number of entities even if we think about we mentioned the Center for Health Studies and what happens as we try to expose students to the world of healthcare and working and learning and and learning being facilitated in classrooms that really in some cases mirror the health care industry whether it’s hospitals or clinics or nonprofit organizations that have a healthcare focus so mr. Sprigg this chair of the Business Leadership Council what would you say are the benefits that might in a company might incur if they’re looking at ways to invest philanthropically and help to transform the lives of students the benefits are enormous you know when when we stood up that Business Leadership Council it was with the initiative or the focus of bringing like businesses like-minded CEOs of businesses that that want to invest in the community college and knowing what the Community College has to offer to the student body and help to help to enrich the students so being a part of the Business Leadership Council what they what they benefit from is to see firsthand you talked about the thus the health science a building what I was one of the tours we took prospective businesses owners on to see with that with that that building and the program has to offer and the BLC is is made up of small businesses hospitality businesses construction businesses large and small and and so some of them may say well why am I going through this Center when i am in helps culinary arts or construction well what they see is the excitement that the students have and the technology I think you mentioned them in your earlier segment about all the technology that is there and the and the excitement that the students exhibit and so what the BLC as being a part of that you’re contributing to that Brenda why don’t you talk to us about the matching gifts program i know that many employers in our region have matching gifts program and how does that work so it’s really quite simple we make it as easy as possible for our donors as you mentioned several employees employers across the Washington Metropolitan Area participate in what they call employee matching gift programs and so the employee gets to choose a charity we hope that we hope that that charity is Prince George’s Community College and the they make a donation and they can come to our they can go to our website there is a matching gift link that they can click on and find their employer pull down the form fill out the form give it to their employer and their employer will most likely match their gift by dollar for dollar or make it make it easy and everything closing out mr. spriggs would you just give us about 30 seconds on what you would say to other business leaders or individuals about why it’s so important to give and give to Prince George’s Community College sure as I’ve been you know running my business for almost 20 years I have run across so many colleagues that share the same vision and mission of their business as I do with mine and that is first and foremost of course we’re in business to make money to hire individuals to make life better for those employees that we do hire but also part of part of my vision and part of some of the visions of my colleagues is to get back is to give back to the community and give back you know financially get back with your time and involvement in in organizations or community colleges so I encourage businesses that that may not know a lot about the community college to do that to do that and come to you because your inspirational thank you for that so much mr. sprigs and thank both of you for joining us on the program today for your leadership and your continued support of the foundation for more information about the Prince George’s Community College Foundation please call 3015 460 858 or go online to ww pgc ced you wear the mitchell and i will be right back after the break to tell you all about institutional scholarships that are available through the foundation stay with us Prince George’s Community College isn’t just a place that offers more than 200 academic workforce development and continuing education program it’s the first step toward the career of your dreams it’s a community of people who want you to succeed it’s where degrees are earned and potential is realized apply and register today call 30 1546 pgcc that’s 30 1546 7422 Prince George’s Community College transforming lives so the same time next week well of course put away a few bucks feel like a million bucks for free tips to help you save go to feed the poop welcome back to around prince george’s compared to private post-secondary institutions community college is an affordable choice for higher education but for some students paying for community college can still be a challenge that’s why each year Prince George’s Community College offers more than 50 scholarships to deserving students joining us today to share her inspiring scholarship story and how she’s giving back to the college is Ileana lakin and we also want to welcome Brian Hassan a Prince George’s Community College graduate thank both of you for joining us today and before we talk to the two of you about how scholarships have changed your lives Brenda why don’t you talk to us a little bit about again the number of scholarships that we award annually the amount of money and why it’s so important to have institutional aid for students well first I’ll start with the last question it is absolutely essential that we make higher education accessible and affordable for the students of Prince George’s Community College and I think that is among the top priorities of the foundation we offer each year a number of scholarships to our students we award approximately 400 scholarships every year to students of the amount that we give back to the College annually about a third of that is for scholarships and our students benefit once again because it helps to defray the cost of higher education so again scholarships are one of our highest priorities and one of the things that we understand is that quite frankly it’s not about community colleges being academically or geographically accessible to students it really is about financial access that more and more as we move through the 21st century we’re discovering just how absolutely essential it is for students to have access to resources so I understand that we have a new scholarship process here at the college and when you talk about that a little bit sure we do have an automated scholarship process and i will say that that’s not 100% new but we will say it’s an improved process in that students will be able to go online and take a look at every scholarship that is available they’re all listed in one place and apply online so the process we’ve made the process extremely easy and again i think i’m using the word again accessible to students we want to make sure that we get the information to you at the earliest possible moment to give you an opportunity to get those essays ready or whatever the scholarship process is requiring for that particular scholarship and I will add that each scholarship might have a slightly different criteria or slightly different focus so take some time to comb through the all the scholarships that are available and if there’s anything that you need there are people here on campus to help with that and so one of the things we know is that there are several scholarships that really provide full tuition for students and before we talk a little bit about what some of those are I’d like to talk with you all about your experiences and we’ll start with ileana we are so proud of the work that you do as a student advocate and a student activist you’re also a member of the college’s Board of Trustees so talk to us a little bit about the number of scholarships that you’ve received and why it was important for you to apply for them well I received twist scholarship of the promise scholarship the WC landfill scholarship and the Stanley my hand scholarship it was really important for me because education is really important for me and I came at the point of my life where I needed money in order to further my education so applying for this scholarship was something that I needed to do and they just bless me by paying for my tuition that’s great to know and it’s also I think helpful for us to understand how much we can support students and in many ways how the the difference of two or three hundred dollars can make a significant impact on a student it can be the difference between choosing to enter college stay in college and complete college and Brian we know that you’re in a ova scholar so that you’ve had the opportunity to benefit from a program that’s been around here at the college for I think almost 20 years so talk to us about the a / scholarship and why it was important for you I’m the over scotts was very important for me to receive because it helped me I’m supporting me a lot while I was in it it was sort of it was a bit like a family but more like education it provided me with a good standing providing me back up as far as like reaching out to people for help I had a lot of people in there there was about six other people in it while I was in the program and we all could reach out to each other harmony to help we have miss crystal smith who at that point was our supervisor she got it as many ways not just educationally book just for life in general it also provided us with a lot of internships and I actually interned with on one day / sponsors mr. Socko rich cycle so I’m as far as a yoga i can say dead a lot of good for me and after graduating i will recommend a bit to any other student that’s coming to printer in college so one of the things i understand and brenda maybe you can give us some statistics on this that the aobo scholarship program has been around for a long time and you might want to tell us what the acronym stands for and then how many students have been served and what their completion rate has been so the a oba scholarship has been around for 20 years they’re celebrating their 20th year and partnership with the college it stands for the apartment and office Builders Association of the metropolitan area I got that right and they again make a huge investment in students not just the scholarship but they believe to they believe in looking at the student holistically so Brian is right the members of the aobo organization volunteer their time to provide leadership workshops they bring students into their workspaces to either work or shadow for a day or sometimes provide internships so we have an array of scholarships some of them have the components attached to them such as the oba and then some of them are you know purely tuition and fee scholarships but again we do have some that have programmatic thrusts attached to them for that very reason to give the student a total experience at the college so and and the one thing I know too is that it’s important to receive and it’s incredibly important to give and ileana you’ve had the opportunity to be on both ends of that not only are you a scholarship recipient but you are actually a donor tell us about your scholarship well one of my favorite quote is from Maya Angelou and she said when you learn teach when you get give nobody is a nice hole I believe that everybody needs someone to lead on we succeed in life were able to make any lie because somebody invest in us it is in that spirit that I wanted to create the lack of leadership scholarship I came to a point of my life when I really needed money and it really needed financial support in order to further my education and that is when the foundation stepping and learning that one of my donor was an alumni and a former student from assalamo really inspire me and I wanted to give back well thank you for that and the one thing that I would say is ileana and Brian are just two examples of what can happen when we choose to give so we want to thank Brenda Leon and Brian for sharing information about scholarships offered through the Prince George’s Community College Foundation and again for complete listing of scholarships available and the requirements to apply please visit www that’s all for this edition of around Prince George’s as we close here’s a look back at some of the fundraising events sponsored by the Prince George’s Community College Foundation thanks for watching you

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