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Arts and Crafts for Kids

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Fall is an excellent time for arts and
crafts. the weather is starting to cool down kids are back in school and the one
thing they probably don’t wanna do is homework. So, what are some arts and
crafts ideas to help you out? We got them right here
at Funds2Ogrs. Three to be exact. Point at the sign you can’t see. Before we get
into that let’s talk about the main topic of this month which is
back-to-school season. Back-to-school season baby. Links below. Link below. We
have our past three weeks. Past three weeks. This echoe’s crazy in here. We have the
past three weeks of school resources for parents, kids, teens
and teachers. Do you want to list some? That’s it you got everybody. I’m good. Why don’t
you tell them what the resources are. Oh I can do that. Okay so we have stuff for
bullying don’t do it it’s bad down below. School fundraisers if you need help with
a couple ideas we got that down there too and lastly actual resources to help
out kids and parents. So those three resources and one of them is
resources. Just like a plethora of them. It’s a plethora of resources. It’s
resourcetastic. hashtag #resourcecentral No resource tastic I said it
already. I’m starting a trend. I want to hashtag. #resourcetastic. I don’t like it. It’s too bad.
Not only are arts and crafts a great stress reliever for kids but it also
helps them with a lot of other things like motor skills, creativity and helps
them to relieve any distress they have going on from school. And parent bonding. And
parent bonding and craft bonding and just bonding if using glue. Bonding glue.
And regardless your age whatever you’re able to express yourself creatively it’s
a positive experience. So today we’re going to give you a three, not one, not
two but three brilliant ideas for fall projects for you and your kids. And the
first fall project idea is pine cones and rocks. We don’t have any here.
I would show, I’m sure you know what they are though. I’m sure you know what they
are but it’s all about getting outside and
getting your hands dirty. And then clean them and sanitize. Be responsible. Nature
is essential to life so get outside with your kids and go find pinecones, rocks,
sticks and leaves and create some fun projects. Places like Pinterest provide
an awesome platform for you to find ideas where you and your kids can create
fairies, bird feeders, ornaments and artwork with… And pet rocks.
Definitely pet rocks. And pet pinecones like hedgehogs. That too and you can also
make artwork out of leaves and branches by turning the leaves into sponges with
paint remember. Remember I am Groot. Number two use arts and crafts for holiday books and
cards. there’s a bunch of different websites like Snapfish, Shutterfly and Mixbook
that’ll help you publish ND be creative with your pictures and photos to make
books for art and pictures to use for cards for Christmas. All you basically
have to do is find a bunch of pictures of whatever genre you want friends,
family, pets, animals, nature’s outdoor, whatever. You upload them to one of the
sites and then you get creative. Do layouts, do different pictures do
different texts, different fonts and these things also make great gifts so
it’s a twofer. Two-for-one that’s what he meant. That’s what twofer is. If you don’t know what
twofer is now you know it’s like BOGO. Buy one get one. See there you go. If you
guys don’t already know these two words you learn something new every day. It’s like
making a mixtape. Two-for-one. I mean nobody knows what mixtape is anymore. I like mixtapes. Yeah
just cuz you’re old. And our number one fall project idea is a shoe drive
fundraiser. With Funds2Orgs. So if you and your family want to give back to your
community or you need to help raise funds for whatever, school field trip or
something that’s going on with school, materials or stuff for sports. You can do
a shoe drive fundraiser where you collect gently worn, used and new shoes from
your own closet and your community and raise money. Yeah and you can get creative with it
however you market it, however you say it on Facebook, whether you do posts or
you do posters you can get your kids involved and give them creative and get
those juices flowing with arts and crafts to help you raise money for your
community. And not only is it good for your community because the shoes go to
developing countries where they help to sell those shoes or after they’re clean
and repurposed and it helps their communities and their families to raise
money as well. So it’s a win-win. It’s a win-win. You and your family or your
school gets to do a creative fundraiser, you get to clean out your closet and
keep shoes out of landfills and the shoes help to go create economic
stability in other countries. And kids get creative and they do things with
their community and their families. How many times you gonna say “and?” AND we think
that’s a great idea. We love this idea. And that’s it. This super easy fundraiser
is also kid-friendly. No selling required. And everybody knows what a shoe is
so you just tell a kid go get shoes. They’re not gonna be like what’s
a shoe dad. If they do you got work to do. I don’t know where you’re going with this. If you need more information on how to
get a shoe D=drive fundraiser started go to and there’s a bunch of
different resources all of it free to help you, your community and your kids
get involved with this shoe drive fundraiser. We hope you enjoyed this
video with our fall projects. Be sure to click the links below to all of our
other resources to help you get back to school this year. And click like, share
and subscribe on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the other things. Ny
name is Kristy and my name is Eric. And we’ll see you guys next time bye. And bye. Bye.
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it’s not even fun yet it’ll be fine later now let’s expand on
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creativity creative creatively let’s say like that those the worst ever
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