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Avon Foundation Breast Center at Johns Hopkins

Avon Foundation Breast Center at Johns Hopkins

You’ve gotten the news, you have breast cancer. Time compresses, every moment matters.
We’ve been there. We understand how stressful it is when
you’re waiting for results, that’s why we’re able to provide you a biopsy with
results within 24 hours and an evaluation of a breast abnormality within
two days of you contacting us. If you’re seeking a second opinion that
too can be provided in less than a week and if you already know that you’re going
to be doing your treatment with us you’ll be here with us within days. We have an extraordinary team of specialists
that diagnose and treat breast cancer and other breast abnormalities.
Our radiologists and pathologists are some of the best in the country to provide
accurate and timely diagnoses so that the rest of our oncology team can put together
for you a treatment plan to give you your best outcome. You may feel better hearing a second opinion.
The more you know the better. We’ve been there. We understand your fear and anxiety
from your new diagnosis. We recognize the importance of
getting an expert opinion. Our surgical oncologists and our plastic
surgeons perform some of the most sophisticated surgical procedures that
not only treat your breast cancer but help restore your body image and your sense of wellbeing. You may feel alone, anxious,
we’ve been there too. We know making decisions is really difficult
at this time and for that reason we have a team of survivor volunteers
and two nurse survivors. We can pair you with them by age,
diagnosis, treatment plan. These are women who can listen to your
story, share some of theirs, provide some insights. You will be making the right decision for
you and along the way we hope to give you a little bit of confidence and guidance. Here at the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation
Breast Center we’re constantly doing research for the purpose of creating new
treatment plans that are even better than what currently exist. And for women who are facing a recurrence
we have specialists for that as well. We want to help transform women from
being victims into long terms breast cancer survivors.
We also provide special support such as survivor retreats for women that have
recently completed their treatment and are seeking help finding their new normal. Though Johns Hopkins is a big place you’ll
find that here in our breast center we treat you as if you’re extended family. If you or someone that you love is diagnosed
with breast cancer you just don’t want the best doctors, you
also want the best healers. We’ve been where you are.
Someday you’ll be where we are.

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