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Bagels with Blackbaud

Bagels with Blackbaud

– So we are recruiting new
employees for Blackbaud. We are looking for literally all positions and all majors, really,
a diverse background. So we are a software company. We make software for
non-profit organizations to run their businesses. So everything from finance software all the way to schools
running their businesses, and creating report cards
and everything in between. You know, when we think of non-profits, we, often times, think of, you know, philanthropy and helping
build new relationships with people to bring money
in, to help the world. But we sometimes forget that
they need to run their business on their back-end as well. And so that’s what we’re there for, is to make software for them, to help run their organization. Historically, we’ve had over
200, I think, 250 alumni who have actually joined the Blackbaud’s employee, myself included. And we really just love the diversity that College of Charleston representatives bring to our team. The nice thing about it is
we work with organizations all across the world,
everything from small schools all the way to the largest
of large organizations, like The Salvation Army
and March of Dimes. And so getting the diverse background of the College of Charleston students really helps us relate and
build better relationships with our customer base. (upbeat music)

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