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Basics of a Scrip Program | ShopWithScrip

Basics of a Scrip Program | ShopWithScrip

No one ever looks forward to fundraising it’s a chore that leaves parents frustrated and tired But would you be willing to try a fundraiser if it fit with your lifestyle? Look no further than gift card fundraising or scrip for short Every scrip program has a coordinator who manages the fundraiser They decide how and when families order they place the organization order and it’s their job to get the word out about
scrip to other families and communicate through email and social media The first big push is getting families to
join but there are resources at a program’s disposal to help market their program The organization raises money on every gift card purchased so the more they order, the more successful they’ll be With that in mind coordinators can have families place their
own orders on and they can even use our electronic payment
system to avoid writing and dropping off a check The coordinator places the organization’s
order and a few days later the gift cards are ready for families to pick them up Some coordinators set up a scrip store where they sell popular gift cards and distribute orders The money is already in the bank now families just take their gift cards and
use them instead of cash, credit or debit cards on all of their purchases With over 750 retailers with rebates averaging
from 2-16% and ShopWithScrip’s mobile website where they can buy eGift cards and reload
their cards families really can use scrip for every purchase So stop the pain of fundraising and save your time for the things that matter Join the over 30,000 nonprofits who have raised money on their own schedule with scrip

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