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Best Jello Shot Tutorial – Classy Double Shot Jello Shots With A Silver Spoon On A Silver Platter

well hello there everyone I hope
everyone is doing just fine today today I would love to share with you how I’m
gonna make some jello shots I’m gonna make double shot jello shots and let me
show you what I’ll be using these are mini round bowls so what’s gonna make my
shot a double shot is not only is it gonna be double the alcohol it’s gonna
be double the size and we’re gonna actually serve it on a silver platter
with a silver spoon inside so all these items here are from the Dollar Tree
spoon the platters and these are some really small little cute little spoons
but long enough for what we need it for and these cherry gummy is I’m actually
gonna put a cherry gummy inside just doing something cuz I like to be a
little extra sometimes and I’m a graphic designer so I do like to be extra like
to make things cute when I can so I’m actually first before I get started I’m
gonna actually arm decorate my little bold a little bit with some vinyl some
of it’s a double shot some other just say jello shots so I’ll get started on
that and I’ll be using New Amsterdam pineapple vodka and this is strong but
it’s not as strong as the regular vodka is 35 percent alcohol 70 proof and of
course we have jello brand strawberry jell-o okay so just putting the little
decoration on the little bowls the four of them already just have them sitting
in the platter holographic give it a little blingy bling and I don’t think
I’m gonna do all 12 of them because it’s taking too long I’m working a little cut
finger I cut my finger when I was cutting something I was about to cook
something I put my finger yeah somebody had to take over for me
my son had to take over for me but I’m gonna do two blues two reds and two
greens let’s see if this is ready to come off so you just see you make your
little stencil and then you use the transfer tape to put it on so I’m gonna
go ahead and do this last green one and then I’ll just go ahead and go right
into making a jello shots okay I have bowls already the wants that I did
inside to go right on this silver platter don’t they look so good on a
silver platter it’s not even finished but it’s gonna be beautiful
I am going to go ahead and prepare to jello I’m gonna put all the jello and
one in One Bowl I’m gonna actually it requires when you make it regular jello
one cup of boiling water and one cup of cold so I’m just gonna have two cups of
boiling water and then I’m gonna put alcohol I’m not sure how much yet but at
least two cups the jello is already now most recipes that I see on the internet
they require 4 1 package of jello one and a half cups of boiling water and
only a half of our cup of vodka but I’m making a double shot and I have to pack
so I’m making a whole cup of Rafah for each pack so that’s gonna be 2 cups
of raqqa or usually be a half a cup in one package um oh I’m doing and a little grow on just a little BAM
and I’m kind of like the spawns kind of filled out so I just left them there and
plus I’m doing it because I want this but I heard I haven’t tried but I heard
it if you put like gummy bears and alcohol you know take on the flavor so I
have some little cherries I’m gonna go ahead and place one just a little gummy
cherries from the Dollar Tree I like to get creative and I like to do it all the
gummies in now I could use this cute little cup but it’s only eight ounces is
longer gonna allow me to fill up two at a time I like it because it’s cute but I
have to unfortunately use this big line that I didn’t take the sticker off
before I washed it don’t make that mistake if you don’t want it to look
ugly like this then you need to take your stickers off and I don’t know if their economy gonna
melt if it’s gonna puff up I really don’t know what its gonna do but I’m
gonna go ahead and fill these up and I’ll be right back to UM put the spoons
in everything’s filled up just this last
little one didn’t get a full feel and I made a little mess over here but anyway
I’m gonna just simply just drop the spoons in its kind of gone kind of float
up to the top a little bit and I’m gonna place them in the
refrigerator and I will show you once they firm up or what do you call that I
don’t know they’re chill there ready no refrigerator but I need to take this
water jug out well either there’s milk jug out and kind of place it somewhere got them in a refrigerator and we’ll let
them chill for a couple of hours and we’ll be back oh let me show you how
much alcohol I use so it’s a little over a half a bottle I think but this part is
kind of thicker up here and this is thinner so I really don’t know how much
I’m used but this is how much I used out of the bottle as far as 3/4 I don’t know jello shots already you’re nice and firm
then you see how the spoon is in um so I’m just gonna we gonna test this little
smile when I hear that didn’t have much but this is what they look like with the
cute little double shot on that’s just like some preparation from the
refrigerator let me show you let me take let me try to lift it up
okay look look out of slowness in there and you have a little bit of the jello
in the spoon what a spoon came out of that so we’ll just try but this is what
you get at first a little bit in a little cute little spoon I want to get
the little cherry from I mean that you had a cherry for bottom there mmm it’s
kind of strong but it tastes good just want to see if I had any time for
the alcohol to salt so it did and I don’t think it’s swollen up or anything
but I have the cherry out it’s time to heart
no because it’s cold so I can’t really tell mm-hmm I’m chilling I’m tasting
alcohol sweet so I think it did suck some up but thank you so much for
watching please like share and subscribe and have yourself a wonderful beautiful

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