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Blackbaud Gives Back: David Wheeler, Tom Maszk, and John Young

Blackbaud Gives Back: David Wheeler, Tom Maszk, and John Young

(light music) – You can give up your money,
you can give up resources, but there’s just something
uniquely different about giving up yourself and your time. – Seacoast Auto Ministry was formed to help those who are
struggling financially with minor auto repairs and oil changes. – There was a woman who
saw a need for single moms who weren’t able to take
care of their cars very well. So she just put together the
ministry to help them out. – Volunteering at the Seacoast
Auto Ministry is special because our community and
specifically our church is called to help others in need. One volunteer experience that
had a significant impact on me and the person that we were helping was a lady that brought in her
car with some minor repairs and once we fixed the
vehicle she told us that this is what’s helping
me get my elderly mother into the hospital each day. – What I enjoy most about
it isn’t necessarily getting my hands dirty, it’s really the appreciation
of the people that come in. You’ve probably had
people tell you thank you just kind of like out of politeness but then you’ve also had
people tell you thank you and you know that it’s from the heart. When you’re giving that
piece of mind back to them then the actual handing on the keys it’s just symboling, it’s
everything that goes with it. – I give back because I can and because other people have given to me. I think my most memorable
volunteer experience was when a woman came in and
she needed her car door fixed and we realized that when we
fixed her car we were actually fixing the place where
she sleeps every night and so that was just huge. – Blackbaud’s mission I believe mirrors the same mission I have
on a personal level and I think the world
will be a better place when we realize that the
first response for us is to serve others rather
than to serve ourselves. – [David] I think
volunteering is important because I think we’re
supposed to give back. We’re empowered to make a difference and volunteering is one
way that we do that. – I think what I enjoy
most about volunteering is just putting something
I can do to work. It feels good to help other people out. – Working for a company
that values volunteering and giving back was an important decision of mine coming to work for Blackbaud. – I feel great about
Blackbaud valuing giving back because it’s part of what I do so I feel like it’s a natural fit for me. – Having your teammates at
Blackbaud out there with you, working together, making a difference, it really helps us draw closer together and it actually makes us better at work. For me a better world
looks like people uniting and truly loving and
respecting one another and I think that’s really gonna happen when people realize that
love truly does conquer all. (light music)

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