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Blackbaud SONI Survey 2008 | UK Fundraising

Blackbaud SONI Survey 2008 | UK Fundraising

Andrew, tell me more about the Blackbaud state of the non-profit industry survey. Can you tell me why you did it. We’ve been running the SONI survey now probably over four years both in the US and in Australia as well as in the UK in the last couple of years and this year what we wanted to do was actually conduct a survey in a broader
area of Europe and actually include the Netherlands and Germany and actually benchmark the results across the whole of those three countries. Because we really found it fascinating to understand exactly what’s happening
in those countries but also how they relate to each other and that’s
why we partnered with the Resource Alliance to actually help us get the results with this survey. And this is the first time that such a huge survey has been undertaken? Absolutely, absolutely. To to my knowledge it’s the first time ever that such a survey has been taken across
this many countries and really this is just the beginning so this is the first year that and again we’re hoping along with the Resource Alliance to actually conduct this survey for many years to come and increase not only the depth of the
survey in each country but also the amount of countries that we’re doing it in around the world. So tell me, what were the most interesting findings from the survey. The survey is absolutely huge and it’s available
for download off the Blackbaud website but really, I think for me personally, I
think three most important things that we’ve seen really the first relates to accountability. We saw a huge increase in specifically Germany this year, 60% of respondents in Germany actually found their donors were wanting more information about
where the money was going and I think this is a trend that we’re going to see more and more ever since
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx we in the non-profit community have been
talking much more about transparency and accountability and I think we’re seeing the results of that now, so that’s the first thing. The second thing is the increase in the use of technology amongst non-profit organisations around the world. So that’s increase of technology and the use of databases, software services in general but also internet and internet technology, so interestingly while organisations saw one of the greatest increases in their
projected income in 2009 as being coming from the internet almost very few organisations were actually happy with the results of all their current websites so I think in the UK it was about 35% of individuals surveyed were actually happy with their current website. So there’s obviously a lot of work that needs to be done. Yes, so I hear you have big plans for the future of the SONI survey. Absolutely, yes we do, So the survey, this is the first time that we’re so incredibly happy with the results we’re excited about actually creating
this report that again is available to all of the
nonprofit community around the world. But we’re also excited about next year where we hope to do deeper surveys around the world, do more surveys around the world so we see this as the first of many that we’re going to be doing. Brilliant, Andrew, thank you very much. You’re very welcome, thanks Howard.

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