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Boker Plus Slack Pocket Knife Review.  A classy modern slip joint.

Boker Plus Slack Pocket Knife Review. A classy modern slip joint.

Today I’ll be review a new slip joint folder
from Boker called the slack.  Or as Jason Statham might say… BOW-KUH. 
  The Boker Plus slack is a lightweight pocket
knife… a traditional style that has a useful blade size and is light in the pocket.  As
evidenced by the dimensions like the overall weight and length.  The blade size and cutting
edge… very usable… The handle size and grip area… not too small..
the the handle thickness and weight.    
Since this is a traditional knife… that’s code for no pocket clip and non locking.  But
let’s start with the blade made from VG-10 steel… VG10 steel as you know is a steel
a lot of knife guys have moved on from… but I still like.  It works great a a slightly
hard steel found in Spyderco knives like the endura 4 or delica 4 which are popular and
affordable.  I like VG10 and it sharpens easily for me, and the horizontal brushed
satin finish is subtle but slightly unusual.  The blade shape is a clip point, and the
grind looks to be a flat grind… it’s entirely possible it’s a subtle hollow grind but I
don’t see the concave shape.  The blade length on this is adequate for most EDC tasks like
cardboard fisticuffs food prep.  The blade has some logos on it denoting it’s in fact
a Boker Plus, blade steel, and it’s a Raphael Durand design.  He’s a french dude that makes
knives.  This knife is manufactured in Taiwan.   
The handle… now I know it’s not talked about much, because there’s not much of a way around
it… but pocket clips always hurt ergonomics.  Since this has no pocket clip, the thin
longer than you’d expect handle fits comfortably in my hand.  I can get a nice tight grip
around the G10 scales without finger crowding.  It’s a compact knife, but it also has the
functionality of a larger blade. The G10 scales are smooth and lightly textured but not slick…
the liner is nested and skeletonized… to make the handle slim in overall thickness
and light.  It has a lanyard hole in the back, has a closed back design and comes with
a small leather pouch.   Now the absence of a pocket clip means this blade isn’t for
everyone- I see it being popular for people who need a light duty functional knife.. for
places that have worser knife laws… for people not in the jungle baby.  I would have
liked to see a clip on the pouch though… that way it could fit in a pocket vertically,
and not fall to the bottom horizontally.  
Which brings me to the deployment.  Now if you have old pocket knives, you know they’re
functional tools and not fidget toys like most modern fast deploying tactical survival
self defense urban warfare rambo fighting things.  This knife can not be deployed or
put away with a single hand.  So let’s cover deployment in the only way I’ve really found.
 First you have the knife… opening it is easy, one hand on the handle and pull out
the blade.  Even without a thumb knick you can do it easily.  Cool… putting away is
tricky.  I handed the knife to a coworker and he was like…. I’m scared.  While the
blade doesn’t lock… when open it’s held into place tightly…you hold the handle without
having your fingers in the way of closing… apply a good amount of pressure to the front
2/3 of the blade… not the clip point tip… and it breaks once… then there’s a second
much easier break and you close it the rest of the way.  Blade retention when closed
is excellent as you might assume with the very deliberate way you have to close the
knife. I will assume the reason the blade is so firm when it’s open it to fucntion sort
of like a locking blade but without being one.  I’d be lying if I’d say the clip point
didn’t bite me a few times when closing the blade.
  Ok  let’s wrap it up, while I cut boxes,
from all the crap I’ve been getting lately.  This is an interesting folder… judging
from Mr. Durands website, he’s a fan of traditional functional tools and not ridiculous tactical
weaponry.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  You’re like wrong with which
one.  This is a knife older european men, with excellent hand strength might appreciate
best.  It has excellent ergonomics when using… a long functional edge, good blade steel…
and it looks slick.  But it requires a deliberate thought process when closing the blade.   Boker
provided a reduced cost sample for me to review… so thanks to them.  And if I’m not mistaken
and I often am, this is the first review anywhere of the knife.  If you like this review and
like this channel… make sure you subscribe comment and give the video a thumbs up. Thanks
for watching.

  • By the way. Your closing method suck. Lol. Thats why you got bit closing it. If you close it with thumb sideways on one side of blade and tips of other four fingers on other side it works better. Lol. Your a newbe to slip joints. Lol. Good vids dude. Keep it up

  • Another brilliant pocket knife review! I like the way you never have tried to be a Jedi Knight brandishing a light saber! Thanks for the reality.
    Nice knife

  • You didn't baton with it. Do you even baton, Bro? You didn't hold it in a tactical reverse grip either? Excuse me??? How do I know if I can defend myself against pirates? Or tattooed people? Otherwise another great review. I have a Boker Edition Lockback, carbon fiber handles in VG-10. Love it. Carry on.

  • I don't mind the fact it doesn't have a clip. Sure I would prefer it had but dropping the knife inside the pocket its one of the most discreet way of carrying a knife.

  • Darn it. If that blade had been 3" I would have bought it. Why would they make a knife that would not be legal carry in half the western world for the sake of .14 of an inch? Madness.

  • Great review! Really looking forward on getting my hands on this design. I like the modern Gentleman's knife resurgence that seems to be happening right now.

  • I'm mostly watching your vids for the dry humor even when I'm not interested in the item…you are like…what about the wet ones…

  • Fistacuffs hehe I'll send you a vid on IG on how to close one handed. With it having a half stop just hold….grip lower and use your thumb to push down on the blade…it'll stop at the half way point and then you can continue on. 👍🏻🔪

  • This is a comment. It is a good comment about a good video. Boker, put a damn pocket clip on the case, it's not that difficult.

  • Classy gent folder. Classy wouldn't be the way I would describe the review but we both know that's not why I subbed. It's the angles! 👍

  • I need to retreat to my safe space after watching the scary knife video. Thanks for the review Knife Bro!

  • Quick tip: place your fingers ( primarily the pointer and thumb) of the hand that is folding the blade on the pivot to gain support on that hand and make closing the knife more controlled and easier.

  • Please, please tell me that remark about your co-worker being scared was one of your sarcastic jokes and not something actually said by an adult. My 8 year old daughter knows how to safely handle and use a slipjoint knife. Are people really not taught how to use knives anymore? It's a joke. It has to be a joke.

  • Nah. I think that slip joints are dangerous to use. I was making some feather ticks when I was 12 and my pocket knife slammed shut on my fingers twice. And I was coming up with an idea of what would be the best pocket knife. And hated locking liners. And 10 years later the paramilitary 2 came along. first time I saw that I thought. That's my knife design. HOW COOL!

  • Love the classic design, and love me a knife made for actual use and not just faffing around. I can see this being used in the kitchen, at the office, during a bar brawl… you know, the usual.

    A pocket clip on the sheath would have beaten all. Let's just hope the hairgels don't catch wind of it or we'll be getting hundreds of reviews for kydex holsters more full of bits and bobs than my EDC backpack.

  • I know not everyone in concerned about UK knife laws, but we are limited to a non locking knife with a blade of less than 3 inches. So come on, make a knife we can at least consider buying.

  • Great video keep up the good work can't wait for more videos, check out the knifes I make

  • I'm a big fan of vg10 as well. It's one of those steels that ranks pretty high in regards to edge retention and corrosion resistance. Not as good as s30v, but better than 154cm imo. BTW, I like your idea of having a clip on the pouch. Nice vid, thank you.

  • I completely dig your channel! I appreciate your avant-garde style, sharp wit and opinions on what makes a good cutting tool. Your a funny dude!

  • This is probably my fav slip joint that has come out in the last few years. Not the best but great slip joint for sure.

  • if you ever get a chance try a traditional Hungarian fejesgörbe. One of the toughest slip joints I've ever encountered.

  • really like the design of that thing. I am not a slipjoint fan but, might actually buy one. So yea good job #bro #springbreak #beerbong #bodyshots #2014support4evah #tanktops #hotrods #shotshotsshots

  • Ok, now THIS is a review I like! Great quality, Excellent speech and voice over. I actually did order it a few days ago because I was looking for a slipjoint as a hard use everyday knife instead of my other locking blades. I've always been more inclined to Slippies and more traditional knives without the fuss, bells and whistles modern knives have (although I own multiple so called tactical blades), I like my opinels, Doukdouks and as a Swiss guy, my Wengers and Victorinox.

    So back to the origin of my comment : Thanks for a great review! And I've subbed!

  • I love it! And since I have no intention in buying a Benchmade Proper, this will do. Btw do you ever watch Forged in Fire on the History channel? Expert martial artist says: "It will cut!""

  • Looks like a good Sheeple friendly knife (except for your Snowflake co-worker). Where I work, the Sheeple are eaten by the Wolfmen!

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