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BookTubers Reading Chunksters for Charity Challenge

BookTubers Reading Chunksters for Charity Challenge

Hello and welcome to this special announcement
video in which I discuss The Booktubers Reading Chunksters For Charity Challenge.
I have 12 long books or series on my bookshelves that I have not yet read. So, in 2020, I have
decided to turn them into The BookTubers Reading Chunksters For Charity Challenge and to invite
the BookTube Community to join me in this exciting challenge.
In the year 2020 I have decided that I want to use my hobby of reading to serve a constructive
purpose. My adventures are adventures of the mind so,
I am never going to climb mount Everest, I am never going to walk across the Sahara,
I am never going to sail around the world in a yacht,
I am never going to trek to the South Pole and I am never going to run twelve marathons
in twelve months. We book lovers would never do anything as
foolish as that, no, our folly lies in another direction.
For the challenge I have chosen books or series on my shelves that are at least 800 pages
long, apart from the first one which is slightly less but most of which are considerably more.
So, for this challenge I have designated a Chunkster as 800 pages or more.
The challenge I have given myself is to read all twelve during the year 2020 at the rate
of approximately one per month and to donate £10.00 to Book Aid International for every
book or series I complete in the Challenge. A challenge should be, well, challenging enough
to be worthwhile, but not so challenging that it is impossible of attainment with some effort.
Before I share the books I am going to read, let me tell you about the purpose and plan
of the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is that by cultivating
community and connection among our BookTube Community we will read Chunksters or the equivalent
number of 800 pages or more over several books, for the purpose of supporting the work of
Book Aid International, which is a book donation and library development charity. Their vision
is a world where everyone has access to the books that will enrich, improve and change
their lives. This is a vision that every BookTuber and
book lover can wholeheartedly support as it espouses our values and love of books. Whether
you are a viewer, a commenter, a subscriber or a content creator, you are a participant
and everyone is a vital and valued member of our BookTube Community.
Before I explain the various ways in which you can participate in this challenge let
me reassure you by saying that this challenge can be done in conjunction with any other
reading challenge that you may be participating in throughout the coming year. All you have
to do is to designate 800 pages or more of your reading to this challenge.
So, first, 1. Simply read along with any one of the following
books I have chosen for this challenge. And do not underestimate the value of providing
moral support. 2. Choose your own Chunkster or Chunksters
or their equivalent of 800 pages or more over several books, to read, from your own shelves
in 2020 and share with us what you are reading. 3. Pledge in the comments below and then donate
a sum of your choice for one or more or all of the Chunksters that I complete in the Challenge.
I suggest any amount from £2.00 to £10.00 or the equivalent in your own currency.
If you prefer to pledge anonymously you can do so in the Info Cards above.
4. Pledge and then donate a sum for every Chunkster that YOU complete in the Challenge.
One way you can do this as I have already suggested is to read several shorter books
or a series that total 800 pages or more. 5. If you prefer, you can make a one-off donation
to fulfil the challenge. There is a link in the show notes below.
6. If you have a BookTube channel let your subscribers know about the challenge and of
how you are participating. And use the following hashtag: #chunkstersreadingchallenge. You
can copy and paste it from the show notes below or from the Discussion Tab here on my
BookTube channel. 7. Let ME know in the comments below how you
plan to participate. 8. Watch author Ben Okri on why HE supports
Book Aid International. There is a link to his video in the show notes below.
9. Watch the YouTube channel for Book Aid International to gain an understanding of
some of the work they are doing. There is a link in the show notes below.
10. Share this BookTubers Reading Chunksters for Charity Challenge video on your social
media channels. There is a dedicated Just Giving page for
this Challenge. All donations will go directly to the Charity from the link, which is in
the show notes below. There is also a dedicated Twitter account,
in which you can follow the reading and donation progress of the Challenge, which you can also
find in the show notes below. And all the links will be placed in the Discussion
Tab here on my BookTube channel. And this video will be displayed at the top of my Home
Page here on my BookTube channel throughout 2020.
Now, these are the books or series that I am going to read and I have arbitrarily decided
to read them in order from the shortest to the longest:
1. The Religion by Tim Willocks which is 771 pages. 2. Daniel Deronda by George Eliot which is
805 pages. 3. Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope which is
825 pages. 4. The Newcomes by William Thackeray which
is 844 pages. 5. Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson which is
916 pages. 6. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo which is
981 pages. 7. The Towers of Silence and A Division of
the Spoils are the last two books of The Raj Quartet by Paul Scott and they are 990 pages. 8. Within a Budding Grove and The Guermantes
Way are books two and three of In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust and they are 1058
pages. 9. The Wheel of Fortune by Susan Howatch which
is 1150 pages. 10. A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon
which is 1410 pages. 11. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy which is
1440 pages. 12. A Horseman Riding By by R. F. Delderfield
is 1661 pages in three volumes. The total number of pages is 12,828, so, divided
by 366, my plan is to read them at the rate of 35 pages per day.
I hope you will agree with me that this is a fantastic opportunity for the BookTube community
to come together and to contribute to those who do not have the blessing and privilege
of having access to inexpensive books. It is an opportunity to read with a purpose and
for a purpose and to share our love of books with a wider community.
It is a wonderful opportunity to help the under-privileged to discover and enjoy the
wonderful world of books. I believe this is a worthwhile and valuable
endeavour and I look forward to your joining me in 2020 so that our wonderful BookTube
community can share our values and love of books to make a constructive contribution
to the lives and education of people everywhere. Let me know in the comments below if you share
my 2020 vision of cultivating community and connection through this BookTubers Reading
Chunksters for Charity Challenge. And now here is a quick recap of all the books
I will be reading in the challenge.

  • How do you plan to participate in the BookTubers Reading Chunksters for Charity Challenge?

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  • Great idea Alan. I pledge €10 for each of your 12 books and I will also run the challenge for the year on my own channel ( though I won't probably get a video up about it until early Jan ). Now off to look at some chunkers on my shelves. Best, Jason

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