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Boy Fined For Vet Fundraiser

Boy Fined For Vet Fundraiser

twelve-year-old washington stapling i’ve
got fined for raising money for world war two that’s let’s watch local news
apartment twelve-year-old justin peterson has
raised nearly twenty six thousand dollars for the honor flight program and
humbling and from using that there’s thanking me last saturday peterson raked in another
thousand by selling hamburgers at a veterans fundraiser operating foul a
permit but the excitement was cut short came on after me we didn’t know when a
health inspector stopped by justin’s built and find him a hundred and seventy
dollars because we didn’t have the proper permits action uh… carried out
in that and can’t handle transition but ok everybody right now is that all about this fund your i did she could look at the developments
it’s as good as it is like because they were healthy shit if you get a permit is fine because that would permit itself but
this is so important that workers that conspiracy theories visit as supporting the conservative
caricature of liberals we would you like would not say don’t you know we really
appreciate that government officer big chart that young boy was not
violating the law uh… but if your hogan’s actually said
about the sheep of the two sides in the saddle or would you do it right you got it to get a permit dinner tomorrow if you want come by my office unlimited
fridays but you gotta get right because the automation the birds of a controller
five of us is make sure it’s a big vietnam by tomorrow right that’s how you handle it you got to
reporting is raising my neighbor that there is a hundred seven-up
eclipses aditi for cancer doesn’t slow basses that twenty six thousand he can
handle that haha they is you finally the the government
is like is running late almost like a bigger some things that uh… the meat
but get a taste of the he’s looking at ways is there’s no job relevance of any

  • Why wouldn't she just ignore him its not like it's a real shop he was just trying to help veterans. I mean would she give a fine to a kid who was selling lemonade on the street corner

  • I expect perhaps *you* are twelve years old, with your level of maturity. With your attitude, nobody could have so much as a barbeque without getting a permit. And what does a permit do to your burgers? Does it magically kill salmonella and other infectious agents found in meat? I've had food poisoning twice from "permitted" establishments. Pretending its about food safety when the subject is a CHILD is absurd. You know whos running the stand & the risk of a slightly undercooked burger.

  • Where did I say not to regulate the freaking industry? Is the industry run by twelve year olds? Honestly, how childish can you be? Is this *really* all you've got to respond with? That says a lot.

  • Yeah; you need a food operator's permit due to health safety and the like. I found that out after asking a worker at a maid cafe. ;(

  • Earning money for a piggy bank is now "profit?" Make sure he pays tax on it too then. Otherwise its felony tax avoidance since we're treating 12yo as adults.

    Btw, if you'd actually listened to this story, you'd know he was raising money for charity, which means no profit.

    You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one. Just admit you know its unreasonable to harass children and get it over with. It'll hurt less than holding on to the dear end, and looking a fool the whole way.

  • Boy am I ever proud to be an American in this day and age. We fine kids doing charity work but let our bankers who lost billions and sold toxic mortgages walk away scot-free, now thats proper justice. #WTF

  • This is the 3rd or 4th TYT video I've seen in the last week that cuts off before the video is even finished. I have nowhere near the subscriber base that TYT has, and my videos don't just randomly cut off.

  • I think people tend to always make an undefined character in a story male unless something suggests otherwise. I missed him actually stating that it was a woman – I really don't think there's anything deeper to it than the way I refer to online users as he when most of the time I don't know their gender. It's a bit lazy and ignorant even, but not malicious.

  • yes you do. look up "getting arrested for selling lemonade" you will see countless people who put this on YT for others to see.

  • The amount is irrelevant, and that its for charity IS relevant. You just can't stand being told you're WRONG. Explain to me exactly how he is making a "profit" off of giving his proceeds to charity? That, sweetums, is what we call a NON-PROFIT endeavor.

    You can go on whining and making excuses, but you've not directly addressed this topic in the slightest, and I think others reading along will see that quite nicely. Btw, people like you are incapable of insulting people like me.

  • LOL at their pathetic attempt at spinning this to look like it's the "conservatives" fault. Most likely he was given a fine because the inspector has been given a QUOTA of how much she is expected to rack in. This video is from 2012, so either Obama's administration SET these quotas OR it has had four years to remove them.
    The only unbiased news available are stock market rates, it seems. No BS, just numbers.

  • Well, profit wasn't driving this guy as it was for charity. And frankly, there are billions of small guys and millions of big guys out there and not two of them are morally equal.
    You're going to tell me a person that wants profit and who also has consideration for others is not morally superior to someone who wants profit and is ruthless?

  • Actually, that would be one of the things you simply made up so you wouldn't have to respond to my comment(s). I never advocated for an "unregulated industry." You, on the other hand, seem incapable of understanding why a 12 year old is not "the industry." Lots of pre-teen tycoons out there I don't know about, apparently.

    And yes, since you insist on lying and exaggerating, thats more evidence I am, in fact, a better person than you. By distance measured in AU at this point.

  • Just ignore that one, he isn't capable of a real discussion and is just repeating his failed arguments at this point. Soon he'll just throw some magical cancer at you and hope you get scared off by how fabulous his insults are.

  • We're talking about a local township, I think. Somehow, I doubt Obama was involved in any of the regulations relevant to the topic. Food safeties been around a while.

  • They have, actually. And I still wonder if you really think Obama came to this locale and said "you need to start setting fines for food safety, and don't skimp on the 12 year old home made stands." >_<

  • Thats actually not the problem, as I've explained in my previous comments. And *anyone* can tamper with food any time, a $170 permit is not something that stops that from happening. Your inability to accept that a 12 year old is not the "industry" alone is enough to make me roll my eyes. Children are "supervised" by their parents, few children are going to purchase a $170 permit for a cardboard stand, and you understand full well the "parasites" that live in a burger before you buy from him.

  • Nice Strawman. 😛 Of course Obama would not go there himself to set legislation – he's mister fucking president. He signs a piece of paper and minions set about his will.
    Regardless, the fact still is that he has been president for four years.
    Ample time to correct such things, unless he
    1. Doesn't know about it, in which case he is incompetent.
    2. Knows about it, tries to change it, but can't, in which case he is weak.
    3. Knows about it and doesn't try to change it, in which case he is corrupt.

  • So he's the president, which means every incident is his "fault?" Do you curse his name when your pencil tips break too? Thats bluntly silly, and to be even straighter, since this boys fine was eventually paid for by the same counsil that actually RUNS this locale (as they realized their mistake), that you continue blaming him for it is equally absurd to blaming him for it in the first place. Your 1-2-3 are weak blows. The *president* is not going to handle local issues about fines, clearly.

  • Parking tickets actually don't stop people from illegally parking. You should check out city revenue streams if you think they do. Parking tickets are PROFIT for the city, and are basically irrelevant to the topic here, so do try to stay ON topic, yes? If you can't make your argument directly, you certainly won't be able to do it by making odd comparisons.

    And suddenly your food safety rant ends, and its about incentives? Two entirely different animals, so which excuse are you going with?

  • A 12 year old is not a business. Why do people have trouble with this? Do you think he's got LLC at the end of his cardboard sign?

  • THIS is a perfect example of too much government. Why do we have bureaucratic cunts patrolling our streets looking to fine children? Who is this bitch??

  • You're telling people that you hope they die of cancer, and *I'm* stupid? Yeah. Have a nice life harassing children.

  • Why, that is precisely the problem. Thanks to insane regulation, nowadays, a 12 year old can't operate a charity fundraiser WITHOUT being a business. This is a small microcosm of how regulation raises the barrier of entry for the weakest participants in the market.

  • Well fuck, they might as well charge your neighbors if they throw a BBQ get together, or a bonfire cookout type deal.

  • I'm genuinely curious just *how* desperate you are for the "last word" in this matter. I've kept it going several comments longer than necessary just to see if you'd keep coming back with nonsense, and here we are, wishing people would die from cancer and calling them a pedophile, as if that were actually useful as part of a debate. So lets see just how desperate you *really* are. Come on then, I'm sure you can come up with something better than "pedophile" if you try really hard.

  • Btw, I'm assuming you're the same person as MyLocalman, since your writing style is exactly the same and your insults are equally lacking in impressive quality or effort.

  • Nothing in the US is his "fault" – everything in the US is his "responsibility."
    Further, I certainly don't blame this boy for anything that he did. I applaud him for this.
    And for the record, I'm not advocating – I'm observing.

  • You need a permit it is law he made $26000 he should have enough for a permit. No excuses for not following all the correct procedures.

  • That's patently absurd. You may as well blame Obama for the lack of rainfall, with that attitude. His "responsibility" lies with far more important things than a child getting an uncouth fine for good deeds which has already been paid by the local council who noted it as a clear mistake. Even referencing Obama here is absurd, to be honest. Unless you're so politically polarized that you can't see anything but what you want to see, based on your personally liking the President or not.

  • Indeed? As it happens, my initial statement was a reply to the video itself, where they try to put the blame on conservatives. Apparently blaming conservatives for an issue on a local level is fine, but blaming democrats for an issue on a local level is not – is that it?
    Further, if you'll scroll up and read my initial post, you'll see that I said "Obama's administration" – not "Obama."

  • I didn't say anything about blaming any political party or group. All I said was it was ridiculous to bring up Obama, and it still was/is. If you wanted to blame the democrats in some political swing of the conversation, why would you not blame the LOCAL democrats? Blaming Obama just makes you look silly, as does defending blaming Obama for 4 comments. And bringing up "Obama's Administration" as if you think we don't know you mean Obama, what a giant cop out of your bad argument.

  • Then you also must agree that it was ridiculous of TYT to bring up conservatives, unless of course you are a hypocrite.
    And no, there is no "we." YOU think I'm speaking about Obama. I don't see an army of like-minded yes-men behind you – you're speaking for yourself – and only yourself and you took my comment regarding Obamas administration as a criticism of the man himself. I brought up his administration, YOU brought up the man – not me; those are words you put into my mouth.

  • Now you whine about semantics. *oye* Did you really just waste space talking about the definition and context of the word "we?" Seriously? Now I KNOW you aren't being serious.

    You cannot bring up the OBAMA Administration, then proclaim Obama is responsible for 5 comments, then claim you are NOT talking about Obama. Reality doesn't work that way. YOU brought up Obama (his admin or otherwise, both are the same), my frothing-at-the-mouth friend, not me. Twist all you like, that is a fact.

  • I'm not whining about semantics. I was pointing out that your pathetic attempt at lending credence to your argument by presenting it as if it was an accepted truth rather than your own personal opinion or observations has been duly noted and laughed at.
    The reason I talked about Obama in the next sentences was in reply to you. No, bringing up Obama's administration is not bringing up Obama. You brought him up when when your wired mind thought I was attacking him and told you to defend him. End.

  • Your reply had more to do with the word "we" than it did the actual comment and point. = Semantic nonsense, and FILLER.

    We're clearly at an empass. People with common sense will know that bringing up the "Obama Administration" is just as absurd (and exactly the same thing) as brinigng up "Obama," and people who are politically polarized will agree with you.

    I especially love when people put little tidbits like "End" after their comment. Because that totally "ends" things. *rolls eyes*

  • Because at a backyard BBQ with your friends, your not actually selling them (Unless you happen to be a total douche! LoL!)..
    But when you have a service of selling meat to the public, that's were liability comes in..
    I appreciate what the kid was attempting to do, But I'd probably just give him the money & say keep the burger!.. Because again, a 12 y/o kid with meat outside? No thanks! Seems a bit risky to me..

  • MyLocalman, we all know it's you hiding behind a second account.

    Consider for a moment the fact that your grammar is so uniquely terrible that people can identify you by it. Now consider the fact that your argument here was as well crafted as your grammatical efforts have been. Now pretend that, for the first time in your life, you didn't have to play account games, insult people, or make things up just to be able to say something in a discussion.

    Trust me, it feels GOOD not to be a douchebag.

  • OMG that was sucked hard core, me and brothers always had something going lemonade, candy, shoes..a permit..Did anyone dig up the stuff on the Seattle Rent-A Kid Program, think I'm lying I know about it, cuz I was one!

  • Yet one more desperate grab for the "last word" in a debate you utterly failed to engage in.

    You "do get correct" grammar? Then capitalize your first letters, eh? It's "You have," not "you got." Capitalize "It's" and "That." The word "coincidental" doesn't work within the context. It's "have correct," not "get correct." Capitalize "Then." You don't need a comma before an "and." Also, you'll first have to prove to me that "Hell," a noun that requires capitalization btw, exists.

    Have fun.

  • I love how they act like it was all the kids idea, and that the kid will pay for it, like his parents had NOTHING to do with this at all.

  • Well, it's obvious you don't understand the free market principles this nation was founded on. Keep relying on government to spoon-feed you whatever you want to hear. Instead of society-regulated markets and getting direct answers for your questions, you'd rather people go through a third party and that third party rule on whether it's "safe" or not? My body is my body. I don't need someone deeming something as "beneficial" or "good". I'll choose what I put in my body, not some private club.

  • When I said third party, I meant it as in government. Government having regulations or laws to tell you what you can and cannot do/eat/sell/make/etc is different than privately funded research on those same topics. One can make educated decisions with that knowledge from those private researching institutions. One should not have to run to someone else (government) saying "I can't decide what's good for me so please set up a series of laws to protect me from myself." It ruins the free market.

  • That fun game I mentioned I was playing? The one where I see just how desperate you are to get the "last word" even though you couldn't make even an attempt at a civil debate? Yeah, that still keeps going even if you have multiple YT accounts by which to play it.

    Tell me again of this so-called perversion. It seems you enjoy talking about little kids pants coming off.

  • At that point, your going into individual rights. A lot of people who support free enterprise tend to have a particular view of the role of government in society. Some think that a governments role is to protect peoples individual rights, protect people from foreign enemies and local enemies (Basically have a military and police force) and provide a safety net. Free enterprise doesn't mean absolutely no government. It usually means less government. I don't get why people confuse the two.

  • Nope, first off a health inspector has no jurisdiction in such a matter, he should have left well enough alone. If anything it sounds like somone trying to do away with regulation by portraying the conservative strawman argument.

  • Thank you i had been using it wrong all this time! I'm happy to have learned this, we only get basic english in class & a lot of the advanced stuff passes us 🙂 updating the comment now.

  • I don't think you know what a liberal is… a liberals main function in life is to become freaked out by shameful acts the conservative right commits & make sure they don't get enough power or else they become dictators. If there were no liberals the world would be rules by who can cheat the best & lie the hardest! But in reality this whole discussion is a mute point because neither democrat nor republican candidates do what they promise to do! Have a nice day ^ this shit is not worth it bro…

  • Bullshit. In many cases the reason these out of control regulations occur is more the fault of corporate influence and lobbying by larger companies and corporations that want to impose restrictions on small businesses and limit competition. Some regs make sense (health and safety) but many are not due to "liberal" influence at all. The expensive taxi medallion system in many cities is a perfect example; it's the larger taxi companies that make it hard for small taxi companies to get started.

  • Yeah sorry conservatives, this isn't what liberals want, this is the result from big companies crushing the little guys, & states making up revenues due to low taxes.

    In an actual democracy were peoples votes mattered more than political donations, there's no fucking way this shit would fly.

  • If you get $25.000 from selling food you need a permit.

    You think the kid made and sold all those hamburger by himself. For sure an adult was behind him.

  • If the kid was a corporation then he wouldn't have to worry about the law or the permit. He'd be able to buy them off when they came around to inspect.

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