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Boys & Girls Club | 2017 Fundraiser

Boys & Girls Club | 2017 Fundraiser

I’m one of ten children. We grew up on
the north end of Dubuque, Iowa and spent our summers playing baseball and swimming at the municipal pool and eating ice cream at the north end Dairy Queen. You know we didn’t have a lot of money or anything growing up but we had everything we needed and we had each other. One of the things that we did as a family was to go to the boys club to play games and have fun. We just didn’t have the open area in our house to get all the energy that we had as little kids. The options that you had and all the activities back when I was growing up there was BB gun, there was art, there was pool, there was dodgeball, wrestling, we did
boxing. I mean there was just a lot of things to do to kind of dip your toe in
the water and have fun. Field trips that took us to you know Milwaukee for a
Brewers game that was a step outside of what our daily experience was. It was so
much fun to be down there and that’s what we did during our childhood it
literally became part of our family you know going to the Boys and Girls Club. We spent a lot of hours over the years
at the boys club. We were introduced to the club through
the basketball league but then it became we’d go down there and we’d practice
basketball and you never knew what you were gonna run into down there. I think
all kids are kind of built with this sense of let’s go out and try something
and do something or whatever and the club is just filled with fill in your own adventure and they had a lot of things to do and the staff there was very friendly and they had a genuine care and concern for you. So it’s a different set of adults that care for you and actually care how you turn out. I know the boys club now does a lot of meals as well so kids have a spot where they can go
and get a good meal every day. The skills you develop while you’re there will suit you for the rest of your life. I loved going as a kid you know learning to meet other people and learning how to interact with other people you know kind
of stretching your bounds and you know that they give you a great opportunity
for that. The time in the years that I spent there that just it’s a special
place for me. Seeing people take on challenges and step beyond their comfort
zone it’s really powerful and it’s something that I saw happening when I
was younger wanted to be a part of it and then wanted that to be a part of my
career When I grow up I want to be a singer and
a dancer. When I grew up I want to have a job that has something to do with computers. When I grow up I want to work in the criminal justice field to be a social worker. When I grow up I would like to be a software engineer or a computer programmer.

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