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Breaking Down the Big Ideas at bbcon 2019

Breaking Down the Big Ideas at bbcon 2019

(happy upbeat music) – Hey everybody it’s Zach from Blackbaud. Here at Bbcon, Blackbauds annual tech gathering for social good. I am joined by Chief Products Officer of Blackbaud Kevin McDearis. How you doing Kevin? – Hi everybody. – Welcome to Nashville my friend. – I am happy to be here. – Now, you are talking
about five big ideas here a Bbcon this week, and I’d like to play a little game, if you don’t mind is if you can describe all of these ideas in a minute or less. All five in a minute or less. Do you think you’re game? – All right that means you gotta read them fast. – Okay, we’ll do that. All right, I’ll start the clock. Ready, three, two, one. Big idea number one connected platforms break down barriers. – All right, think about
the interstate system and what it’s done for modern society and connecting cities to each other and people to each other that’s what we’re doing with our software and our solutions. – Okay, number two your software should be all about you. – Think about the experience when you login to something and it knows what you wanna do, you’re on a commerce site and you buy something and it suggests other things that’s what we’re trying to do. – Okay, big idea number three AI is not enough. AI, is it enough. – It’s like a James Bond movie AI is not enough. You gotta have expertise in big data in order to make AI good and it’s also gotta solve problems that matter to you. – Okay, idea four, new
influence needs new thinking. – Oh, okay in the new world old power is no good where few people hold power everybody holds power in modern society so you gotta be able to connect to those individuals and tap in to there networks not just the individuals themselves. – Okay last one, every moment matters. – Um, just like this one right here every second matters you gotta be able to connect people when they care most about your cause or whatever your mission is and reach out to them and get them to respond accordingly. – Bravo, honestly I wasn’t
actually keeping track I think it may of been under a minute. It felt really fast, you nailed it, thank you so much Kevin. And if you wanna find out more about these big ideas and all the great
conversations happening here at the conference just follow the hashtag Bbcon. (happy upbeat music)

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