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Briarwood Pre-K Class Sells Rocks for United Way

Briarwood Pre-K Class Sells Rocks for United Way

Good morning! I’m on a field trip! Do you want to meet my new friends at the United Way? Yeaaaaah! A few weeks ago we had a rock shop. So the first couple months of school our students were collecting rocks from the playground. During their recess time we’d bring them back in and we would decorate them with all sorts of paint and glitter and all that good stuff. And then we sold all those rocks that we had decorated and then we collected that money to donate to United Way Kansas City. We went outside and then we painted the rocks. They took so much pride in their work. If you would have told me before we started this that this would be have been such a hit
I wouldn’t have believed it. They worked so hard and took so much pride in their creations. I brought all of the money that we raised from our rock sale, and I have it in this special little present! They have enough money now. They have enough money to give people money, and give kids books and toys and games. When we contacted the United Way they were a hundred percent on board with doing something super meaningful for the kids in our classroom. We’re super proud of them we can’t wait to continue to do more
projects like this that are so meaningful to them that will actually be beneficial to them as they continue to grow.

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